Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 10

Breakfast Food Killer

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 18, 2007 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • After the "six to eight weeks" when Toot, Foxxy and the soggies are stranding by the mailbox, Toot has stubble. As the soggies point the shotguns at her, it all falls off.

    • This episodes openeing theme started and it only showed Princess Clara and then it was interrupted by a news brief and then continued and showed the end of the theme showing the Drawn Together logo.

  • Quotes

    • (The children in the commercial watch the killer's thugs beat Quackers to death)
      Boy: Oh, man! Quackers is really getting what he deserves!
      Girl: Yeah! (looks at her brother) But am I?
      (The two fall to making out passionately)
      Girl: (amorous giggle) I'm so telling Mom.

    • Toot: Hey, you cereal mascot dickbag! Toot Braunstein is gonna destroy you and the entire cereal empire, with these special UPC codes!
      Spanky: There's nothing special about UPC codes. Why, they're everywhere, and have been since nineteen seventy-one. First suggested by Wallace Flint, the universal product code, or "UPC", was developed to... (Captain Hero hits Spanky on the head) I like to pee on things!

    • Toot: Like a woman on a date with a jew, you're gonna pay!

    • Foxxy: Tookie, can't you just be happy for Mapplethorpe?
      Toot: Why don't you assholes believe me? (to Foxxy) And why don't you know any of our names?

    • Tony the Tiger: Okay, Ms. Braunstein, you tell us why you think the new face of Quackers Cereal should be a fat, disgusting woman?
      Toot: Because Mary Lou Rhetton sold a buttload of Wheaties.

  • Notes

    • This episode aired on The Comedy Network in Canada on January 13, 2008.

    • Besides the housemates, among the characters from previous episodes and/or animated cameos in the lines for the audition for the new cereal mascot are Blue Ball from the episode "Hot Tub," He-Man, Malcolm Exposition from the episode "Terms of Endearment," Speedy Gonzales, Strawberry Sweetcake from the episode "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist" Part 2, the talking banana from the episode "Freaks and Greeks," and a silhouette of Bender from "Futurama," Harley Quinn, and Mickey Mouse.

    • Xandir and Princess Clara have no dialogue in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Several of the scene transitions in this episode are accompanied by "The Best Time Of Your Life", the former theme song from the Carousel of Progress attraction at Disney World.

    • Good Times:
      When Toot tells Quackers she'll always remember the good times, it is followed by a parody of the opening of the tv show Good Times.

    • The comment about rainbow smoke rising from the chimney when the new mascot was appointed is a reference to the process for a choosing a new pope.

    • Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner
      When Foxxy and Toot are running from the Soggies, they run off a cliff and Foxxy holds up a sign that says "Oh Lordy!". This is a reference to Wile E. Coyote because he is often chased off of cliffs by Road Runner and he holds up a sign. Foxxy and Toot act as Wile E. Coyote and the Soggies act as Road Runner.

    • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:

      When Toot and Foxxy fall from the cliff into the car which Ling-Ling is driving Ling-Ling is dressed like Short Round. Which is a parody of when Indiana Jones falls into Short Rounds car to escape the Chinese Mobsters.

    • Family Feud

      When Toot and Foxxy were trying to get into General Mills' tomb for the fifth UPC, his headstone asks them a question and Foxxy replies "Berry Delicious!" and then he goes to a board just like the board on Family Feud.

    • The Matrix Reloaded:
      The fight that Toot and Foxxy had with Soggies is similar to the fight between Morpheus and one of the agents.

    • "Free housebreaking wee-wee pads with every purchase!"

      Said by General Mills, this was a phrase originally used in a 1980s local New York City television ad for "Puppy City", a dog adoption business. The announcer would end the commercial by rapidly saying "Free housebreaking wee-wee pads with every purchase!"

    • Star Wars:

      In the beginning Frankenberry has a cloak on covering the top half of his face. This is a parody of the emporer from the film series.

    • Cereal Mascots:

      The cereal mascots include the mascots of "Frankenberry", "Trix", "Rice Krispies", "Cheerio's", "Frosted Flakes", "Captain Crunch", "Lucky Charms", "Honey Smacks", "Golden Crip", and "Cocoa Puffs".

    • Quacker's Cereal

      Quacker's Cereal is a parody of "Quaker Oats".