Drawn Together

Season 1 Episode 6

Dirty Pranking Number 2

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Dec 08, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Just really... stupid

    When I watched this episode last night I found it pretty amusing, but then looking back at it today... it was just kind of dumb. The main plot of this episode was about Clara missing something in her life. She sees Foxxy and Spanky pulling a naughty prank on the Pizza delivery man. The prank is Spanky pooping on the Pizza (which really isn't surprising since it's Spanky) and giving him the money until they tell the man that they "didn't order sausage", which is obviously Spanky's nast poop. The delivery man, disgusted, leaves and gives them back their money. Clara likes it, and begs Spanky to let her help them. He lets her but at first it doesn't go well, until she improves. However, they end up in jail for a little.After their bail, it turns out her father knows about it and forces Clara to move out of the house, which after Clara's begging, she still stays. Spanky and Clara continue this throughout the rest of the episode, and at the end her father returns. This time, he saw someone crash his carriage and accused Spanky for it, but it was actually Toot. He decides to cut his head off, but with, ONCE AGAIN, Clara's begging, he decides not to. Finally, he realizes that pooping on Pizzas makes Clara happy, and that's all he ever wanted from his daughter.

    During this, Xandir questions Captain Hero why they never hang out together, since they share the same room together. So Captain Hero promises to hang out with Xandir at the mall. However, Captain Hero gets a phone call from the Commissioner. He leaves Xandir hanging to go save the world without telling him, which makes Xandir sad. Later, Hero sees that Xandir's hanging out with Wooldoor, which meakes him sad. He tells Xandir that he has some free days coming up and asked if he wants to go to the zoo. Xandir, cheerfully, says yes. Hero does get another call from the Commissioner though, but this time hangs out with Xandir. They both have a blast at the zoo, but during that huge flying robot looking things are terrorizing the city, and the zoo. Hero does nothing about it though, as him and Xandir head home. Eventually though the robots kill all the humans, and copy the pooping in pizza routine Clara and Spanky did.

    As amusing this episode seemed, it was pretty stupid. The pooping in pizza thing was disgusting, it got really lame after the second time, and this wasn't a great episode. However though, what I liked from this episode was the Captain Hero & Xandir plot, because it was funny. I mean they enjoyed the park even with those evil robots destroying it. We got more character development from Clara, which was nice, and it makes me like her even more. Finally, the funniest line in the episode from Spanky. "It wasn't as big of a mistake as the time I converted to Islam in August of 2001." That was hilarious! Despite being disgusting, Spanky has some pretty memorable lines. I didn't have a least favorite in this one, but my favorite was Clara.

    Overall, a pretty average episode. If the stupid pooping in Pizza crap was cut out, then it'd be a better episode. My least favorite so far of the series. Overall, I give it a 6.0.