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Drawn Together

Comedy Central (ended 2007)



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Drawn Together
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In this spoof of reality TV shows, such as ''The Real World'' and ''Big Brother'', eight distinct - and dysfunctional - cartoon archetypes (who also spoof the archetypes you might see on a more normal reality series) are flung together and forced to put up with each other. Through various misadventures ranging from scintillating to shocking to downright strange, these eight roomies probe each others' personalities and push each others' buttons.

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  • James Arnold Taylor

    James Arnold Taylor

    Wooldoor Sockbat

    Tara Strong

    Tara Strong

    Toot Braunstein/Princess Clara

    Cree Summer

    Cree Summer

    Foxxy Love

    Jess Harnell

    Jess Harnell

    Captain Hero

    Abbey McBride

    Abbey McBride


    Jack Plotnick

    Jack Plotnick

    Xandir P. Wifflebottom

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    Fan Reviews (210)

    • Not for everyone. But still fun!

      Drawn Together is certainly not a show for everyone. But that doesn't make it a bad show. The characters are alright, but certainly funny. Captain Hero and how much of a wimp he is for a superhero. Clara and her clueless spoiled personality. Foxxy and her leadership/sassy attitude. Xander and his gay personality. Spanky and how perverted he is. Woldoor, being my favorite, is zany and mentally unstable. Ling Ling and his innocence. And Toot with her constant fat jokes. This show is not for anyone who is sensitive to Racist or Sexist jokes. This shows animation is alright and the voice actors truly shine in this show. I reccomend this show if you have a darker sense of humor. But if you are very sensitive towards offensive jokes i'd skip this one.moreless
    • Just another adult orientated cartoon :/

      While it's far better than Allen Gregory or Rick and Morty, it still has its fair share of problems. For starters, the characters are forgetful and uninspired; how many times have we seen the "Superman is stupid because he's an alien" joke in the past decade? I don't recall Spanky having a personality, Xandar is a gay stereotype (gee, like I haven't seen that in an adult cartoon before Ling Ling is a Pikachu parody but is highly underused, Wooldoor is a SpongeBob parody but is also underused, and Toot is there to make fat jokes and that's it. Princess Clara is a fuck you to Disney princess; she's stupid, clueless, creepily cheer and naively racist like Ms. Marellah from Everybody Hates Chris (but unlike the later bitch, she gets her components). Then there's Foxy Love, the only character I actually care about; she's sassy, determined and doesn't take shit from anybody. So, with the exception of Foxxy Love, the characters bring this show down big time; that and some of the jokes don't work. Luckily, it's not bad on all fronts; a few jokes manage to get me to smile or giggle at least, the animation is much more professional and the voice actors do a find job with what they were given. Though this show has some things going for it, it's not enough for a high recommendation; I'd say if you want a good animated parody of other cartoons with likable characters, go watch The Amazing World of Gumball. Personally, I'd only watch if Foxxy was the lead.moreless

      Drawn Together is definitely the funnies most outrageous cartoon (or TV show at all!) that have ever been created! As for the many people who say it's just a South Park rip-off, I live for Drawn Together but can't stand watching South Park. It just gets better as my favorite voice actors (Tara Strong, Cree Summer and Abbey DiGregorio) star as a few of the main characters! The musical numbers in (almost) every episode are always hilarious and makes me fall of the chair!! I have the official soundtrack and listens to all of the songs every day! Xandir is my soulmate (and he's hot too!), Toot is my soulmate, Clara, Foxxy, Hero, Wooldoor, Ling Ling and Spanky are all my soulmates!!

      Actually, the only thing I really missed was Daria to be a housemate! (she made a cameo,

      And here's a little something for the guys at CC. You cancelled this show because of the production cost. And as The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! was made with what, like half the budget of a normal episode, please consider making at least another season! I mean, what can you lose? (OK, just gotmoreless
    • Well done!

      I worship the creator of Drawn Together. Haha! 100% funny cant get any funnier. I realized everyone there is gay/bisexual, its always available in spanish which makes me happier, good job.
    • Toons Get Real

      I'll admit Drawn Together is the kind of cartoon none of the 4 major networks would dare show this on their "family hour".

      It's a parody of those "Reality TV" shows that currently plague the networks, but it featured 8 stereotypical cartoon characters. There's the Disney-esque Princess Clara, the "jivey" 70's cartoon amateur sleuth Foxxy Love, the brain-challenged superhero Captain Hero, Wooldor Sockbat (a nod to Nickelodeon?), Ling-Ling the resident anime creature, Spanky Ham a gross Web cartoon exile, Toot Braunstein a washed-up B&W cartoon idol, and last Xandir P. Whifflebottom an flaming gay video game "hero".

      The series mostly consisted of humor (both bathroom & sexual) that might have been considered by some a touch over the top, but that's what separates this from other animated comedies like South Park & The Simpsons.

      A pity this show never did end on a high note as it would have been interesting to see what happens to them all after the cameras were turned off. One of Comedy Central's most memorable shows.


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