Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 2

Foxxy vs. the Board of Education

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 26, 2005 on Comedy Central
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Spanky gets downloaded with a virus and in order to get life-saving health insurance, he must "gay marry" Xandir. Meanwhile, Foxxy is busted for not having a Mystery-Solving License and she convinces Ling-Ling to take the racially biased test for her so she can go back to college to finish up her degree.moreless

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  • It was okay...

    I didn't get all the 8's and 9's these people gave this episode. I mean both plots seemed interesting but didn't end up coming off as that funny. In this episode, it turns out that Foxxy doesn't has a mystery solving license, so she can't solve mysteries anymore. She's depressed about it but finds out that all she needs to do is go to College. She does so but hates it and is stupid as hell, especially when it comes to the SATs. Ling-Ling instead takes it because he's much more intelligent than her. However, the teacher knows it's not Foxxy and traps him in a dark room with some ugly monster, which is the gag for this episode. The monster sends him to a lower room with some mysterious guy and tells Ling-Ling why the Board of Education can't pass African-Americans. Foxxy doesn't find out until she gets the test score in the mail, which was a 580. So Foxxy tries to crack this case and does find out why blacks can't pass and that's because the Board of Education wants to keep selling them useless tacky crap. The wood guy traps Foxxy in that room again and needs help. Ling-Ling luckily comes right away and destroys the beast, but unfortunately the monster with some energy left crushes and kills Ling-Ling. Finally Foxxy decides to stop the Board of Education's train from traveling anywhere else and succeeds doing so. She is awarded with a badge, but she refuses to take it.

    Meanwhile, a virus has taken over Spanky, and in order to get rid of it he needs Health Insurance, but he doesn't have any. It turns out that Xandir has great health insurance, and that in order for Spanky to be apart of it, he must fake gay marry Xandir, so instead of dying he does it. At their wedding Clara barges in and tells them that gay marriage is evil and that if they get married that eventually... Nazis will ride on Dinosuars. She tries to end this by calling the king of health insurance and getting him to revoke the marriage and take away the insurance. After showing some evidence, like honeymoon pictures and even a fake adopted philipino baby, the king say that the only way to prove their marriage is by butt intercourse. After failing to do so, Spanky admits to the king that he's not a homosexual, but tells him that taking away the health insurance would be a bad thing because they weren't doing anything terrible. The king decides to let them keep the health insurance. Clara although upset, later confesses that one little marriage won't ruin everything, which leads to her being eaten by a dinosuar with a Nazi riding it.

    This episode just didn't do it for me. It wasn't terrible or even bad, it was just average. Like I said both plots seemed funny, but they didn't end up that way. I liked the gay marriage plot more because it was slightly funnier, but still okay. My favorite character was Ling-Ling, because he played a bigger role in this episode than probably the last 5 episodes combined. He also had the best line. When the teacher told him "You don't seem like a Black woman" Ling-Ling tried to convince him by saying this line. "WIKI WIKI AHHHHHHHH FLAVOR FLAVVVVVVVVVV". That had me laughing so hard. It sucked though that he dies in this episode, but I know he's coming back. My least favorite for the second time in a row was Clara, who annoyed me once again. Plus, she had what she was coming, which was the Nazi riding Dinosuars! She shouldn't have mentioned them. Toot was the Ling-Ling of this episode. Actually worse because she had absolutely no lines.

    This episode overall was kind of boring and I didn't laugh much. The only real likable thing about this episode was Ling-Ling, and maybe Foxxy. I give this episode a 6.5.moreless
  • Pretty cool

    Foxxy can't pass the SAT's on her own, so she recruits Ling Ling as her 'best friend' to fill out the SAT's for her.

    Amazingly racist yet funny at the same time.

    Exactly why people watch this show!

    I pray that the newer episodes are like this one, because this one is awesome.

    There is no reason not to watch this episode if you are a Drawn Together fan. And, even if you aren't, you still should, you'll really like it.

    I don't care what those people who call this show low class and tasteless.

    We don't have to go to 'tasteful' shows to laugh, we laugh at whatever we want to laugh at, and I laugh at this episode of this show.moreless
  • The funniest animated reality show of ALL TIME!

    During this episode you will be like "what the f*%#" this is one funny show. The episode revolves around the pig (from the internet) who catches an internet virus and must get help before he dies from it. Since he has no health insurance he has no choice but to
  • The writers of this show are sick, disturbed, and geniuses of epic proportions. The way they just spank every logical and socailly acceptable idea we know is awesome.

    This episode is just awesome. The conspiracy theory that they present in this show is on par with a conspiracy theory that Oliver Stone would come up with. The selling of overpriced stuff as the reason to keep people uneducated is the greatest plot line I have ever seen. And the disturbing cameos, keep you on your toes. I mean a pregnant powerpuff girl is just about as wrong as you can get, I thought. Until you see Rocky sticking out of Bullwinkles butt. I am not even going into the whole gay marrige thing it was just so wrong. But the rabbi drooling over clara's chest was hilarious. The mayonaise gag was just too over the top. I hope these guys don't get arrested for indecency with animated characters. Can't wait for the next one.moreless
  • Spanky gets downloaded with a virus so he ends up faked gay married to get the insurance. Foxy goes back to school to get her mystery solving licence. Ling Ling dies after fighting the big beast. We are intorduced to grape flavored menthol pencils.moreless

    This show is exactly why i wash this series.

