Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 13

A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Mar 01, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Xandir looks to his housemates for help in telling his parents he is gay. They do a little role-playing and, as usual, things get out of hand.

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  • HI-Larry-OUS!!!!

    i love this episode and its by far the greatest episode in this television show.

    Drawn Together is very masterful and on many occaisons reaches the standard of South Park...but this episode is something to really live up to.

    its of a spectacularly splended and exceptional standard of which makes it plain hilarious.

    all of them manage to shine through this episode(Toot,Xandir,and Capt Hero at their most funniest).

    i have by far watched this episode the most out of all this shows run...and am watching it right now as i'm reviewing it.

    im looking forward to getting the whole show on DVD(when ever its released in the UK!!).

    but this episode by far gets my votefor being the best episode in the shows entire run.moreless
  • best episode ever

    This is what happens

    Having come out of the closet to all his friends in the house, Xandir decides the time has come to tell his parents the truth. Nervous about how they'll react, he asks the house-mates to role-play their probable reaction. After first treating him with ridicule, they agree to take his request seriously: Captain Hero pretends to be Xandir's father, while Toot plays his mother. This leads to role-playing within the role-playing in which Toot and Hero switch roles, Xandir ends up enslaved to a sadistic pimp, and nearly everyone ends up getting killed a very wonderful episode if do say so myself it shows us the soft side of drawn together i want to see more episodes like this.moreless
  • If you don\'t like this episode you have no reason seeing this show.

    I have been watching the first two seasons of Drawn Together in a period of 7 days. I have been seeing 5-6 episodes a day. So you should believe me when I say that this episode is the best in the series (so far, not including season 3). Captain Hero is playing the mother of his gay friend... just thinking about it makes you start smiling. All the things that we love about this show are combined here together perfectly. So, If you watched this episode and did not like it, this show is not for you. It will be intersting to see if they can come up with a better episode then this.moreless
  • \"Gee willikers, y\'mean I shouldn\'t get into the car with that trenchcoat-wearing fella?\"

    Ah the Very Special Episode... to a Child of the \'80s they were as ommnipresent as Strawberry Shortcake socks and solid coloured windcheaters.

    In this episode DT mercilessly mocks the VSE and its\' less well known sister the After School Special and does it very well indeed.

    From Hero\'s turn as \"Xandir\'s Mom\" to Wooldor as a \"molesting priest\", this episide takes all the \"sacred cows\" of the VSE and rips them to shreds.

    However the housemate deaths in this episode again bring up the whole issue of using the death of main characters in in order to create tension or a reaction from the audience, is only useful when the character is really dead or at least is dead for an extended period of time, long enough for the audience to become accustomed to the fact.

    Ultimately this episode is generally clever and creative like the series it is a part of. Bravo!moreless
  • Ahahahaha, oh man! Whoo! Hahahahaha NICE!

    This episode is probably the cornerstone of the whole series (though I think the first was more pivotal to the series as a whole). I mean, this one had everything: a dad that slugs his wife and exiles his homo son, a ravaging pedophile priest who picks up kids from the playground ("god" chose them of course, wee!), a drunk dad who picks up a hot teen and nails her, a pimp extorting a naive guy's dreams of becoming a star, a scarface-style standoff, a florida-style body disposal(lol florida), did I mention the boy-hungry priest? One of Wooldor's finest performances in my book!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (19)

    • Xandir: Here boy! Here boy! (to everyone) Has anyone seen my dog?
      Foxxy: You mean Thirsty? He out back.
      (cut scene to a dead tied dog showing marks of struggle on the ground just to get to his unreachable full of water plate)

    • Toot: Oh, yeah. You like my thumb, don't you, bitch? Well, let me show you something almost as big.

    • Toot: Our son. Our gay, gay son.


    • Captain Hero: (crying) How could you do this to me...to us?

    • Xandir: Are we gonna talk about this?
      Captain Hero: There is nothing to talk about. You are not gay. I forbid it. End of discussion.

    • Foxxy: (Sleeping with an old guy) Yeah baby... mmmhmm... that hurt... it really do...
      Old Man: This is so worth half of my fixed monthly income.

    • Captain Hero: Padre... can you fix him?
      Xandir: I'm not broken dad...
      Captain Hero: I guess that's the difference between you and my heart.

    • Toot: I don't want my son to go hell... or wherever Gays and Jews end up.

    • Xandir: Mom. Dad. I'm gay.
      Xandir's Dad: Well, son. I'm sure I speak for the both of us when I say...
      Both of Xandir's parents: Uh, du-uhhhh!

    • Wooldoor (to Hero): And you be the gay.
      Hero: I ain't gonna be no homo.
      Wooldoor: Fine then you be Xandir's mom.
      Hero (in high-pitched voice): Fine. I'm asking for this. (slaps himself in the face)
      Toot: Then who am I?
      Wooldoor: You're the homo.
      Toot: Can I be the dad?
      Wooldoor: Okay. You be Stan.
      Xandir: Then who the hell am I?
      Toot: The queer! (punches Hero in the face)
      Wooldoor: I wanted to be the queer.
      Hero: I don't have time for this nonsense. I have a casserole in the oven.
      Xandir: That's just it, Mom. There was always a casserole in the oven. You never had time for me.
      Hero: Oh my God. You're right. I'm sorry, baby. Come to mama.
      (Xandir hugs Hero)
      Toot: Would you stop coddling him? That's why he's such a sissy. It's bad enough you breastfed him until he was five.

