Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 5

Clum Babies

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 16, 2005 on Comedy Central
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Wooldoor hits puberty at long last and can't keep himself from masturbating. Thus, his Clum Babies with their healing powers are born. Clara, however, thinks this is an act against God and vows to stop him. Meanwhile, Ling-Ling's bachelor days might be numbered as his mother and father send an arranged battle mate to the Drawn Together house.moreless

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  • KICKASS!!!

    If you never saw the show go to youtube and search drawn together movie. You will eventually find a link to watch all episodes on a fansite.It is there in one trailer video and it will pop up,if you love the show support it and buy the movie coming out April 20,2010. If you buy it and hated that the show got canceled they might bring it back if the fans give them money by buying it. They don't have enough money to pay for it!!!If you never seen it before start with this episode.If unfortunately you don't have internet then that sucks!!! The only other way to watch it is on demand. Your cable provider might have on demand and comedy central so you can watch it, I have COX cable. Hurry it expires soon!!!(on COX or any other provider if unlucky.)This is a good way to start if you never seen the show before! Enjoy it! The really funny part was in the end where in the credits they reversed the cucumber killing them which was the best and most violent part!!! It looked like they still got shot and they still freakin' lived!!! It was awesome definetly the part with the boy who masturbated too much and got blind but got healed by the clum baby and then masturbated some more even though it caused him to get blind!!! That was FUNNY!!! The Ling Ling parts were good too! I can't believe their sex is battling someone to the DEATH!!!! Watch it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Interesting episode making fun of Veggie Tales. One of the best in the series.

    Drawn together is a solid show that gets old after the outrageousness wears off, but this was a pretty cool episode. Clara realizes that her right wing propaganda might not be the truth, and the ending was very good. The artsy, crime-drama style ending was fitting, and the episode was pretty well written. I haven't seen it in awhile so I can't really comment on specifics, but this was a great episode from a pretty funny show. This show is always crazy and ridiculous, but the Clum Babies episode stuck with me. Say what you want about the show, but it did have some pretty great moments.moreless
  • Best episode

    Two of the best scenes, and by far the most ridiculously funny plot is in this episode. Scene #1: Foxxy showing Wooldoor how to masturbate with a "rabbit" lightsaber. Classic.

    Scene #2: Bob the cucumber going Columbine; with a splash of Matrix and Goodfellas. Best scene!!

    Plot: Wooldoor making clum babies. Take away the "L" in clum. That's right: adorable spermies spew from Wooldoor's mouth after he twists his knob Bop it style. Sweet Jesus!moreless
  • this episode is about wooldoor making clum babies and using the clum babies to heal people meanwhile ling ling fall's in love with another battle monster.

    this is one of my favorite episode of drawn together.It is a funny funny episode because the vegitales keep telling wooldoor that he will go to a horrible place if he keeps making clum babies.The other part of this episode is where ling-ling is to get married or in their way find a battling partner for ever.i would suggest that who ever likes show should watch this episode. If i was to judge this episode i would nominate it for the funniest episode in drawn together and it would win for sure. i would like everyone to watch this episode and tell me how you like it.moreless
  • Of all the episodes where all the main characters end up dead...


    Of all the episodes where all the main characters end up dead, I think this is probably my favourite. So random; a freakin\' cucumber runs through the house massacring everyone, including his friends, the main characters, and some other people. Then he kills himself!

    We got some Matrix horizontal flips goin\' on, and some MI:ii doves flyin\' around....

    Oh, the plot with Woldoor, Spanky, Foxy and Clara; it\'s not very good, as it\'s mostly filler, leading up to the dramatic conclusion. (Phil Ken Sebben: Hahaha, climax!)

    I sort of like the plot with Ling ling and his various sexual hyjinx. I bet Peekachu would be happy like Ling ling if he got \'sum everyone once in a while.

    Oh, and I guess Hero isn\'t so invincible to bullets either...

    I really liked the ending because it makes me laugh, so this episode gets a High Score, with it\'s Game Over ending.

