Drawn Together

Season 1 Episode 3

Gay Bash

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 10, 2004 on Comedy Central
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With some not-so-gentle coaxing from his roommates, Xandir finally comes to terms with his homosexuality. But after awkwardly breaking the news to his girlfriend, and getting dumped as a result, Xandir desperately tries to find a way back in the closet. Meanwhile, after seeing Ling-Ling's incredible sewing abilities, Spanky exploits him as a source of cheap sweatshop labor, hoping to make a fortune selling knockoff sneakers to the NBA.moreless

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  • Xiander comes out & Ling-Ling and Spanky make Sneakers.

    This third episode of the whole series was pretty funny. We find out in this episode that Xiander is gay (which wasn't a surprise). This completes his character development, which is good. It took a while to convince Xiander that he is a homosexual, but after that weird rock beast devoured his hand, it was clear that he is gay. So the gang throw him a Gay Bash, which goes well, until he realizes that the trans-gendered PacMan might've already told his girlfriend that he's out. It turns out PacMan didn't so Xiander calls her & tells her the truth and of course she wasn't happy about it. However, it's okay because he falls in love with a purple genie... until the lamp he was in was stolen by Xiander's arch video game rival. Although, everything ends happily ever after.

    The sub-plot in this episode is about Spanky & Ling-Ling making sneakers to earn some cash. Although, Ling-Ling does all the work while Spanky whips him all the time to get him to keep working. Eventually they make a lot of money which causes the Sneaker making company next door (which is only Asian kids) to strike back due to their loss of money. They get their revenge by all of them transforming into a huge Transformer-like thing. As they're about to roast Spanky, he promises Ling-Ling to give him honor by destroying the thing, in which Ling-Ling does. At the end, they use the kids as sneakers and Spanky gives Ling-Ling his well deserved honor by making him a hat made out of paper, which Ling-Ling appreciates.

    I liked this episode, but not as much as the last. It was pretty funny though and more character development was shown. My favorite character in this episode was pretty hard. At the end it was a toss-up of Xiander, Ling-Ling, Clara & Foxxy or Spanky.

    Some people might find the randomness of this episode pretty stupid, which it kinda was, but it was entertaining and pretty funny.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot though, and hopefully I enjoy the rest of the 33 episodes of this series. Overall, I give this episode an 8.0.moreless
  • Xindir is gay, a lot.

    Yet another hilarious episode, this time all about Xindir’s sexuality and coming out of the closet.

    It was a smart set although it was pretty obvious. Captain also seems to have homosexual attractions. But Xindir didn’t even know he was gay until his roommates told him. When he told his girlfriend that he was gay she broke up with him.

    Xindir had a gay party and all went well but that was until he thought everyone hated him and that he wouldn’t find love. He tried to kill himself but he had 50 lives so that would have taken a lot of time. Eventually he found a genie who could make him into a straight but the genie was gay and they fell inlove, that was until the genie got kidnapped and he changed his attitude from saving his girlfriend into his boyfriend.

    Another funny storyline was Ling Ling who had to make shoes for Spanky, Ling Ling is officially the funniest character of the show, especially the bit where he fought some Chinese kids.

    The show keeps on hoppin’ with hilarious and original stuff, excellent spoofs. Just another great episode.moreless
  • Maybe the best episode of Season 1...

    Besides being hilarious, this episode does give alot of insight to the charaters. It is one of the best written episodes of the series, as it does have a very sort of sad sense to it, as well as humor. And, as with most of the episodes it does have a good principle as well... You can't change who you are, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • Gay Bash!!

    In this episode of Drawn Together "Gay Bash" Xandir comes out of the closet. All the roomates throw Xandir a Gay Bash. The Sub plot to this episode is Spanky makes ling ling his work horse. He makes Ling Ling make name brand shoes. At the end a group of slave labours come to the house and demand that Spanky and Ling Ling stop making Shoes because there taking all there business. They transform into a weird Robot thing and ling ling must fight them. After Ling Ling beats the slaves Spanky gives him a hat of honor! This episode is mainly about Xandir.moreless
  • Xandir Gay (Nothing New There) Apart From He Admits it, Or Realises It. Ling Ling Becomes spanky's Slave (Evil Pig), And Ling Ling Fight A "Chinese Children Giant Tranformer Thingy" And Is Given THE HAT OF HONOR!!! LOLmoreless

    I Love This Episode. I Is A Big Ling Ling Fan. So I Didn't Like That Fact He Became A "Slave" But I LOVE The Battle, It Was Funny When He Wins.