    • Captain Hero: I told you not to huff airplane glue when you were pregnant!
      Toot: At least airplane glue made me feel good, zema dick!
      Captain Hero: Zema helps me relax!

    • Xandir: But Mr. Nagasaki was his best customer.
      Foxxy: That's because he thinks every asian guy is Mr. Nagasaki.

    • Toot: You like Starship?
      Clara: Who doesn't?
      Toot turns up the car radio, which is playing "We Built This City'" by Starship

    • Spanky: So was he any good, Mr. Nagasaki?
      Ling-Ling: He cry a lot.
      Spanky: Sorry about that. He's new.
      Ling-Ling: Oh No! I like it! Tears are best lubricant.

    • (Dying)
      Foxxy: Remember...Kansas City, Missouri.
      Xandir: Is that supposed to mean something?
      Foxxy: Oh, Timmy. (dies)

    • Clara: Why are we still doing this when Xandir's not around?

    • Foxxy: Okay. You (Toot) can be Xandir's mom. And you (Captain Hero) can be Xandir's...ummm....uhhh...
      Wooldoor: Papa?
      Foxxy: Papa! Where? Oh...

    • Xandir: You guys are such assholes. And not the good kind.

  • NOTES (13)

    • Look Closely: The pictures hanging over the bed next to Xandir's bed are animation cels - identifiable by the distinct peg holes at the bottom.

    • Look hard: After getting mad at Toot (Xandir's dad) for sleeping with Clara (Mary Lou Slutsky), Captain Hero (Xandir's Mom) smashes Clara though the wall. Later she is shown to be in a tree outside, dead, with the blanket wrapped around her. If you pay attention though, the blanket is still on the bed after she is thrown through the wall.

    • When Foxxy and Xandir are cutting up the body of the dead Mr. Nagasaki, even though Foxxy cuts a different piece every time, it always shows the same clip of one piece being eaten by the alligator.

    • Look hard: In the gunfight with Spanky, at one time he has a lot of bullet holes but when it zooms up to Toot and zooms back out, Spanky is completely spotless.

    • For the first time, the confessional is not seen.

    • All the housemates except for Xandir, Captain Hero, and Wooldoor die.

    • When Spanky is hit on the head with the bottle, he gets a bump on his head, like in classic cartoons.

    • It's revealed that the Drawn Together house has a forest with a bog behind it. This is shown to be untrue in most other episodes, however.

    • The bottle that Toot has at the bar is obviously a bottle of Jack Daniel's.

    • When Wooldoor turns to the boy and is holding a lollipop is a reference recent sex scandals in which a small number Catholic Priests were found to have molested young boys.

    • What Toot says after she says "My son is dead" and rips her dress is the beginning to a hebrew prayer called the Kaddish. One version of which (the mourner's kaddish) is said to commemorate the dead.

    • This episode confirms that Xandir's last name is spelled "Wifflebottom".

    • Look Closely: Ling Ling is one of the things thrown at Xandir near the beginning of the episode.

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • At the end, when Xandir's dad (Toot) grabs Daddy (Spanky), a few measures of Star Wars music can be heard. Toot then makes a reference to Princess Leia a minute or so later.

    • After the incident with Xandir breaking a glass table with Ling-Ling under it, Foxxy states that Daddy should have bought a German-made table rather than a Swedish one. This is a reference both to cheaply made Scandinavian furniture (such as IKEA), and a perceived German fondness for coprophilia.

    • In the climactic scene in which Xandir tries to escape from Spanky, Xandir is in a car outside the house while Spanky is in front of it holding a gun. Xandir then hits the gas and tries to run over him while yelling. This is a reference to the final scene of the movie The Glass House in which the main character runs over the antagonist.

    • The scene where Xandir takes off his clothes and cries for Mr. Nagasaki is a reference to the final scene in the musical Fame.

    • Meredith Baxter Birney: Actress best known for starring in the series "Bridget Loves Bernie" and "Family Ties". Her name was in the opening credits, referencing the many made for TV movies she starred in.

    • When the Drawn Together cast takes a bow, three people in Cats costumes bow with them. This is an obvious reference to the musical, Cats.

    • Name: Mr. Nagasaki
      Possibly as reference to the Japanese city which was attacked by the second atomic bomb.

    • The Shire: Lord of the Rings
      The Wipplebottom's home resembles the home of Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings theme music can also be heard in the background at this point.

    • Spanky: Kill the wabbit!
      This is a reference to the Looney Tunes cartoon, "Whats Opera Doc", directed by Chuck Jones.

    • Spanky: "Sic Semper Tyrannis".

      Latin for 'Thus Always to Tyrants' (often mistranslated as 'Death to Tyrants'), this is the phrase John Wilkes Booth allegedly said as he shot President Lincoln. This is also the motto for the state of Virginia.

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