    Screw Flanders! Screw Flanders!moreless
Will Ryan

Will Ryan

Bob the Cucmber

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Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Larry the Tomato

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Cree Summer

Cree Summer


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Bob the Cucumber shoots everyone, he shoots Steve from Long Island and his girls. The girl in the bluish clothing is wearing shoes that wrap around her ankles. When Bob the Cucumber shoots himself, it shows all of his victims. Look at the girl in the bluish clothing, she is now wearing high heel shoes.

    • When Toot is shot in the confession room, her blood and the gunshot hole are both red. In all previous episodes, Toot's blood is black; in style with her 1920s look.

  • QUOTES (40)

    • (When Wooldoor puts a clum baby on each of the crippled woman's legs)
      Crippled Woman: Hallelujah! My crutches don't squeak anymore!

    • Clara: This was madness. Sacrificing potential lives to save existing ones?

    • Bob the Cucumber: (to Wooldoor) We're gonna give you all to the count of John-316 to stop this abomination or else.
      Larry the Tomato: You tell him, Bob the Cucumber.
      Bob the Cucumber: Thank you, Larry the Tomato.

    • Clara: Isn't masturbation a sickening indispensable sin against God?

    • Foxxy: I'm sayin' that you need to masturbate!

    • Clara: Any of God's creatures that we save from drowning would be slaughtered for a spectacular feast.

    • Larry the Tomato (while Bob the Cucumber is gone crazy): This wasn't part of the plan! We agreed no one will get hurt! (Bob the Cucumber shoots him)

    • Foxxy: Clara needs a clum baby.
      Wooldoor: No. I can't! I won't!
      Spanky: (pulls out pliers) Oh, I think you will.

    • Foxxy: ...And that's how Foxxy masturbates.

    • Clara: Wooldoor Sockbat! What in God's great wide Earth are you doing?
      Wooldoor: (humping a toaster) Can't... stop... humping!

    • Wooldoor: So God killed everyone: the good guys, the bad guys, and even Steve from Long Island... but not me, and I know why. With everyone else gone, I can finally enjoy masturbating the way he intended... by myself.

    • Bob the Cucumber: Enough (beep)ing talk! In the name of God, put the (beep)ing clum baby down!

    • Wooldoor: Please don't kill me, I don't want to die!
      Bob the Cucumber: Don't be scared, Wooldoor. I saved them all from going to Hell, and now I will save your soul too.

    • Spanky: Holy (beep)! Bob the Cucumber's gone crazy!
      Bob the Cucumber: Is this crazy?!
      Spanky: No please- (Bob shoots Spanky)

    • Clara: I will put an end to this blasphemy before it saves the lives of countless millions!

    • Foxxy: (while closing down the shop) With Wooldoor gone, the fountain of spew had run kinda dry.
      Spanky: (to the crowd) All right people, we're closed for business. You don't have to die at home, but you can't die here.

    • Foxxy: (after closing down the shop) Oh, it's you, Clara. What'cha want?
      Clara: (wearing a fake mustache) I am not Clara. (coughs) I am but a complete stranger.
      Spanky: How can that be Clara? Clara doesn't have a mustache.
      Clara: (coughs) I have the consumption. (coughs) Surely you must have one Clum Baby left.
      Spanky: Sorry mister, but we've run completely dry.
      Clara: Please, (hack) I don't want to die...(hack) so ironically. (collaspes)

    • Spanky: Yeah, yeah. The bible says a lot of things... and not very clearly.

    • Captain Hero: (in confession room, about his night at Club Foot) The club was jumping, jumping, and Ling-Ling was surrounded by babes. But, somehow, we got stuck hanging out with Ling-Ling's lame friend, Steve, from Long Island.

