Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 14

American Idol Parody Clip Show

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 14, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • I really don't want to give this a bad review. I DON'T. But I have too, because it deserves it.

    Okay. I was a HUGE fan of Drawn Together. The only cartoon where crossovers are legal to survive. But, really, this ending was just unacceptable.

    It was an American Idol ripoff. All that's it. That's all it. Nothing more. It didn't have any moral values or anything. It just had no comedic timing implanted into it at all.

    I had some high hopes to the end, hoping it would be better. Clare even says the ending sucks, and that's words to live by. The ending just realeased a mouse we didn't even know about till this episode!

    I really wanted a satisfiying ending. You know, the whole gang coming up and they reveal they all win, and we get to see they're lives after the show, in they're worlds. But, no. It ends sourly like this. I have no choice but to give it a one.

    Hope you actually give us another series to explain all this!
  • Really?

    Is this really the end of a very good show? How can they end the show like this, it is really the end of this show, they even state that it is a disappointing series finale. I like how they parodied American Idol,They took up too much time withe singing, and using the same clip twice?! That is very disappointing. Too bad, Drawn Together! I am really going to miss this show, the show that bended all the rules. Really this show was great, it was a bit of a downer, that they had to end it like this. Although it is always funny.
  • Please don't let it be the series finale:cry:.

    I don't want Drawn Together to end well alright here is the plot: It parodies American Idol to see who will get voted off and it does clip shows and then it shows who gets voted off it is a cameo character a mouse I forget his name. Please this better not end this show I love Drawn Together it didn't even sound like a finale no this can't be the end don't end this show pease save Drawn Together a lot of reviwers for this episode hated it well it is probably the end oh no although it might get saved we can only hope so.
  • now I have seen some bad ways to end a series but a clip show what the hell is wrong with you

    this is one of the worst episodes of drawn together,no scratch that out it is the worst and to top that off its one of the wrost series finales ever pure utter bull crap they could of just done all of them leaving the drawn together house I mean it would be okay if they ended the show on a cliffhanger like the soap but this was just terrible all they did was just sit there watch clips and sing terrible versions of terrible.

    in retrospect its not that I hate drawn together but they could of done alot better for a series finale.
  • A completely uninspired, unimaginative, and completely lackluster ending all around.

    W.H.Y?!!! How could the "Drawn Together" writers betray us like this?! After 3 years of loyally serving as a fan among fans, keeping this in my top shows, how Dare it pull a stunt like this! Build up our hopes for another season by making us wait almost an entire year for a new episode and then smash all our dreams into pieces! It makes me wish that any of the awful things that happened to the "Drawn Together" castmembers happened to the writers who dreamnt this ending up! They could've at least humored an Actual writing effort in here but No, they were too lazy for that! They couldn't even give this show a decent good-bye! They'd rather stick with the same old (&@& "South Park" always gives them: lousy animation, lousy stories, and lousy, Lousy Acting! Well I hope they're happy! Because they've just done a major diservice to so many cartoon lovers all over the world with this atrocius act! So forgive me if I didn't give this episode a high rating, but there was no way that I could even pretend to justify an action like that! I mean, I could dream up of a new season of "Drawn Together" being possible, and if it happens, great. If it doesn't, it wouldn't surprise me, I could care less. :idea: Enough said, true believers! :evil:
  • This show must has a season four!

    I absolutely liked this season final episode, it was way better than last's year season final episode which it was kind of average and not too much of a excitment. My favorite part when the roommates sing the original theme song:

    " One house to held us in, eight different cartoon characters" and I totally forget the rest of the lyrics. I can't wait any longer if CC decided to give DT season four or not because this and South Park makes me happy when I see them be on the same night on Wednesday, but if Comedy Central renewl the show....Than we're all be glad.

    The characters' sings were amazing, I really loved Captain hero's sing & Wooldoor's wayyy better than Foxxy/Clara's, Toot's and Ling-ling's....It was too much drama

    I loved DT

  • Yet another clip-show, but Drawn Together doesn't hide it. I'm afraid this may be the series finale because Toot can be heard yelling at the end "Thanks for watching a**holes." Plus the fact that the show's cancellation was hinted throughout the episode.

    Pretty much another Drawn Together finale that was lazily made into a clip show to save money. I'm saddened by the fact that Drawn Together might be cancelled, due to Comedy Central saying that the show cost to much money to produce. The show pretty much was like the title of the episode proposed, and American Idol style 'watch-em perform, and section off the losers, and send the biggest loser home'. Pretty much all of us knew that no one was going home because as Princess Clara put it, "We've been here for three years...." We do however lose the Jew producer with the Donald Trump hair-style when he shoots himself after accidentally shooting 2 backstage workers. In the episode we also remeber those characters who we have lost through the years: Live Action Cow, Girl+Donkey, and Steve from Long Island just to name a few. All in all, a decent episode. But if Drawn Together is really cancelled, it was not one that would make us say it went out with a bang.