Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 1

Freaks & Greeks

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 05, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Eh.

    This was an okay season premiere, the episodes yet to come are funnier & livelier. In this episode hero thinks he's in a fraternity, not what I expected from the second season season finale. Toot marries Lin-Lin's father. That was surprising. The punchlines weren't very good in this episode. The pig was hardly in it, either Clara. I love when they go to Grease & starts singing about the abducting. That was hilarious! Still don't think this episode gave a range on all the characters to open the all new season plus the last season which is pretty upsetting. Hopefully they will do better the next episode.
  • This was an above average episode of Drawn Together in my opinion.

    I think that with the start of the new season Drawn Together has changed a little. One thing I noticed about it, is that they seem to have done a lot of Family Guy style jokes. Not sure if they didn\'t do this before, I don\'t really remember, honestly, but I noticed it in this one. There were a lot of good jokes in this episode, I really liked the coming up next Daily Show gag and how they responded to that. This was a pretty good premiere, but I liked the terminator episode that came after this better. I reccommend that one.
  • Child abduction... This show has sunk so low to make people laugh. I can't believe it.

    Another Captain hero Episode! Oh no. Captain Hero finds out that a Greek family has moved next to them. As usual, Hero thinks that it is actually a fraternity that has moved in. He steals the family's daughter, thinking that she is a goat, and runs. After that, Foxxy finds out and forces Hero to return the girl. Hero then returns her and sings a parody of that song from "Grease". Meanwhile, Ling-ling's father gets married to Toot. Again, so wrong, yet so funny. The story end with Toot getting killed in space. Luckily, Hero won't get an episode in the future. Right? Wrong! Another Captain hero Episode!
  • I missed them all summer and this episode reminded me why exactly :D

    Those who hoped that maybe a new season means the end of Captain Hero based plot lines, are probably very disappointed. More Hero! Fortunately, we got more than a decent episode and after few months of absence, even the fact that it’s Hero-centric (again!) wasn’t able to spoil my fun. Fans of the other characters might be seriously upset though, Spanky had one line and Foxxy and Clara appeared on the screen for about 30 seconds each. I really can't say much about the plot, it was a standard DT episode: lots of sick jokes, blood, stereotypes, grossness, sex-that-went-WRONG and something for Xandir/Hero fans. Not unique but then, I don't watch DT for it's uniqueness but for all of the things I mentioned above. Perhaps it deserved less points but seeing as this is the first episode of the new series and that it was genuinely funny, I give it over 9 :) Was it FUN?? YES! And that's all that matters.

    I missed those freaks :D
  • As Keegan Michael-Key on "MADtv" would say: "Takin it to a whole 'nother level!" :lol:

    The reason I haven't written a review for this show until now is because when I first signed onto TV. com and read the episode reviews already available for the shows I already watched, the reviews pretty much said the same things that I agreed with for the episodes and I felt as though there wasn't much more I could contribute to elaborate on what was said. Fortunatly, being one of the first people to watch this episode & therefore be the first to have a chance to write info for this show has certain advantages. I'm finally able to express my own point of view on one of these episodes as I know precisely what I want to say about it and it hasn't already been said by someone else! This show continues to push the envelope of controversy out of the doors as this show continually kicks down prohibitive doors nobody even knew existed! I'm not even going to give away some of the stunts seen here since they're so unbelievable, you'd have to see it personally in order to believe it! But this show is great! It just keeps getting riskier and friskier with each passing season & it has no end in sight! This is one show I really love! :D