Drawn Together

Season 1 Episode 6

Dirty Pranking Number 2

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Dec 08, 2004 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Clara tells her father on the phone that something is missing in her life. Her father responds that she is a princess, and that is what they do... "long for more, or die in a car crash in France." Meanwhile, Xandir tells Hero that he want to hang out with him, because they share a room, but never do anything.

Clara sees Foxxy and Spanky getting a pizza from the delivery man. Spanky craps on it, and then goes back to the delivery man and says, "I don't remember ordering this pizza... with sausage!" as he opens the box... the police man screams and runs away.

Hero is called away from his mall date with Xandir, because Aladdin is about to Magic Carpet bomb Isreal. His phone call keeps Toot from calling her AA sponsor, and as a result, she gets very drunk.

Clara confronts Spanky and Foxxy about their "little game with the pizza man," and offers to finance them, because they are are broke.

Spanky lets Clara call the pizza place, but she screws it up by asking for the pizza "with dooty on it." Foxxy braids her hands into her hair, and cannot answer the door, so Spanky reluctantly allows Clara to try. At first it seems that she messed up, but it turns out that she did not give him enough money, and he comes back, and Spanky craps on the pizza. This time the pizza man faints, and Spanky and Clara get arrested.

Xandir, crying, confronts Hero about not meeting him at the mall, and ends up making him sleep on the couch.

They get bailed out, but cannot find out who. It turns out to be Clara's father, who decides to take her back to the castle. She convinces him to let her stay at the Drawn Together house, but she is not allowed to ever set eyes on Spanky again.

Xandir tries to make Captain Hero jealous by spending time with Wooldoor. It works, and Hero asks Xandir to go to the petting zoo with him.

Spanky and Clara decide that Clara will crap on the next pizza. Spanky teaches her how to do it. They end up making out and spending the night together. The King shows up, after being carriage jacked. He blames Spanky, but we are shown that it was a drunken Toot. The King sentences Spanky to death.

Xandir gets in the car to go to the zoo. Captain Hero gets called off again, but decides to spend the day with Xandir.

Clara tells her father that she spent the night with Spanky. He decides the take her home. She protests, but he does not relent.

Hero and Xandir have fun at the zoo, as it is destroyed around them, by the flying insecto-bots with hats, that Hero was supposed to destroy.

Right before Clara leaves, the pizza man shows up and Clara defies her father, by crapping on the pizza infront of him. After they show it to the pizza man, her father decides that this is what is best for Cara, as she finally is happy. Xandir and Hero return, followed by the flying insecto-bots with hats, who kill everybody.