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Episodes you'd like to see if they make another season

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    "Whatever happened to cartoon continuity?" - After Ling-Ling kills all the housemates by accident while training for an Asian trading card battle monster tournament and they all respawn, they question why they are not still dead. The housemates come to the conclusion that they can do whatever they want no matter how life threatening and they start getting into many situations that result in their deaths. Eventually Xandir runs out of lives and dies permenantly because he's a video game character and the other housemates start to act a lot more cautiously and less rowdy (They even lock up Ling-Ling, Hero and Wooldoor in the attic because they are so dangerous) and the show starts to become boring. The Jew producer is about to evict Foxxy, Toot, Spanky & Clara to make room for a new cast when suddenly, Xandir returns with unlimited lives and super jumps through the celling to free Hero, Ling-Ling and Wooldoor from the attic. It is then revealed that Wooldoor found "The ledgend of Xandir" cheat book and used it to bring Xandir back to free them. With that, Hero & Ling-Ling kill Clara, Spanky, Foxxy and Toot. The Jew producer then thanks Xandir, Wooldoor, Ling-Ling & Hero for saving the show and declairs that Drawn Together is back to normal.

    Episode notes: The title is a reference to "Whatever happened to Robot Jones?"

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    "club." xandir starts a gay club.witch includes harry potter, charlie brown, elmer fudd, pink panther, and a mysterious man in a cloak.captain hero keeps trying to sneek in.meanwhile,the rest of the roommates put peanut butter in ling lings mouth,put tape on him and other stff like that

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    South Together - A crossover of Drawn Together and South Park to prove which show sinks the lowest I got this from the animation forum.
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    Drawn Together musical

    A parody of High School Musical with Captain Hero as Troy, Clara as Gabriella, Toot as Sharpay, Xandir as Ryan, Spanky as Chad, Foxxy as Taylor, Ling Ling as Kelsi, and Wolodoor as the school mascot nobody likes. It's pretty much the characters reenacting High School Musical with some Drawn Together humor thrown in and a twist ending where it turns out Captain Hero's love interest isn't Clara but Xandir!

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    Now I know the show's been cancelled for almost 2 years but if it was still going, which episodes would you like to see? I've got one:

    -King of the House

    When The Lion King finds out his approval ratings are slipping, he decides to join the most popular show he can find in hopes that it will help him become more popular. Unfortunately the only show that will let him on is Drawn Together so he and his wife go stay at Drawn Together for a week. At first everyone gets along but tensions raise when Hero starts having an affair with his wife.

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    "The Absolutely Terrific, Amazing, Cool, Crazy, Insane, Phenomenal, Sexy, Dirty, EPIC, Almost Completely True Tale of How Drawn Together Came Back From Canceled Land!" (First part of a 2-Parter Episode.) When the Drawn Together cast find themselves laying naked on the ground of a ruined Drawn Together house with absolutely no explanation of how they got there, they see Wooldoor's Clum Babies crawling around and realize that it can only mean one thing, Wooldoor's Clum Babies have the power not only to restore life, but CAN in fact bring canceled shows BACK from the dead...MOSTLY intact! After the "Drawn Together" get themselves together and restore their house to what it used to be, they realize Toot is nowhere to be seen, Princess Clara hasn't come back yet, and nobody knows why Wooldoor isn't with them. Fortunately, a Writer's Convenience (AKA, Captain Hero's Mother Eema) stops by in a bus to visit her son, (albeit unaware that her son's show had EVER been canceled) and informs them that she got some dreadful news about the missing "Drawn Together" cast! Princess Clara IS still alive, but she's being held hostage in a Bizarro version of her old castle home, and she's in very bad shape considering. Also, Toot and Wooldoor have been traced to an abandoned Nazi Extermination camp, that is now up and running again! They're both scheduled to be terminated, and this time, for GOOD! Since Captain Hero, Xandir, and Ling-Ling have experience of visiting Princess Clara's Bizzaro castle home, they go there to save her, while Foxxy and Spanky cook up a crazy plan to save Wooldoor, and if at all possible, Toot. Xandir and Ling-Ling bravely hack their way through the Palace Guards (after Captain Hero predictably told them to save themselves) and find Princess Clara if not unharmed, safe from the tyranny of her Bizarro castle. Meanwhile, Foxxy & Spanky finally get to Germany only to witness Toot's very painfully (and hilarious) demise as she falls into a fiery inferno that was once used for burning up Non-Germans, but there's STILL time to save Wooldoor! At first, Wooldoor is despondent because he still thinks that the show has been canceled, but when Foxxy and Spanky make Wooldoor realize that this is no longer the case, they manage to get out of there just in the nick of time, destroying the Nazi Extermination Camp in the process! But when the "Drawn Together" gang get back together (minus Toot, who has been permanently killed) they realize that getting back together was the LEAST of their problems, because from out of nowhere, The "Drawn Together" gang sees a disturbing sight, as Bizarro versions of ALL the remaining "Drawn Together" cast-mates appear as if from nowhere, looking to replace the restored Cast-members...by any means necessary! What will happen next?! Find out when "Drawn Together" comes back...again! (Episode Notes: This continues directly after the events of "The Drawn Together Movie the Movie!" Wooldoor's Clum Babies never got erased, and they were able to bring the cast-mates back to life, although Toot immediately got herself captured and permanently killed again, and it is revealed that someone replace Princess Clara's REAL castle home with a Bizarro castle home during the events of the movie. And the answer for the culprits becomes obvious when the Bizarro versions of the "Drawn Together" cast-members appear to challenge the REAL "Drawn Together" cast-members. The Bizarro versions of the "Drawn Together cast-members look similar to the genuine articles, only twisted and more EVIL!) That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers!

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