Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 4

Captain Hero's Marriage Pact

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 09, 2005 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Captain Hero gets a visit from his ex-girlfriend, UFG (Unusually Flexible Girl), who reminds him of their marriage pact once they both hit 30. Meanwhile, Foxxy Love tries to get the Foxxy 5 band back together so they can all reclaim their fame.

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  • Hilarious episode.

    This is one of my personal favorite episode of Drawn Together about when Foxxy tries to get the band back together and Captain Hero's ex-girlfriend comes for a visit named UFG also known as unusually flexible girl and he wants to marry Captain Hero when they both turn 30 but Captain Hero doesn't want to marry her and then he thinks she's crazy and then Wooldoor fights over her. The hilarious parts were Wooldoor and UFG jumped though the window and got hurt. UFG's death when she died when Toot fires a potato gun right at her face and it was messed up and it was very funny when Captian Hero disguises as Wooldoor and pee all over UFG.moreless
  • The other storyline was pitiful and wrong.

    I hate this episode. Well, the first storyline was decent, but the other one was boring and selfish. Nobody doesn\'t want to watch the other storyline of the episode at all, and I mean it. I realy mean it. Well, the other storyline was dull, stupid, wrong, retarded, out of the line, boring, and not a useful LESBIAN COUPLE!!!
  • Fine Example of fascism when one has to be a certain \"level\" on this site in order to contribute information

    Ok I\'ll bite. Here is the review so that I can add, eventually, trivia information;) It is just plain stupid that one should be required to write a review in order to add inforamtion concerning references/allusions/denotation/connotations. I can\'t believe no one has yet indicated that the running joke/line thru this episode is where black characters keep saying \"hey hey hey\". An obvious reference to Haywood Nelson\'s character of \"Duane\" in What\'s Happening. It was in fact Duanes tag line in the earlier episodes of that series. Hey hey hey;)moreless
  • i couldnt find anything wrong with this episode it was funny and emotional at the same time. we find out that foxy had a band known as the foxy 5 and captain hero has a very flexible obsessive girlfriend. this show gets funnier and funnier every week hopemoreless

    i couldnt find anything wrong with this episode it was funny and emotional at the same time. we find out that foxy had a band known as the foxy 5 and captain hero has a very flexible obsessive girlfriend. this show gets funnier and funnier every week hope it continues.
  • Well I guess you can't hit a home run every time you come to the plate. Its better than most every other sitcom out there but not as good as the past few.moreless

    I love this show. I have not been this stoked about a show since tripping the rift premiered. Every week is something you laugh at and then wonder if it is that funny or if you are a sick bastard. It turns out you are a sick bastard and it is that funny. I was hoping that they were going to push the censors again with the nudity and sex acts but I guess they did not want to fight for this one. I like that they are exploring every facet of the stereo types for the character. Last week we hit how asians take tests well and this week we hit on the whole laundry thing also for Ling-Ling. They could have done a little more with each sub-plot. I do have to say that the golden shower scene was something you don't see every day. Can't wait for next week.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Ling-Ling's anus is visible below his tail when he falls over on his back laughing (1:49 in). However, at 2:19 when he is in that same position, his butthole has disappeared.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Captain Hero: Yeah, I just wanted her because I couldn't have her and now that I have her I don't want her, it's just like the time I was all excited to catch herpes.
      Wooldoor: Really?! (dances crazy and does stupid stuff) Wait, now that I have her I don't want her, guess I'm just like you, that means I could fly! Whee! (crashes into the window and gets hurt and comes back to the room with a cast and crutch) I still don't want her.

    • Captain Hero: Don't make me kick your ass!
      Wooldoor: Don't make me suck your (beep)!
      Captain Hero: Don't make me cuddle you like a baby!
      Wooldoor: Don't make me suck your (beep)!

    • (after he heard a lot of fart noises in Foxxy's new song on the radio)
      Spanky: What the hell is that?

    • UFG (soaked with urine): There you are, Wooldoor Jebidiah Sockbat.
      Wooldoor: Holy (beep)! What happened?

    • (Captain Hero disguises as Wooldoor to UFG)
      Captain Hero: Hello there Unusually Flexible Girl. it is I, Wooldoor Sockbat, here to say hello to you my soon-to-be-wife.
      UFG: Wooldoor, your not suppose to see me in my dress before the wedding.
      Captain Hero: Are you sure you should be wearing a white dress? I mean you are a huge slut.
      UFG: Wooldoor! You shouldn't speak to me like that!
      Captain Hero: But that is how I, Wooldoor Sockbat, believe a husband should speak to his wife, and of course he should pee on her!(Captain Hero unzips his pants and starts peeing on UFG and UFG is disgusted)
      Captain Hero: Looks more like a yellow wedding! (starts to laugh and continues to pee on her)
      UFG: Stop that, stop this instant! Whoa!

