Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 10

A Tale of Two Cows

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 08, 2006 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

As the roommates smell something rancid, Spanky identifies it as live action poo. They then find out that the crap came from Wooldoor's Live-action cow. After the live-action cow tears up the house the roommates decide that she must go back to the live-action forest. Foxxy, Wooldoor, Captain Hero, Spanky, and Clara return the live-action cow to the forest. While returning the cow, they are attacked by a live-action squirrel with big balls. The live-action cow and the squirrel get involved in a "huge" battle with each other. Live-action cow scares the squirrel away and the roommates decide to keep her. When back at the house, live-action cow becomes rabid. They all decide that Wooldoor must shoot her. He takes her to the live-action forest. At the last minute, Wooldoor points the gun in a different direction. He ends up shooting a trucker with a truck full of birds. When Wooldoor returns to the house, a special news report comes onto the TV. It turns out that live action cow is on a killing spree. The roommates follow her. They finally catch up to live-action cow back at the Drawn Together house. Just at the moment the military arrives, Wooldoor won't let them shoot her. They shoot at Wooldoor. At the last moment, live-action cow jumps in front of Wooldoor to save him but sacrifice herself. Toot's fat camp reunion is coming up and she wants one of the housemates to pretend to be her husband. All the housemates refuse to go to fat camp with her. While she is sulking in the attic, she finds the Legend of Xandir Cheat Book. She uses it to make him accompany her to fat camp. While there, the "Jelly donut babes" become suspicious of Toot's "doctor husband", Xandir. While Toot is dancing with Xandir, they find the cheat book. They announce this at in front of everyone. Toot becomes an outcast again. In order to convince Toot that she isn't unlovable Xandir reluctantly decides to have sex with her.
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