Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 10

A Tale of Two Cows

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 08, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Toot uses a video game cheat book to get Xandir to accompany her to her fat camp reunion. Wooldoor brings home a live-action cow from the live-action forest.

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  • If your looking to check out Drawn Together, this is definitely a great place to start.

    For me, This is by far the best episode ever for Drawn Together. This episode is utterly flawless, and features some of the best jokes ever, in the series. Words can not describe how much I laughed in this episode, thank you Comedy Central for blessing us with such an amazing show. The DVD's have not yet been released in Australia yet (Region 4).
  • Xandir and Wooldoor both get stuck between a rock and a hard place! :D

    :lol: It's never been my style to write about episodes of shows that debuted a long time ago when many other people potentially had a chnace to write and talk about it. However, when I see a great episode like this for a TV show that I really like, I can make an exception. For the first time in the series, you can actually feel sorry for Toot. It's not entirely her fault that she is the way she is. During her tortuous time at Fat Camp, there were girls who were way fatter than her there, and they made Toot the butt of their every joke for no good reason. Desparate for just one companion for her reunion, she uses a cheat book to program Xandir to be her husband. And for a while, Toot is the greatest woman at Fat Camp. But unfortunatly, the good time couldn't last as the mean old girls figured it out, and treated Toot badly all over again. But Xandir revealed that he actually does care for Toot and Toot didn't need the Cheat Book for Xandir to kiss her. Naturally, Toot uses this to her advantage to get Xandir to say that he likes Toot in a certain way, and before Xandir knows it, Toot's wildest fantasy has finally been fulfilled as she has something done that nobody could've guessed would've ever happened to Toot! The miracle of course, was Toot finally got lucky in getting some! :lol: Wooldoor's problem was bigger in scope but much less painful to resolve. Wooldoor learns that there are consequences for not taking care of a serious problem, and it is possible to love something too much. Wooldoor is only saved when Live Action Cow makes the ultimate sacrifice by jumping in front of the path of the bullets to save Wooldoor! After seeing this episode, I think I can safely say is this is where the fleshing out of the characters began, as they become more 3-dimensional in scope from this episode on! And this show is all the better for it! Enough said! :Dmoreless
  • Too funny!!!

    Well, this episode is funny as hell! My sister is so hyper, and she wants to get the Second Season DVD really bad. Anyway, I like the other storyline, not the cow storyline. That's bullsh*t. However, I don't like the part when they made fun of South Park. It made me cry.
  • A great episode that made my sides hurt from overlaughing.

    This live action show was filled with lots of live action characters like live action cow and squirle(whatever). The great fight scene b/w the cow and the squirle was great filled with great graphics. I liked the way the roomates took a trip to different tv shows where the cow has been like south park, the jetsons, and the flinstones and a clip of the simpsons where the cow had passed by. This was a great episode with the story of the fat camp reunion with toot and xandir along with thier deep and romantic love scene with jesus watching from afar pucking his guts out just priceless. Next episode seems like a turn on brokeback mountain sounds fun and enjoyable to watch.


    I want to get the legend of xandir cheat bookmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • After this episode aired, there's an extended clip with a more graphic version of the Toot/Xandir sex scene that has not been aired in the televised version of this episode. The part has been circulating around the internet until it has been removed by all sites that has been hosting it. This part can be seen on the Season 2 DVD.

      Also, in way of promoting the upcoming DVD, Comedy Central showed this episode in Secret Stash on September 2007 with the sex scene uncensored.

    • The Legend of Zelda (Legend of Xandir) is a Nintendo game. The controller was for a Sony PS2.

    • As Toot inputs the first cheat code for "Super Jump" she says the code out loud. She speaks "A" and "B" as she pushes buttons on the controller, but Sony Playstation 2 controllers have no "A" or "B" buttons.

    • Xandir didn't have his nipple piercings in this episode until the last scene.

  • QUOTES (14)

  • NOTES (11)

    • In each town (Bedrock, Future, and South Park), the Foxxy 5 van has the same animation of motion as the cartoons the towns are taken from.

    • Despite the fact that Live-Action Cow is quite obviously female, everyone refers to her as 'he'.

    • Toot: You felt almost as good inside me as I did inside you.
      Yet another hint towards Toot being a hermaphrodite.

    • Foxxy's live action feet are shown again. They haven't been seen since "Hot Tub."

    • This episode revealed that Timmy, the child Foxxy claimed to have sold on the black market, was killed by Foxxy because she thought he had rabies when he was really brushing his teeth.

    • Spanky: If we lived here, more people would watch.

      When the gang goes by South Park to find Live Action Cow, Spanky says that line, referring to South Park having more viewers than Drawn Together, most likely because of the things they do to relate the world from "most people's view" according to creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

    • When Live Action Cow dies, the traditional cartoon "X's" appear over its eyes.