    • Foxxy Phat: Hey, hey, hey.

    • Foxxy: Screw y'all. Foxxy is gonna prove to y'all she ain't no has-been, she is an "is-be"! (pause, both Ling-Ling and Xandir laugh hysterically)

    • Spanky: (to Foxxy) Tough luck, babe. But look on the bright side, at least you invested your money wisely instead of just wasting it all on flashy teeth jewelry. (chuckles) Right, Foxxy? (Foxxy smiles sheepishly to reveal solid gold teeth incrested with diamonds that spell out the word "oops")

    • Spanky: (to Foxxy) Some of the greatest songs have been born from tragic deaths. Think Candle in the Wind, think Tears in Heaven, think Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. (cut to the native from "The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (2)" making one of his rim shots)

    • Foxxy: I just hope I remember how to play the jingle frisbee.

    • Foxxy Love's Song (Crashy Smashy Die Die Die)

      Splattered cross the hood, bloody guts and pain! (Squishy squishy, my oh my!)
      Compound fracture, punctured lung, bashed in brains! (Crashy smashy die die die!)
      Crunchy cracky smacky wacky - all that's left
      Is best friend puddin' topped with asphalt death...
      Hey crashy smashy...
      Crash and die! (Crashy smashy my oh my!)
      Crash and die! (Crashy smashy die die die!)
      Crash and die! (Crashy smashy my oh my!)
      Crash and die! (Crashy smashy die die die!)

    • Captain Hero: Oh, Wooldoor, you charming little simpleton! Tell that crazy girl I am not marrying her.
      Wooldoor: I'm not comfortable doing that.
      Captain Hero: Would you be more comfortable if I broke your arm in three places and wrapped it in 100 dollar bills?
      Wooldoor: Are you threatening me? Or... bribing me?
      Captain Hero: What an insulting accusation! Take that back before I pull out your spleen and then drive you to the hospital... in your BRAND NEW CAR!

    • Clara: Have you noticed that we haven't been getting any screen time this week?
      Toot: Well, uh, duh! That's because we've been in the basement all week making this awesome potato gun!

    • Captain Hero: Hey, kids! Captain Hero here with Getting Laid Tip 213 - The Backrub Buddy! Find a chick who's just been dumped and comfort her by massaging her shoulders, and soon, (makes a censored hand gesture) she'll be massaging your prostate. Observe!
      (Captain Hero is massaging Wooldor's shoulders)
      Captain Hero: Oh, I'm so sorry Wooldoor, your boyfriend Chip dumped your ass!
      Wooldoor: But I don't have a boyfriend.
      Captain Hero: That's right, Chip never existed.
      Wooldoor: Oohh... Captain Hero?
      Captain Hero: Yes, Wooldoor?
      Wooldoor: I want you inside me.
      Captain Hero: Class dismissed.

    • Foxxy 4: (singing) That drunken bitch ran us down with her hoopty!
      Foxxy Phat: Hey, hey, hey!

    • Newscaster: (about the death of the Foxxy 5) Foxxy Love who was not present, is presumed to still be alive and still be black. Therefore, she is considered armed and dangerous.
      Foxxy: You racist asshole. (pulls out a gun and shoots the TV)

    • Foxxy: (to Spanky) I's is ready now.

    • UFG: (to Captain Hero) I've missed you more than a retard misses the point!
      Captain Hero: What do you mean?

    • Foxxy: (in the confession room) Suddenly Foxxy found herself inside of a pickle, instead of the other way around.

    • Wooldoor: (about UFG) Who's that, Mr. Hero?
      Captain Hero: The chick I used to bang in superhero school.
      Wooldoor: Are you her boyfriend?
      Captain Hero: No, more like a backrub buddy.

    • Wooldoor: Uhh wait, are you going to sleep with her, or you're gonna make a poopie?
      Captain Hero: If all goes well, both.

    • Foxxy: What the? Foxxy ain't no washed-up star!
      Xandir: Um, sorry to break the news, Foxxy, but you've been washed, dried, and lightly starched.
      (Ling-Ling laughs hysterically)
      Ling-Ling: (in confession room) Ling-Ling appreciate good, dry, clean humor.

    • Spanky: (chuckling and pointing at the injured Foxxies stuck on a van) You black people and your gaudy hood ornaments.

    • Captain Hero: (about UFG) There's no way I was marrying that crazy chick. The only thing this superhero is married to is his work! And possibly a Filipino transvestite in Albany. Oh, that was one crazy Yom Kippur!