    I found myself in tears due to laughing. This show is my favorite because it always finds a way to make me laugh. The way they combine tons of other shows and programs into one episode. I cant wait till they come out with grape flavored menthol pencils...
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Nick Jameson

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Patrick Warburton

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Ling-Ling bows out of the confessional, he says kuso, which in Japanese translates to damn or another curse word. This would seem odd, as bowing in Japanese culture is considered polite and even though Ling-Ling does it, he utters a curse word, which is impolite to do while bowing in Japanese culture.

    • Being a fundamental Christian, Clara should be on the same side as the Nazis and shouldn't believe in dinosaurs.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Spanky: What the hell's wrong with me, doc?
      Doctor: You've been downloaded with the Deadly Cuddly Bear Virus. You'll be dead within a week.
      Spanky: Oh, my God! I'm gonna die?!
      Doctor: Yep, unless I give you these drugs.
      Spanky: Drugs?! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
      Doctor: You do have health insurance, don't you?
      Spanky: Health whaa?
      Doctor: Oh, you don't have health insurance. Well, don't worry. (pulls the trap door lever on Spanky)

    • Sonny: Daddy needs his Puffs! Someone get me some fucking Puffs!

    • The Board of Education: We invented a menthol-grape-flavored number-2 pencil. Black test takers wouldn't be able to resist eating their writing utensils, so they'll never finish the exam!
      Foxxy: Damn. Just when you thought racism couldn't get any more racismer. You really think black people won't be able to stop themselves from eating these grape-flavored mentholated pencils?! ... (sniff) ... (sniff) ... Actually, they do smell kinda nice. Maybe if I just have a little nibble...

    • The Board of Education: So you see why we can't let blacks pass the SAT's. No educated person would spend money on gold rims, purple leather seats and flip-down LCD screens for three-thousand-dollar Geos.

    • Captain Hero(as he rips Toot's head off) This is no fat monster. It's a blood fountain.

    • Foxxy: (in confession room) I tried to forget about solving mysteries. But forgettin', like granddaddy when we played bouncy horse, was very hard...

    • Foxxy: With Ling-Ling dead, I could only think of one thing: man, that Ling-Ling pelt would make some pimpin' seat covers!

    • Clara: (to King of Insurance, Spanky, and Xandir) Going around the world doesn't mean they're gay married. The moon isn't gay married.

    • Xandir: You did it, my darling husband. Let's tell Dumpy the Wasteman.
      Hey, Dumpy, guess what?
      Dumpy the Wasteman:
      Kill me!

    • Guard: Freeze! Put your hands in the air! And don't even think about waving them like you just don't care!
      Foxxy: Oh, Lordy!

    • Foxxy: My test scores came! (opens letter) 580? Ling-Ling what the H-E-single-hockey stick happen? (in the confession room) I decided to solve the Asian-failing-the-standardized-test mystery even if I didn't have some fancy mystery-solving license. So I drove right over to that board of education place, even if I didn't have some fancy driver's license.

    • Clara: (on phone) Hello, King of Insurance, I'd like to report a fake gay marriage.
      Jewish Man: And I'd like to report a great set of tits.

    • Foxxy: Now, Foxxy might not be great with numbers or words or stuff, but she great at pullin' trains... over.
      Officer: Wow, Foxxy, you caught the Board of Education. We've been trying to nail him for months. Heh heh! How'd you do it?
      Foxxy: I had help from a friend a dead friend. And now to uncover the Board of Education's ultimate racist weapon. (opens a crate and sees purple pencils) What the hell is this?
      Board of Education: We invented a menthol grape-flavored number 2 pencil. Black test-takers wouldn't be able to resist eating their writing utensils so they'll never finish the exam.
      Foxxy: Damn. Just when you thought racism couldn't get anymore racismer...

    • Board of Education's Song:
      I am the Board of the Education.
      I'm here to serve the interests of our nation
      But keeping kids learning
      Doesn't fetch much of an earning
      So to make some decent money something had to be done.

      Being the genius that I am, I combined two-time honored American methods of achieving wealth selling stupid stuff to suckers and expolting the black man.

      Now we make countless millions off the worthless crap that black folks buy.
      From their very first gold tooth down to their pimped out rides.
      Huge medallions, tacky blings.
      No one would buy those things
      Unless there was a way to keep them gullibly dumb
      Sso we keep them out of college. It's what needs to be done.

      So you see why we can't make blacks pass the S.A.T.s? No educated person would spend money on gold rims, purple leather seats, and flip-down lcd screens for $3,000 geos.

      Foxxy: You racist blockhead. You'll never get away with anything that stupid.

    • Paper Baby: Someday, when I grow up, I'm gonna be a big oragami swan. You'll see! A big, beautiful oragami swan. So f**k you!