    • Wooldoor: (masturbating) Ah. This feels so good. Now I know why Captain Hero does all over the pool table at night when he thinks no one is watching. (cut to Spanky enjoying a game of pool but stops abruptly and frowns)

    • Clara: (appears in a puff of smoke while Wooldoor is masturbating) That will be enough of that.
      Toot: Look out, she's got a gun! AAAAHHH!!!!!! (jumps out the window)

    • Foxxy: Spanky and I convinced Wooldoor to use his magical Clum Babies to help those in need. Foxxy was goin' finally fulfill her dream of buyin' a million dollars worth of lotto tickets!

    • Spanky: (while holding up a Clum Baby) Hey, Wooldoor's Clum Babies can cure diseases. (cha-ching; eyes turn into dollar signs)
      Foxxy: Folks would pay a pretty penny fo' something like this. (cha-ching; breast nipples turn into dollar signs)

    • Toot: (to the cast) Hey, back off! Get your own goddamn soup.

    • Wooldoor (being forced to watch Sockbats Gone Wild): Those Sockbats... they've gone wild! God no likey! God no likey! I... wait a minute. They're showing their boobies... 'cause they're so drunk... (begins to moan) Ohhhh... grandma? (begins to jump around in his chair, then produces a Clum Baby)

    • Ling-Ling: (after his father tells him that he is arranged to be married) Yoko Ono!

    • Ling-Ling: What up, hoochie? Ling-Ling want battle you rong time!

    • Spanky: (after Clara collapses) You were right, Foxxy! She is Clara! And she's so sick, her mustache fell off! What should we do?
      (Foxxy raises her leg and kicks Clara)

    • Ling-Ling: Ni-Pul hotter than fresh meal towel. By the way, it is for washing hands, not face! What is wrong with you white people?!

    • Old Man: (about Wooldoor's "healing" Clum Babies) Oh my God, it works! It works! I can remember everything! My wife Celia died five years ago, I'm living in an abusive nursing home, and no one has visited or bathed me in years! It's a miracle! It's a miracle!

    • Spanky: When is mutant semen worth $273? When it works.

    • Ling-Ling: Ling-Ling not one battle monster kind of battle monster. Ling-Ling accustomed to getting more trim than bonsai tree.

    • Foxxy: Oh, yeah, that's finger-(beep)ing good!

    • Ling-Ling: Ling-Ling find the best shampoo, as well as worst lingual enemy.
      (Reads the word "Prell" from bottle)
      Ling-Ling: Pl... Pllerrr...

    • Foxxy: (to Clara) Princess, please. Masturbation is fun and natural, not to mention, it's a great way to earn five bucks without touching a guy. (cut to the native from "The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (2)" making one of his rim shots)

    • Foxxy: Aww, sweetie, if you want relief, all you have to do is do a little Pud Play.
      Wooldoor: Pud wha... ?
      Foxxy: You know, "rub one out," "choke the chicken," "going number 3"...

    • Foxxy: Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
      Clara: Oh, so it's fine that you say it. (Foxxy presses the button for the shock collar on Clara's neck, therefore shocking her)

    • Clara: What in God's great white earth are you doing?

    • Larry the Tomato: I'm sorry for thinking impure thoughts. (whips himself)
      Bob the Cucumber: I'm sorry for being so phallic. (whips himself)
      Clara: I'm sorry for buying child slaves from third-world countries. (whips herself)
      Slave Boy: Free!
      Clara: I said I'm sorry, not stop dusting!
      Wooldoor: I'm sorry I masturbated! (whips himself) I'm sorry I help people! (whips himself again) And I'm sorry I spy on Clara going potty every morning!
      Clara: What!? That's disgusting!
      Wooldoor: Well, you're one to talk, Princess Smell-Your-Wipes. (Clara whips Wooldoor)

    • Ni-Pul: Ling-Ling, instead of battling all the time, why don't we just (beep)?
      Ling-Ling: So, you suggest, drop the metaphor, and Ling-Ling dip crispy noodle in your duck sauce.

  • NOTES (18)

  • ALLUSIONS (15)

    • Leptoprin ad: Spanky's statement "When is mutant semen worth $273? When it works!" is a parody of Leptoprin's ad line "When is a diet plan worth 153 dollars a bottle? When it works!"