    • Captain Hero: (about UFG) I'm gonna totally pierce her fortress of slamatiude with my (grabbing his crotch) Fantastic Four!

  • NOTES (11)

    • Foxxy: I just hope I remember how to play the jingle frisbee.
      This statement would lead one to believe that Foxxy hasn't played the jingle frisbee (tambourine) since she broke up with her band, but we've seen her carrying it around all the time and even use it in Clara's Dirty Little Secret during her musical number/chase song.

    • This episode takes place on (or around) January 1. We find out in the episode "Super Nanny" that Jan 1 is Ling-Ling's birthday.

    • Captain Hero repeats Foxxy's line from the season premere "That was one crazy Yom Kippur!"

    • If you look closely when the Foxxy 5 are fighting, you can see Lil' Foxxy running out of the fight cloud with a brand-new, and most likely stolen, T.V. set. This is corresponding to what Foxxy admitted that she wanted to do in One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (1) if her roomates were to have a riot.

    • Captain Hero's line, "I'm gonna totally pierce her fortress of slamatiude with my Fantastic Four! " appeared in the previews for this episode, but not in the episode itself.

    • The closed captions replace the word "asshole" with "(bleep)," even though Foxxy and Unusually Flexible Girl say the word uncensored.

    • Wooldor's full name is revealed to be Wooldoor Jebidiah Sockbat.

    • The names of the Foxxy 5 are:
      - Foxxy Love.
      - Foxxy Dark.
      - Lil' Foxxy.
      - Yella Foxxy.
      - Foxxy Phat.

    • Look Hard: The rim shot guy from the jungle island in "The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (2)" makes a split-second appearance in this episode.

    • Unusually Flexible Girl's mother is named Unusually Jewish Woman.

    • This episode marks the first time a character has had back-to-back episodes revolving around and named after them.

  • ALLUSIONS (14)

    • Bukkake Chef: TV Show
      Ling-Ling watches the 'Bukkake Chef' on TV. This is an allusion to the popular TV show 'Iron Chef.'

    • Foxxy Five: Tragedy

      The girls getting embedded on the grill of the van is a reference to an urban legend where a drunk driver discovers a girl embedded on the grill his car the next morning.

    • Spanky: Song References
      When Spanky brings up the titles of three songs to inspire Foxxy to write a song, they're actually real songs done by different artists. Candle In the Wind was originally done by Elton John, I'll Be Missing You was by Puff Daddy, and Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer was done by Elmo & Patsy. Candle In The Wind and I'll Be Missing You were done in the wake of respective tragedies, while Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer was a playful song about what happened to an old woman one Christmas Eve.

    • Captain Hero: (disguised as Wooldoor)
      During Captain Hero's impersonation of Wooldoor, the background music sounds similar to that of the music from SpongeBob SquarePants.

    • Foxxy 5 Member: Drop it like it's hot.
      This is a reference to Snoop Dogg's 2004 single "Drop it Like it's Hot."

    • Foxxy 5: Name
      The Foxxy 5 band is a play on the name of the band Michael Jackson started his career in, The Jackson 5.

    • Character: Casey Casem.
      The host of "Now Where They At?" is drawn and voiced to resemble Casey Casem, who has hosted America's Top 40 as well as other music related television and radio shows over the last three decades.

    • UFG's Tattoo: I'm Holding Out For a Hero.
      One of UFG's tattoos reads "I'm Holding Out For a Hero." "Holding Out For a Hero" was the title of a Bonnie Tyler song featured in the movie Footloose.

    • UFG's Tattoo: Rent Memento
      In the scene where Captain Hero is reading the tattoos on UFG's body, there's a tattoo that says "Rent Memento." This is a parody of the movie Memento, where the main character had tattoos put all over his body to help him remember things, since he had a memory loss disorder.

    • Captain Hero: (dreaming)
      Captain Hero's dream showed four characters of this show spoofing the figures of famous Star Wars characters. The Wookie was Toot, C-3PO was Xandir, R2-D2 was Wooldoor and Clara was Princess Leia.

    • Captain Hero's & UFG's Eyeballs: Appearances
      In the dark while having sex at one point, their eye movements imitate Newton Balls.

    • Wooldoor: (dancing)
      When Wooldoor started dancing, he danced like Stimpy from Ren and Stimpy.

    • Foxxy Phat: Hey, hey, hey!
      This phrase was repeated throughout the episode by Foxxy Phat. It was a catch phrase of the character Dwyane from the 1970's sitcom What's Happening!! This also might be a reference to Fat Albert's (from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids) famous phrase.

    • UFG: (moving)
      When Unusually Flexible Girl enters in the first scene, she moves like Mrs. Incredible from the Disney/Pixar movie The Incredibles.

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