    • Man: Welcome, Miss Love.
      Foxxy: Who do you think you is?
      Man: I is the Board of Education.
      Foxxy: Holy crap! You from the School House Rock gang! What the hell is going on around here?

    • Foxxy: (to Ling-Ling) I'll be your best friend.
      Ling-Ling: (in confession room) Ling-Ling need new best friend since old best friend died in tragic accident.
      (scene cuts to a flashback of Ling-Ling throwing a black energy ball at his old best friend and jumping on him and scratching him)
      Ling-Ling: (scene cuts back to normal; to Foxxy) I'll do it. I'll take the test for you, chocolate animal woman.

    • Ling-Ling: (in the confession room) Foxxy was right. Board of Education really is keeping the black man down. Unecessary racism so sad.

    • Officer: You don't have a mystery-solving license?
      Foxxy: Child, I didn't even go to college.

    • Spanky: (in the connfession room) I was about to propose to Xandir and then out of nowhere, that damn diamond vision tried to move in on my man.

    • Officer: Congratulations, Foxxy. We're giving you an honorary mystery-solving badge.
      Foxxy: (with many grape-flavored pencils in her mouth) Mystery-solving badge? If you gots a badge that can solve mysteries then what you need Foxxy for?

    • Foxxy: (to Clara and Captian Hero) This whole test is racially biased. Question number one: "What S.P.F. lotion would you use if you was gonna spend a day at the polo grounds fellow Klan member?"
      Clara: Oh, you don't need sunblock if you've got your Klan hood on. Everybody knows that, Foxxy. (shows Clara with tan rings around her eyes)

    • Foxxy: (in the confession room) So I tried to study up for them S.A.T.s, but it became abundantly clear that this was just another consipiracy to keep the black man down. Like swimmin'.

    • Foxxy: (to Ling-Ling after he killed the monster) Ling-Ling, you saved my ass.

    • Foxxy: (in confession room) Foxxy Love is went to college.

  • NOTES (7)

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Picture: Kerri Strug

      One of the pictures that Spanky and Xandir photoshop to make it look like they're a loving gay couple is a picture of Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug being carried by her coach after she sprained her ankle and won the gold medal for the United States in 1996.

    • Return of the Jedi
      When Foxxy confronts the Board of Education, he traps her in a cave with a giant monster. When Ling-Ling comes to her rescue, he calls it a "Zalganout Beast". But clearly, the monster is based on the Rancor from Return of the Jedi. Jabba the Hutt throws Luke Skywalker down into a pit containing the rancor beast, much in the same way The Board sends Foxxy to her seeming doom. The stranger who shows up sobbing after Ling-Ling kills the beast is inexplicable in the context of this episode; but in the movie, he is the Rancor's keeper (who is mourning the loss of his "pet"). However, in the movie the keeper does not then begin to dry-hump the beast's corpse, as happens in this episode.

    • Sailor Moon
      During the scene where Ling-Ling pretends to be Foxxy, Sailor Moon can be seen seated next to him. She was the main character in the anime series of the same name.

    • Fairly Odd-Parents
      The 3rd world Filipino baby Spanky and Xandir "adopted" (it was just a piece of yellow lined paper with the name Timmy on it and cut in the shape of a person) is voiced by Tara Strong, the same voice of another one of her characters with the same name, Timmy Turner on Fairly Odd-Parents.

    • Phrase: Spanky's line "Xandir, you're as kind as a three dollar bill" is a pun on the phrase 'queer as a three dollar bill'.

    • Flintstones/Jetsons
      In the scene before the Xandir and Spanky's wedding, we can see both Flintstones' and Jetsons' cars parked in front of the DT house.

    • Gone With The Wind
      Clara in shadow against a red sky, saying "With God as my witness..." is a parody of a scene in Gone With the Wind in which Scarlett O'Hara says the same thing.

    • Foxxy: (crashes train)
      The train Foxxy crashes is the one from the "Conjunction Junction" segment of School House Rock.

    • Dumpy the Wasteman: Name & Appearance
      Dumpy the Wasteman is a parody of Frosty the Snowman.

    • Title: Foxxy vs. the Board of Education
      Reference to the famous civil rights case "Brown vs. Board of Education."

    • Characters: Various
      In the hospital, we saw the following characters with various ailments:
      - Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls, who appeared to be pregnant.
      - Bambi and his mother from the movie Bambi.
      - Ariel from the movie The Little Mermaid, who had a six-pack soda can holder trapped around her neck.
      - Rocky and Bullwinkle from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, Rocky's head was stuck inside of Bullwinkle.
      - Joe Camel (The Camel Cigarettes mascot), who was in an iron lung.
      - Sonny, The Cocoa Puffs cereal bird, who was in a straight jacket asking for Cocoa Puffs.

    • Ling-Ling: Ghost
      The floating ghost of Ling-Ling helping Foxxy is just like Obi-Wan helping Luke in the original Star Wars trilogy.

    • Foxxy: Hey, you're the Board of Education, from School House Rock.
      The Board of Education is an obvious take on the Bill from the School House Rock cartoon of the '70's.