    Y Y
Jess Harnell

Jess Harnell

Bizarro Captain Hero

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Jim Ward


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Chris Edgerly


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Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Xandir's Girlfriend

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The rainbow flags seen during Xandir's gay bash go colorwise from yellow to green, while the real rainbow flags go from red to purple.

    • When Xandir's girlfriend is lowered into the cobra pit, at first sight it is rather shallow, with the cobras sticking their heads out of the rim; but as she is lowered further, the pit is suddenly deeper than before.

    • Look Hard: When Ling-Ling flashbacks to the time he was released and attacks his owner, he fantasizes that the owner was actually Spanky Ham in disguise. When Ling-Ling removes the mask to reveal it's Spanky Ham, the person's neck changes from flesh-colored to Spanky Ham's pink without Ling-Ling removing the mask.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Foxxy: Xandir spent the entire night killing his self.

    • Xandir: Now that I'm gay, I have no purpose. I wish I were dead.

    • Vietnamese Children: Sublimate individuality, for mass consciousness!

    • Xandir: All my life I've had one purpose: to be on a never-ending quest to save my girlfriend. But, now that I'm gay, I have no purpose. I wish I were dead.

    • Clara: So Xandir finally found a new purpose and a new love, and like all fairy tale endings, I'm sure he'll live happily ever after... until God casts him into the fiery pits of Hell, of course. But until then, he'll be happy.
      God: That Clara is such an asshole. I love the gays. Come on. They're adorable. And calling hair gel a product? That's just fancy, that's what that is! (a penis appears) What the...? Hello. You're a funny fella. (sniffs the penis) What's your name? (pokes the penis)

    • Genie: (appears as Groucho Marx) Hey-hey-hey! I'm Groucho Marx! What's the secret word? (turns into Popeye) Now I'm a wacky sailor! (turns into Mrs. Doubtfire) Now I'm a cross-dressing nanny. (turns into Patch Adams) And now I'm a wacko who kills cancer with laughter and a big red nose! (changes back to normal) Jumanji! Nanu nanu!
      Clara: Wow! You're a comic genie-us! (laughs)
      Genie: Tell 'em the rules, man with mustache! Contestants get one wish and one wish only!
      Xandir: Oh! OK. (inhales deeply) I wish... not to be gay.
      Genie: Well then, step right up and... Whatchoo talkin' about, Xandir?
      Xandir: My wish is to no longer be gay so I can have my old life back.
      Genie: That is, without a doubt, the single most offensive wish anyone has ever made! Next to that stupid make-a-wish kit, I mean. C'mon, trip to the circus, really!
      Xandir: W-what? B-b-b-but...
      Genie: Oh, sorry, sweetheart, you can shove that wish up your gay-hating mangina! (disappears)

    • (Lord Slashstab is lowering Xandir's girlfriend into a pit of megacobras)
      Xandir's Girlfriend: Xandir, thank God you called! Evil Lord Slashstab has lowered me into a pit of megacobras!
      Xandir: Sure. Listen. Before we talk about your problems, there's something I have to...
      Xandir's Girlfriend: These snakes are gonna eat me alive!
      Xandir: Shh. Sweetheart, let me get this out. I... I'm gay.
      Xandir's Girlfriend: AAAH! The venom! It burns! What? You're gay?
      Xandir: Mais oui. (chuckles nervously) But don't worry, I'm still on a never-ending quest to save you.
      Xandir's Girlfriend: The hell you are! I do not want to be saved by no limp-wristed, fart-catching, rump-ranging fairy boy, so you can just fly your flesh rocket to chocolate-land, for all I care! Goodbye, Xandir P. Wifflebottom!