    • The code Toot uses to give Xandir a high jump is the infamous Konami Code.

    • The Live Action Squirrel With Big Balls is a popular picture that has circulated on the internet for years.

    • When Xandir and Toot are talking in the cabin she pulls out a razor and cuts herself, bleeding red. Until this point every episode she had cut herself in, she would bleed grey.

    • Xandir's game is called The Legend of Xandir and appears to be for the Sony Playstation 2.

  • ALLUSIONS (23)

    • The Far Side
      The goat being lowered from the ceiling during the "Enchantment Under The Seafood Dance" is drawn in the same style that Gary Larson used to depict animals in his cartoons.

    • News Anchor: A rabid Live Action Cow is on a killing spree throughout the cartoon universe. We take you live to Springfield, Conneticut.

      This is a reference to a running in-joke in The Simpsons, where the state in which Springfield is located is never mentioned. In some cases, this is even pointed out within The Simpsons itself.

    • Born on the Fourth of July
      Toot's flashback in which she references a Tom Cruise movie alludes to the film, Born on the Fourth of July, in which Cruise portrays Vietnam veteran and anti-war activist, Ron Kovic.

    • Back To The Future
      The dance Xandir and Toot go to, the "Enchantment Under the Seafood Dance" is a reference to the "Enchantment Under the Sea Dance" from the movie Back to the Future.

    • Ed Gein
      Wooldoor's macabre attempt to fulfill the dying man's last wishes alludes to American serial killer Ed Gein. One of Ed's victims was shot with a rifle and cut open like a fish (as Wooldoor did to the driver). Ed would also wear his victims skin (as Wooldoor did). Ed Gein is the inspiration for Texas Chainsaw Massacre character Leatherface, Psycho's Norman Bates, and is also similiar to Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs.

    • What About Mimi?
      The large red-haired woman is a grown-up version of Mimi, and her friends are also there.

    • Star Trek
      Ham, dressed as a red-shirted Lt. taps on his shirt badge and teleports, using Star Trek effects and sound effects.

    • Fat Albert
      The master of ceremonies for the fat camp reunion dance is a parody of Bill Cosby creation Fat Albert, star of the animated series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

    • Kenny McCormick
      When the crew is going through South Park, the only surviving inhabitant is Kenny (a South Park character known for being gruesomely killed in nearly every episode).

    • The following towns that the crew went to in search of Live Action Cow are:
      Bedrock from The Flintstones, The Future from The Jetsons, and the town of South Park from South Park.

    • A Moment Like This
      The last little bit of the episode where Toot is singing, she is singing the song "A Moment Like This", recorded by the first American Idol Kelly Clarkson.

    • Simpsons
      The two skeletons we see lying under the attic's floor are Lisa and Bart from The Simpsons. This is a reference to The Simpsons which always shows something in between the floorboards or buried in the ground when they pan up or down through the house.

    • Legend Of Zelda
      The video game cheatbook is for a game called The Legend of Xandir, parodying The Legend of Zelda. This further proves that Xandir is a parody of Link.

    • Barney and Friends
      When Toot ends up in the hospital one of the doctors standing over her is Barney from Barney & Friends.

    • Harvey Comics
      The main fattie's character design is based off of Little Lotta from Harvey Comics.

    • The Birds
      The scene where the birds attack the Drawn Together gang is reminisent of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

    • The Goonies
      Toots performs the "Truffle Shuffle" to celebrate getting Xandir to accompany her to the fat camp reunion. This dance was originally performed by Jeff Cohen (Chunk) in The Goonies.

    • Mario Kart
      When the fatties were messing with Xandir's cheat codes, Xandir turns into a Mario Kart racer.

    • The Jetsons
      While passing Orbit City, Captain Hero says, "God damn it, we have to stop this crazy thing." This is a reference to George Jetson's most famous catchphrase "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!," a line he utters when he takes Astro for a walk and gets stuck on the speeding treadmill after Astro chases a cat, usually seen at the end credits.

    • Toot (using the cheat code book): Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start...

      The cheat code that Toot used to control Xandir is the same button sequence of the same cheat code known as The Konami Code from video game company Konami. The cheat code was used on several Konami games like Contra for the NES and Konami's Collectors Arcade Advance for the GBA.

    • Carrie
      The scene where Toot is dumped with blood on her body is similiar to the one in the movie Carrie.

    • Clara: Serves them right for having a gay old time.

      Clara says this when the group drives through Bedrock, and see the massacre. "We'll have a gay old time" is a lyric from the Flintstones theme song. But in this context gay means happy.

    • A Tale Of Two Cities
      The title is a parody of A Tale of Two Cities, a historical novel by Charles Dickens in 1869.