Drawn Together

Season 1 Episode 6

Dirty Pranking Number 2

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Dec 08, 2004 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • When Toot disturbs Captain Hero at the phone, the cable of the receiver goes past her left arm. But in the close-up shot of Toot, the cable is missing.

    • When the pizza delivery man shows up at the police station, the receptionist says that they hadn't ordered twenty pizzas; but the pizza man is holding only eighteen boxes.

    • A group of Texas cheerleaders were arrested for defecating on a pizza and trying to give it back to a Domino's Pizza delivery man. They later admitted that they'd gotten the idea after seeing this episode.

    • Look hard: After Clara orders the pizza, Foxxy runs up with her hands in her hair. First, her bracelets are orange, then when it goes up to her hair, she has none on, then when it zooms back out, they're brown.

    • Look hard: When Clara finally craps in the pizza box, she opens it, and it shows the crap hang off of it, but there is no pizza in the box.

    • Look hard: When the King confronts Clara and Spanky after bailing them out, both of his guards have mustaches. In the next shot, only one does. Also, when the King returns to the Drawn Together house after having been carriage-jacked, the bodyguard who is with him first has a mustache, but when the King is about to take Clara home, he no longer has one.

    • The price of the pizza changes throughout the episode. When they first order the pizza, it is $8.26. Yet the rest of the times they order it, it is $8.46.

    • Look hard: When Clara presents the soiled pizza to the delivery man, the lid is hinged at the bottom of the logo; on real pizza boxes, and the others in the episode, it is hinged on top.

    • When Spanky explains the prank to Clara, he tells her to take the pizza before handing over the money. When he performed the prank with Foxxy, she paid the pizza man first.

    • Look hard: In Captain Hero and Xandir's picture, Xandir's giraffe hat disappeared.

    • When Spanky is braiding Foxxy's hair, he has already finished the right side of her head. However, when Foxxy says that she's braided her fingers into her hair, her fingers are stuck on both sides of her head.

  • Quotes

    • Pizza Man: What in the name of Vishnu? AEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (sniffs dootie then passes out)

    • Clara's Father: Clara, what are you doing?
      Clara: I am laughing, Father. Laughing!
      Clara's Father: My goodness, you are! I've never seen you so happy.
      Clara: Because I've never been so happy.
      Clara's Father: Oh Clara, that is all I've ever wanted for you. Who knew it was dooting on pizza that would make you so happy?

    • Robot Alien Fly: We have finally destroyed all the humans... but we have also learned from them! (cut to an alien house) I did not order a blaxikon with... zegoblark! (shows a pizza man-like robot alien fly what looks like soiled pizza; the "pizza man" leaves) Ha-ha-ha! You suck!

    • Clara: Well, hello, Mr. Pizza Man.
      Pizza Man: $8.26, and this time, no funny business!

    • Captain Hero: Hey, Xandir. Listen, I have some, uh, sick days coming to me, and if you're interested, I'm up for a little zoo action tomorrow.
      Wooldoor: Oh great!
      Xandir: Yeah! The two of us will go to the zoo tomorrow. You know, just me, and you, and not Wooldoor.
      Wooldoor: (disappointed) Ohhh....

    • Xandir: You know whats funny, Captain Hero?
      Captain Hero: Elder abuse?
      Xandir: Well, yes... Elder abuse... and the fact that we share the same room but never do anything together.

    • Xandir: And where have you been? I walked that entire mall all by myself.
      Captain Hero: Oh. Was that today?
      Xandir: Yes, that was today!
      Captain Hero: Sorry. I had to restore peace to the Middle East... again. Boy, those Muslims are kooky man... I mean, have you read that Koran? It's mostly knock-knock jokes.
      Xandir: You used to care about me... about us...
      Captain Hero: What?! When?
      Xandir: You used to tell me I was pretty.
      Captain Hero: No I didn't.
      Xandir: You used to dress up for me!
      Captain Hero: Just that one time...
      Xandir: Oh, forget it, I hope you enjoy the couch.
      Captain Hero: But Xandir...
      Xandir: I said couch!!

    • Cop: I'm sorry, man, but we didn't order twenty pizzas with extra anchovies and doodie on them.
      Pizza Man: Oh, but it says right here on the receipt that...
      Cop: Look out! He's got a receipt!

    • Clara's Father: (while hugging Clara) Mmmm, you smell like your mother.

    • Captain Hero: Oh, Xandir, trick me like that again and I'll f***ing kill you.

    • Pizza Man: May this life bring you the happiness it has so constantly denied me.

    • Clara's Father: I'm doing this for your own good. You need to stay away from a.) this house...

    • Bodyguard: Hear ye, hear ye! The King is about to barge in unexpectedly!

    • Clara: Please, Spanky, give me a second chance. Didn't you get one when you were given that dead teacher's liver?
      Spanky: You're right. (takes a bottle of liquor) Here's to second chances! (chugs the bottle)

    • Wooldoor: I'll be in the Clock Tower. (cocks a sniper rifle)

    • Spanky: I don't remember ordering this pizza... (opens the box, and a turd is in it) with sausage!

    • Clara: Lately, I feel like there's something missing.
      Clara's Father: Did you check the colored girl's room?

    • Clara: With Foxxy's hands still stuck in her hair, she was more useless than a Mexican.

    • Spanky: Little game? Did you just say "little game?" The travel size edition of Battleship, that's a "little game." Screwing with the pizza man, that's a way of life, my friend!

    • Toot: Blah blah blah! I'm Captain Hero and I can fly! And I...
      Captain Hero: Do you mind, fudgy? I'm on the phone!
      Toot: I don't care. I gotta call my AA sponsor!
      Captain Hero: (in a girlish voice) I said I'm on the phone!

    • Foxxy: Good evening, delivery man of pizza.

    • Captain Hero: Go to the mall? Is that some kind of gay code? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • Xandir: Sometimes I think Captain Hero cares more about those boots than our friendship. I bet they never slew the Man Troll on Rainbow Mountain. I said "slew," right?

    • Clara's Father: You are a princess. Hu-DUH!
      Clara: I know that, father. But I long for so much more.
      Clara's Father: Of course you do, because you're a princess and that's what princesses do. They long for more. Or die in a car crash in France. Now, let us never speak of this again.

    • Clara's Father: They took everything! My crown, my jewels, but not my innocence. No, I lost that a long time ago when I was but a naive prince who would do anything for his jousting instructor. Anything.

    • Toot: (drunk) I thought you loved me, Captain Morgan! (smashes the bottle against a wall) Oh no, you're bleeding! I'll save you Cap'n Morgan! (licks it off the wall)

    • Toot: You want to do what to pizza? The most tasty and delicious of all that is tasty and delicious? So you can s*** on it? I should kill you where you stand! (punches a hole through the wall)

    • Clara's Father: Now, Clara, do you promise to stay away from that boyishly handsome pig?

    • Foxxy: Here's how it's gonna go down. I'm gonna finish my hair. Spanky, you order the pizza. And Clara, you go into the confession room and tell the camera how you never felt so aliiiiiivvvve.
      (Clara is now in the confession room)
      Clara: My first naughty prank. I've never felt so aliiiiiivvvve.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Captain Hero: I remember being that age. Not a girl; not yet a woman.
      'Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman' is a song by American singer Britney Spears.

    • Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights:
      The title and the entire episode is a parody of the movie, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

    • Dirty Dancing
      Spanky says, "Nobody puts baby in the corner." This is a reference to the movie, Dirty Dancing.

    • King: ... That's what princesses do. They long for more. Or die in a car crash in France.
      This is a reference to Princess Diana who died in a car crash in 1997.

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