    • Clara: (hits Wooldoor with muffin tray) Tell us where the lamp is you lousy, lying, piece of shit!
      Wooldoor: Lamp? (gets hit again) I don't know what your talking about. (gets hit again)
      Clara: Listen, bitch. Tell us where the lamp is and maybe we talk to the D.A. about extenuative circumstances!
      Wooldoor: Guys, guys! Seriously! I don't even know what a lamp is!
      Xandir: Fuck this shit! I'm gonna off this glue-sniffin' cock-sucker right fuckin' now.
      Clara: I've seen him do it, man.
      (Xandir cocks the gun)
      Wooldoor: I'll talk! I'll talk!

    • Ling-Ling: Thank you, Spanky-san, for giving Ling-Ling honor in hat form!

    • Foxxy: Homosexuality is something you born with, like red hair or a dead twin. You can't just wish it away.

    • Xandir (in the bathroom): Leave me alone. I'm taking another gay test...
      Foxxy: Test? The only test in there is a pregnancy test.
      Xandir: Oh, great. Now I have two problems.

    • Xandir: (about to cry) Strong Xandir. Strong Xandir.

    • Clara: The one person who knew where the lamp was was sworn never to reveal it's sacred location. But luckily, I knew his one weakness. (holds up a steaming tray of muffins)
      (Clara beats Wooldoor up with the muffin tray)

    • Captain Hero: Brand-new television... Brand-new television...
      Producer: (over speaker) Cast, we present to you a brand-new...
      Captain Hero: Yes.
      Producer: 36-inch...
      Captain Hero: Yes!
      Producer: Plasma...
      Captain Hero: Boo-ya!
      Producer: Sewing machine!
      Captain Hero: Boo-ya.

    • Elmer Fudd: Shhh, be vewwy, vewwy quiet. I'm gonna welease your thwobbing membuh from its weather pwison.

    • Toot: Of course Xandir's gay, why else wouldn't he be attracted to all this?
      Wooldoor: 'Cause you're fat! And nobody likes fat chicks! Wheee!

    • Foxxy: I used to pretend I wasn't black. I told people I fell into a vat of chocolate pudding.
      Wooldoor: (licking Foxxy's foot) You mean this isn't pudding?
      Foxxy: Did I tell you to stop licking?

    • Xandir: Dare I say it? I, Xandir, am on a never ending quest to save my boyfriend!

    • Xandir: Good-bye, cruel world! (dies and comes back) Good-bye, cruel world! (dies and comes back) Good-bye, cruel world... this could take a while.

    • Lord Slashstab: Hahaha! I will steal this lamp for no particular reason! Hahaha!

    • Toot: (to Xandir) Can't you kill yourself more quietly like Bizarro Captain Hero?
      (a body hanging from a tree blows in the breeze)
      Captain Hero: Uh... yeah. Yeah. Right, Right. Killed himself. Sure. Tragic.

    • Xandir Paccie. Hey. I didn't expect to see you here.
      Pac-Man: (lisping) Oh, I could say the same thing. This is juicy, huh? Does your girlfriend know?
      Xandir: Oh. Uh, listen, Pac-Man, I know your ex and my girlfriend are good friends, but let's keep this between us. I mean, there's no reason that Ms. Pac-Man needs to know I'm gay.
      Pac-Man: (puts on a bow) Oh, sweetie... I think she already knows.
      (Foxxy enters)
      Foxxy: You and Pac-Man, huh? Well, you won't be the first fruit he ate! Go Foxxy! It's your birthday! Not for real real, just for play play!
      Xandir: Foxxy. Don't you understand? That big-mouthed tranny is gonna tell my girlfriend I'm out!

    • Bizarro Captain Hero: Oh. Hello, hello, hello, Captain Hero. I've not seen you since initiation into League of Heroes.
      Captain Hero: Zip it! What happened on Bizarro World, stays on Bizarro World.
      Bizarro Captain Hero: Well, technically, bathroom at bus station not considered Bizarro World.
      (Captain Hero punches him into the distance)

    • Captain Hero: Oh, c'mon! If you're in a bus station, and they sell postcards for Bizarro World, you have to assume you're in Bizarro World, right? I mean, am I crazy?