    • Consumption: Name
      Consumption is what tuberculosis (TB) was called in the 19th century. Tuberculosis can affect most parts of the body, but 80% of the time, affects the lungs (pulmonary tuberculosis). It normally kills a person by causing their lungs to collapse, which is why Princess Clara kept coughing up blood.

    • Stem Cell Research
      The idea behind the Clum Babies being miracle cures parallels real-life stem cell research. Stem cells are infant cells found in fetuses that have yet to commit to being a particular type of cell (heart, liver, blood, etc.). For this reason, scientists think stem cells can be manipulated to treat a wide variety of diseases and injuries. This type of research is considered controversial because pro-life activists believe harvesting stem-cells takes a callous attitude toward infant life and encourages abortion. Hence, Princess Clara's moralist statements and her abhorrance to sacrificing Clum Babies to cure the sick.

    • Bob the Cucumber & Larry the Tomato: Names
      Bob the Cucumber's and Larry the Tomato's (from the VeggieFables) names are a take-off of Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber from the VeggieTales. Basically, the names were just reversed.

    • Foxxy's Lightsaber: Appearance
      On Foxxy's lightsaber "stimulator," there was a dolphin light on the handle. This is a reference to popular sex toys like "The Dolphin" and "Rabbit" in which extra stimulators (usually used for the anal region) are shaped like animals.

    • Wooldoor: (masturbating)
      Wooldoor's way to masturbate is to rub his hands together, flick his nose, turn the knob on his bottom, turn around, poke his left eye, turn around, rub his scalp, break his left pointer finger, and shake violently like a jackhammer.
      This exaggerated masturbating process seems to be a parody of SpongeBob SquarePant's bubble-blowing process that was seen in the episode, "Bubblestand." Also note that while Wooldoor masturbated in some scenes, the music was similar to the music from SpongeBob SquarePants.

    • Ling-Ling: (combing hair, while looking in mirror)
      Ling-Ling looking in the mirror, combing his hair, and saying "Aaaah" as '50's-like music plays in the background is a reference to the Happy Days character Fonzie.

    • Characters: Farmer Alfafa & Sylvester
      Farmer Alfafa, an early 20th century cartoon character from Paul Terry, and Sylvester, from "Looney Tunes", make cameo appearances in this episode, seeking cures from Wooldoor's Clum Babies.

    • Wooldoor: (holds up Clum Baby, after producing it)
      When Wooldoor produces the first Clum Baby, he holds it up, the housemates bow down, and music plays. This is similiar to what Rafiki does at the beginning and the ending of The Lion King with Simba and Kiara.

    • Foxxy: (uses lightsaber to masturbate)
      The lightsaber that Foxxy uses to masturbate is, of course, an allusion to the ever-popular lightsabers from the Star Wars trilogy.

    • Wooldoor: (brainwashed)
      While being brainwashed, Wooldoor has his eyelids forcibly held open so he cannot stop watching the videos he is shown. This is an allusion to the movie A Clockwork Orange in which the same thing is done.

    • Sockbats Gone Wild: Name
      Wooldoor is forced to watch Sockbats Gone Wild volume 4. This is a parody of the Girls Gone Wild series of videos.

    • Clara: (appears/disappears in puff of smoke)
      Clara constantly appearing and disappearing in a puff of smoke is very similar to what the Wicked Witch of the West did in The Wizard of Oz.

    • Wooldoor: Oh, my God, it's the VeggieFables!
      This is a parody of the popular children's video series, VeggieTales.

    • Foxxy: But the frosty side of me told me I had to help.
      Foxxy turning into a kid version of herself in the confession room is a reference to an old '70's and '80's commercial for Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats. The commercials had adults eating the cereal saying, "The adult side of me eats it for the wheat..." (The adult then changes into a child version of themselves.) "... but the kid in me eats it for the frosting!"