Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 2

Foxxy vs. the Board of Education

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 26, 2005 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

This episode starts off with Spanky and Captain Hero making another joke about Xandir being gay. Spanky starts flashing and cutting in and out. Spanky is crashing and he has a virus. Captain Hero takes Spanky to the hospital.

Foxxy solves another mystery. The cops want a copy of her mystery solving license. Foxxy doesn't have one. When Spanky is at the hospital, he discovered that he has the deadly cuddly bear virus. He needs health insurance. Foxxy then decides to go to collage and get her mystery solving license. While in Xandir's bedroom, he reveals to Spanky that he has health insurance and it would cover his life partner. Spanky then decides to "gay marry" Xandir for health insurance. Xandir and Spanky are at a skating show. Spanky is about propose but the diamond vision proposes first. Spanky then throws a can at the diamond vision. For defending his honor, Xandir agrees to marry Spanky.

Foxxy asks Ling Ling to take her SAT test for her. Ling Ling agrees if Foxxy will be his best friend. Spanky and Xandir were about to get married, when Clara barges in and mentions that gay marriage is evil and if they get married, Nazi's will ride dinosaurs. Clara then vows to put a end to the gay marriage.

Ling Ling is found out to be helping Foxxy cheat. He must fail the test or else a large man named Butch will go to his house and walk around with his shoes on. Spanky and Xandir head to the hospital for pills for Spanky. Clara calls the King of insurance and tells him about the fake marriage. When Foxxy gets her test results back, she finds out she got a failing grade. Foxxy decides to try and solve the mystery of why Ling Ling failed. When the King of Insurance arrives, Spanky and Xandir give them doctored photos from their fake gay honeymoon, and they apparently adopted a Pilipino Baby. The King of insurance demands that Spanky and Xandir have buttsex to prove that they are married.

It is revealed that the Board of Education's plan is to sell cheap and tacky crap to undereducated black people. He keeps them from getting into college so they will keep buying useless crap. Foxxy is sent into the underground where a giant monster is. Meanwhile, Spanky admits that he is not gay, but is able to convince the King to let him keep his insurance. Ling Ling feels guilty about failing Foxxy's test. He finds her and kills the monster in the underground. With its last bit of energy, the monster crushes Ling Ling. This kills him and Foxxy decides to stop the Board of Education's train. She manages to stop it. Because of her efforts, the police give her a mystery solving badge. Foxxy doesn't take it. The police beat up the Board of Education.