    • Foxxy: Tell me the first thing you see.
      (Foxxy pulls out a picture of a chicken)
      Xandir: Cock.
      (Foxxy pulls out a picture of Willie Nelson)
      Xandir: Willie.
      (Foxxy pulls out a picture of a Chinese man)
      Xandir: Wang.
      (Foxxy pulls out a picture of Woody Woodpecker)
      Xandir: Woody.
      (Foxxy pulls out the same picture a second time)
      Xandir: Wood.
      (Foxxy pulls out the same picture a third time)
      Xandir: Pecker.
      (Foxxy pulls a picture of a catapult)
      Xandir: Blue-veined custard chucker.
      (Foxxy pulls out a picture of a man with an eyepatch)
      Xandir: One-eyed wiggling Welshman.
      (Foxxy pulls out a picture of a banana wearing a helmet and aiming a gun at a donkey's butt)
      Xandir: Pink-helmeted, milk-shooting, man-banana plunging into the hole of an ass.

    • Spanky: What you need is some good old-fashioned positive reinforcement. You can do this. (starts whipping Ling-Ling) You're special because you're you! There's two I's in Ling-Ling!

    • (doorbell rings, Spanky answers it)
      Asian Kid: Mister, sir, I work at a real sweatshop in the Vietnam. Your cheap sneakers make us lose low-paid jobs. We starving in street.
      Spanky: So, whatchu gonna do about it, Chinese?
      Asian Kid: Please, honorable pig demon, you take gruel from my mouth and mouth of forty-seven brothers and one sister.
      Spanky: Oh, yeah? (makes a face resembling Asian buck-teeth) Well, me no carey! (slams the door)

  • NOTES (11)

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • Pac-Man

      When Pac-Man is at Xandir's Gay Bash" he wears a pink bow and indicates that Ms. Pac-Man already knows. This is used because the only graphical difference between Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man in the original game is that Ms. Pac-Man wears a bow, while Pac-Man does not. This implies that Ms. Pac-Man is actually Pac-Man cross-dressing (which is why Xandir refers to him as a "tranny"

    • Vietnamese Children: Sublimate individuality, for mass consciousness!
      This is mostly likely a play on many tv shows and cartoons that have heros who morph into a larger being with similar (less demeaing) phrase. This may also be an allusion to communism.

    • Spanky: Well, Mr. Asian Gibberish....
      This may be an inside joke. Abbey McBride, Ling-Ling's voice actress, said that Ling-Ling isn't speaking any real language, that it is just gibberish that sounds Asian.

    • Dungeons and Dragons
      Xandir's nemesis, Lord Slashstab, is quite similar to Venger, the antagonist from the animated Dungeons & Dragons TV series.

    • Cosby Kids
      Some of the characters from the old cartoon Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids are seen partying in the background.

    • Snagglepuss & Elmer Fudd
      There have always been references to these two classic cartoon characters as having questionable sexualities. Their faces have been blurred to show their anonymity, as they wouldnt've have wanted to be recognized as guests of a Gay Bash.

    • Famous Quote
      Captain Hero says, "Hey, what happened on Bizarro World, stays on Bizarro World." This is a parody of the famous quote, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

    • The Lion King
      Foxxy says, "Everything the light touches is gay!" When Foxxy Love said that, it was a parody of Disney's Award winning movie, The Lion King.

    • Clara: ... and was reminded of the one true test of a man's sexuality -- the mysterious and deadly Wood Beast.
      An obscure reference to a part in the 80's movie, Flash Gordon.

    • Spanky: We're gonna do great things -- just like Fat Man and Little Boy!
      "Little Boy" was the first nuclear weapon used in warfare. It exploded approximately 1,800 feet over Hiroshima, Japan, on the morning of August 6, 1945, with a force equal to 13,000 tons of TNT. Immediate deaths were between 70,000 to 130,000.

      "Fat Man" was the second nuclear weapon used in warfare. Dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, on August 9, 1945, Fat Man devastated more than two square miles of the city and caused approximately 45,000 immediate deaths.

    • Pterodactyl: It's a living.
      The pterodactyl-powered record player is a reference to TV's first animated sitcom, The Flintstones, where many of the Flintstone's appliances were powered by minature prehistoric animals, some of whom were prone to making wisecracks like this.

    • Genie: Forms
      The genie changes form to many of Robin Williams' famous roles. Also, coincidentally, Robin Williams voiced the Genie in Disney's Aladdin. Even the genie's homosexuality is a link to a Robin Williams film. In the film, The Birdcage, Robin plays a gay man who owns a drag club.