Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 9

Charlotte's Web of Lies

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 11, 2007 on Comedy Central
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A spider has a one night stand with Spanky Ham, and relationship quickly turns into a fatal attraction. Meanwhile, Captain Hero comes face to face with his arch nemesis, and forges an unlikely bond. We also learn the origin of Ling-Ling's violent tendencies - he never truly wanted to be a fighter, oh no, all he wanted to do was dance.moreless

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  • There's a thin line between Really being controversial, and trying too hard to be controversial! :!:

    It seems all good shows that thrive on controversy, no matter how good they're written or how good the animation is, inevitably lose the edge they used to have when it comes to being controversial. It happened with "The Simpsons, American Dad," and "South Park." I really hoped it wouldn't happen with this show as since it Is built upon parodying everything that Is a cartoon, it would never run into that problem! Unfortunately, like "Ren and Stimpy" before it, "Drawn Together" seems to be running into the problem of being unable to tell when it's Actually controversial, and when its trying too hard to be controversial! I mean, nothing the characters did in this episode seemed like Too much of a stretch! Basically, the characters actions/reactions are the ones we have seen before, and they ended in a usually predictable manner. In fact, the most controversial thing I saw was Captain Hero throwing up! Hopefully, this trend won't continue! I mean, this was still a good episode for the most part! It just could've been better still! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • This episode was OK, at least.

    First, the episode had three storylines and a few of the other characters were shown briefing. Ling Ling's storyline was the best of all and Spanky's storyline was decent. Hero's storylines were extremely horrible in the past, but now, it's starting to be decent and it wasn't terrible. Well, at least this episode had showed too many graphic violent scenes and the other scenes didn't suprised me like the commercial had said this: more bloodier, wetter, fatter, hotter, etc. All of those scenes didn't suprised me and the main storylines had ruined it, especially one scene that one character had ruined it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Foxxy: Ling-Ling, you killed Xylophone!
      Toot: Who the hell is Ling-Ling?!
      Clara: Guys, this is serious! This time, it was Xandir, but next time, it could be someone that we actually care about!
      Foxxy: Oh no! Ling-Ling ain't gonna kill... uhhh, ahhh, oooh,... Ling-Ling can't kill Funyons, can he?

    • Captain Hero: There I was, seconds away from destroying the most evil man I had ever known, but I couldn't kill someone on their deathbed.

    • Girl: I am too classy to be the second woman. Unless, of course, we're having a piss orgy.

    • Musical Director: Okay kid. I'll give you a chance. It's a small part. Judge Fudge. The real guy dropped out because apparently he was far too busy with something else.

    • Girl: Spanky, I had a really great time with you. Can I come inside?
      Spanky: In about thirty seconds, I was about to ask you the same thing.
      Girl: Oooh. How droll.

    • Captain Hero: What comes after asphyxi-seven? Asphyxiate!

    • Gash: Like every kid who has ever been adopted, you are destined to kill.

    • Spanky: Huh? "Some Pig"?
      Charlotte: Mmm hmmm. You were some pig last night. That was the hottest interspecies sex since Matthew Broderick nailed Sarah Jessica Parker.
      Spanky: You're saying we-
      Charlotte: Eight times! (laughs)

    • Spanky: Just back that little thorax right up into me.

    • Captain Hero: Wednesday morning was guy's night, so we were playing our favourite drinking game: we watched Drawn Together, and whenever something gay happens, we all take a shot.

    • Captain Hero: Damn you, Scroto! Awww..
      Wooldoor: His name is Scroto?
      Captain Hero: Yes.
      Wooldoor: So that's what your arch-nemesis does?
      Captain Hero: Yep.
      Wooldoor: No bank robberies?
      Captain Hero: Uh-uh.
      Wooldoor: Or blowing up the planet?
      Captain Hero: Nope.
      Wooldoor: He just tricks superheroes into washing his balls?
      Captain Hero: Not all superheroes. Just me...just me.
      Wooldoor: What a strange, strange villain.

  • NOTES (1)

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • James Bond
      Captain Hero killing Clara and Foxxy in the hot tub, and getting out and taking off his wet suit to reveal a tuxedo and taking a flower off of the bush and putting it on his suit is all a reference to James Bond.

    • Gingerbread Man:

      When Spanky walks into the house there are numerous words that Charlotte put into her webs. One was "You can't catch me" and another was "I'm the Gingerbread Man!". This is a quote for the children's rhyme.

    • Kidney Transplant:

      Wooldoor giving Hero's nemesis a kidney transplant is a reference to the urban legend of people being drugged and having their kidneys removed, then waking up in a tub full of ice with a written warning to call a doctor immediately.

    • Jaws:

      Xandir's mother lecturing Ling Ling is a spoof of the scene in Jaws where the mother of the shark attack victim blames Sheriff Brody for his death.

    • The More You Know:

      This is a parody of the PSA's that used to air on NBC where celebrities would give advice, followed by a shooting star displaying the words, 'The More You Know'.

    • Frankie Muniz:

      Gash's battle monster is Post-Pubescent Frankie Muniz.

    • Cartoon Characters:

      The famous cartoon characters taking Anger Management with Ling Ling are Yosemite Sam and Marvin The Martian from Looney Toons, The Incredible Hulk from the comic book, T.V. series and movie of the same name, and Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

    • Boba Fett:
      The exterminator Spanky hires to try to get rid of Charlotte is none other than the famous bounty hunter who originally appeared in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

    • Lex Luthor:
      Captain Hero's nemesis, Scroto, is designed to look like Superman's nemesis, Lex Luthor.

    • Fatal Attraction:
      One of the lines that Charlotte writes is: "I will not be ignored." This line is from the 1987 movie hit starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglas.

    • Gash:
      Ling-Ling's owner is named Gash, an obvious parody of "Ash" from the Pokémon cartoon.

    • Charlotte's Web of Lies
      The name of this episode is a parody of the popular book and popular movies of Charlotte's Web.

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