Drawn Together

Season 1 Episode 6

Dirty Pranking Number 2

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Dec 08, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Just really... stupid

    When I watched this episode last night I found it pretty amusing, but then looking back at it today... it was just kind of dumb. The main plot of this episode was about Clara missing something in her life. She sees Foxxy and Spanky pulling a naughty prank on the Pizza delivery man. The prank is Spanky pooping on the Pizza (which really isn't surprising since it's Spanky) and giving him the money until they tell the man that they "didn't order sausage", which is obviously Spanky's nast poop. The delivery man, disgusted, leaves and gives them back their money. Clara likes it, and begs Spanky to let her help them. He lets her but at first it doesn't go well, until she improves. However, they end up in jail for a little.After their bail, it turns out her father knows about it and forces Clara to move out of the house, which after Clara's begging, she still stays. Spanky and Clara continue this throughout the rest of the episode, and at the end her father returns. This time, he saw someone crash his carriage and accused Spanky for it, but it was actually Toot. He decides to cut his head off, but with, ONCE AGAIN, Clara's begging, he decides not to. Finally, he realizes that pooping on Pizzas makes Clara happy, and that's all he ever wanted from his daughter.

    During this, Xandir questions Captain Hero why they never hang out together, since they share the same room together. So Captain Hero promises to hang out with Xandir at the mall. However, Captain Hero gets a phone call from the Commissioner. He leaves Xandir hanging to go save the world without telling him, which makes Xandir sad. Later, Hero sees that Xandir's hanging out with Wooldoor, which meakes him sad. He tells Xandir that he has some free days coming up and asked if he wants to go to the zoo. Xandir, cheerfully, says yes. Hero does get another call from the Commissioner though, but this time hangs out with Xandir. They both have a blast at the zoo, but during that huge flying robot looking things are terrorizing the city, and the zoo. Hero does nothing about it though, as him and Xandir head home. Eventually though the robots kill all the humans, and copy the pooping in pizza routine Clara and Spanky did.

    As amusing this episode seemed, it was pretty stupid. The pooping in pizza thing was disgusting, it got really lame after the second time, and this wasn't a great episode. However though, what I liked from this episode was the Captain Hero & Xandir plot, because it was funny. I mean they enjoyed the park even with those evil robots destroying it. We got more character development from Clara, which was nice, and it makes me like her even more. Finally, the funniest line in the episode from Spanky. "It wasn't as big of a mistake as the time I converted to Islam in August of 2001." That was hilarious! Despite being disgusting, Spanky has some pretty memorable lines. I didn't have a least favorite in this one, but my favorite was Clara.

    Overall, a pretty average episode. If the stupid pooping in Pizza crap was cut out, then it'd be a better episode. My least favorite so far of the series. Overall, I give it a 6.0.
  • Clara finds she has feelings for Spanky when he teaches her a game about pooping on a pizza. Also Wooldoor is used by Xandir to make Captain Hero jealous when Captain Hero goes to work instead of the mall.

    Well as the episode starts I thought this is just anothe funny show, until I saw Ling-Ling dead in Captain Heros car, that Foxy had braided her fingers into her hair. This meant that the show would be about Captain Hero, Xandir, and Wooldoor, Princess Clara, Spanky and Toot.

    So it went like this. Xandir uses Wooldoor to make Captain Hero jealous because instead of going to the mall with Xandir, Captain Hero went to work. In the end Captain Hero goes to the Zoo with Xandir while the world is being overrun by killer robot bees with hats.

    Meanwhile Spanky has tought Princess Clara a new ame. Pooping on pizza and then giving it back to the pizza guy. When they get arrested Clara's father tells her that he never wants her to see Spanky again. She disobes him and then he finds out that she has been seeing Spanky as she tells him whenhis carriage is stolen and he blames Spanky. Does this remind you of anything? Star crossed lovers perhaps, that have been dancing behind her fathers back. At the end of this episode Spanky and Clara dance and then she poops on a pizza. Her fathers shes that shes happy so he gives them his permission.

    Its Dirty Dancing all over again, like in a load of other shows and a load of other formats.

    I give this episode 4.9/10. Normally I would give a Drawn Tigether episode a much higher score but this piss take out of Dirty Dancing wasn't executed very well as any other of the things they take the piss out of. For instance the one where Xandir comes out or the one where Captain Hero finds out that his parents has him aborted. Serious issues with a funny twist.

    Watch any other show in the seris but this one.
  • A few AWESOME jokes mixed in the middle of an otherwise really boring episode.

    The ONLY reason this episode can actually keep a decent score is because it has some of the best jokes out of ALL the episodes. The \"you used to care about me...about us\" monologue is an instant classic! I still crack up everytime I hear it. I even use it on my friends once in a while. The \"forky poky\" part was also hilarious. I too find doing atrocities in a fun way. \"(laughing)Hahaha Xandir, (in a serious tone)trick me like that again, and I\'ll f*cking kill you!\" is yet another classic. So to in conclusion, \"hear ye, hear ye, Kronos will now end the review unexpectedly\"
  • This is one of the hilarous episodes of season 1 of Drawn Together.

    When Clara is felling down in the dumps, she saw Foxxy and Spanky doing a prank that was so wrong but mostly funny to me, Spanky took a dump on the pizza! And said "I don't remember ordering a pizza with sausage!" and then Clara tried the prank with Spanky and then they both go to jail and Clara's father the King bailed them out and he forbids Clara to see Spanky again, meanwhile Captian Hero and Xandir are at the zoo and these alien robot beetle things are attacking everything, the King thinks Spanky attacked him out of nowhere but Clara told her father Spanky didn't do it cause he was with her but Spanky and Clara's relationship made the King let her stay in the Drawn Together house and the ending was messed up all the characters were killed be th robot beetles and took over the Earth. I showed this episode to my Aunt and she thinks that was funny and I tought it was really funny to me. A perfect 10.
  • Piece of ...

    This is only the second time I've watched this show and it was ... silly. Pretty much a one joke episode, crapping on a pizza, "Oh, I didn't order sausage with that!" pushes the envelope but still silly (and what was the connection to 'Dirty Dancing'?). The previous episode was much better. The king making out with his daughter was a little disturbing, how do they get the OK to produce this stuff? They 'blur' some bits (the cartoon gonads) but the scenes are pretty extreme in themselves. I know cartoons are make believe, but a beautiful Princess falling for a gross pig, pretty unbelievable.