Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 6

Ghostesses in the Slot Machine

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 30, 2005 on Comedy Central
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When the housemates start to notice strange Poltergeist-esque occurrences, Foxxy discovers that the house is haunted by the souls of 1,000 dead Indians. The gang decides to give a piece of their property to the Indians as a gesture of peace, and the Indians build a big Vegas-style casino.moreless

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  • This episode is so cute when they kissed again!^_^ ^_^ ^_^

    Well, I only like the storyline parts, not the rest, but the fighting story line of winning money, that was funny as hell. Expect the ending. Anyway, at the other storyline, it was very cute when the two girls helped each other, but not when they fight for the second time of this episode. The thing is that they kissed again for attention.
  • Another great installment of Drawn together dealing with issues of gambling and stripping.

    I would of gave this episode a perfect score but seeing xandir stripping brought it down for me. This episode was funny and yet full of emotion for clara stripping for her father's love. Where every u turn there was some part that was funny wether it was the stripping or captain Hero taking on the league of superheros with classic names as Ethan Hawkman and Not Dressed for the Weather Woman and others. Then at last the kiss between clara and foxy to win back the king. This show gets funnier and funnier every week hope it continues next weekmoreless
  • It just keeps getting better.

    The Hero/Spanky story was vintage Drawn Together. Both characters were in classic form, Spanky being sleazy and Hero being stupid. They play really well off each other; I'm surprised they don't get paired up more often. It's the other story, though, that's the gem of this episode- Clara trying to win her father's heart through erotic dancing. Yes, it's rather disturbing, but that's the whole point. I'm really glad they realized that Clara was starting to become a one-joke character, and even made a clever joke to that effect. She's much funnier when she's naive and struggling for acceptance as she was in this episode, than when she's uptight and evangelical, as she's been most of this season.

    I think I can honestly say that the torch has been passed. These days I look forward to Drawn Together more than I do South Park. Here's hoping that the show continues to grow and starts to get recognized as the great comedy it is.moreless
  • Very AWESOME (yet disturbingly disgusting) Drawn Together.

    Very AWESOME (yet disturbingly disgusting) Drawn Together. Spooky, crazy stuff starts happening as the housemates find out the house was built on an ancient indiana burial ground (cliched, I know). Trying to make up for the past, Foxxxy and the others give them an insignificant piece of land, which they use to build ... a CASINO, of course!

    Hilariously, Captain Hero and Spanky team up and begin betting .... for Captain Hero to lose in his fights! As everyone else bets for him to win, they bet against them and then purposely get defeated by each crazy opponent (and they are hiarious scenarios, too). Meanwhile, Foxxxy opens up a strip joint and catches the eye of Clara. she reveals that her father had always loved strippers but never her, so now she wants to strip for him (disturbing, but awesome storyline). SHe gets him to her first show (the bird getting swallowed thing was hilarious!).

    Meanwhile, after Hero betrays Spanky, he plans to get a confession out of him on tape (it's HILARIOUS how stupid Captain Hero is, that he couldn't see the tape recorder!!!) Spanky turns him into the League of Heroes, who put him on trial! Hero is outraged, but he decides to take one last "dive" ... before betraying Spanky. Meanwhile, the most disgusting part of the episode happens when Clara dances right in front of her father and gets him to "lust" after her. But he falls just as soon out of "love" with his daughter when Foxxxy takes the stage, and then he starts shoving dollar bills down her g-string! This ignites a war between Clara and Foxxxy, as Clara battles for her father's "affection."

    In the end, Clara wins her father's affections when she and Foxxxy make out on stage in a lesbian love scene. Meanwhile, Captain Hero faces four members of the League of Heroes in the ring as punishment ... but as it turns out, both sides try to take a "dive" and Captain Hero realizes that although white ppl slaughtered the Indians, they still shouldn't let them build casinos.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the beginning when Foxxy is telling her roommates about the Indian Burial Ground it shows the back of some of the roommates including Wooldoor, whose ears are yellow rather than white.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Clara: You have me all wrong. I'm more than just the same joke over, and over. You're thinking of Toot.
      (Toot in a feild eating grass. Wooldoor and Ling-Ling come up and push her on the ground.)
      Toot: Moo.

    • Clara: You're gonna love this.
      Foxxy: (gasps and looks at Clara) You racist motherfucker! (strangles Clara; tree grabs Clara)
      Foxxy: That's right tree, knock that bitch out! (tree knocks Foxxy into pool)

    • Foxxy: Then Foxxy remebered something her mama told her when she was just 14 years old. (cut to the outline of a suburban home)
      Foxxy's Mother: You dress like a stripper, get the hell out of my house! (kicks Foxxy out the door)

    • Ling-Ling: (introducing Foxxy) Ladies and gentlemen! Put your hands together for the lovely and talented, Ashee Simpson!

    • (Clara pushes Foxxy down the stairs)
      Foxxy: God damn it, Clara! If there wasn't a good chance that I was pregnant and that fall didn't get me out of a real jam, I would kick your ass!

    • Foxxy: (to housemates) Get this, our house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. THEY MOVED THE HEADSTONES, BUT THEY DIDN'T MOVE THE BODIES!!! (man behind her with movie popcorn appears again)
      Man: Shhh!

    • Clara: Foxxy, I must speak with you about this dancing you do.
      Foxxy: Yeah, yeah. I know there's probably something in the Bible about "thou shalt not grind thous cootchie into thy neighbor's boner tent."
      Clara: You have me all wrong. I'm more than just the same joke over and over. You're thinking of Toot.

    • Foxxy: (while watching a horror movie in the living room; loudly) Don't go in there! (scream) Aww, I told your dumbass not to go in there! (man with glasses holding movie theater popcorn appears behind Foxxy)
      Man: Shhh!

    • Foxxy: (in confession room, talking about the Poltergeist-esque occurrences) There was some weird s**t goin' on around the house. Chairs was movin, blood was pourin' from the sink, trees was givin' Clara her comeuppance, and then corpses tried swimmin' with the Foxxy. Talk about the blind leadin' the blind. Foxxy needed to solve this mystery.

    • Wooldoor: (in confession room, talking about the "Trading Spaces" challenge) My task was to breath some new life into Toot's living space... the kitchen.
      Toot: (scene cuts to the kitchen where Wooldoor is revealing something under a sheet) A SALAD BAR!!! (throws Wooldoor across the room then pushes him up against the table with a knife to his neck) I swear, I'll f***in' cut you!

    • Xandir: Native Americans are a peaceful people. Just look at how they use every part of the animal.
      (Then the show Native American ghosts playing volleyball with a buffalo head)

    • Clara: Dead Indians?! That's terrible! Uh, what kind? Woo-Woo, or Red Dot?
      Foxxy: Woo-Woo.

    • Clara's Father: (after watching Foxxy and Clara make out on stage) That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I love you both very much.
      Clara: Oh, Father! (hugs him) Father finally said the words I had been longing to hear all these years, "I love you both very much." (camera moves to reveal that he is also hugging Foxxy)

    • Xandir: (while he and Captain Hero are urinating all over Spanky's room) Spanky's just gonna love this redecoration.
      Captain Hero: (looks at Xandir) Dude, that penis is sweet.

  • NOTES (10)

  • ALLUSIONS (15)

    • Rocky
      In the final scene where a bashed up Captain Hero is celebrating with the American Flag drapped over his shoulders and Spanky running up to him in slow motion pays homage to the final victory scene of Rocky.

    • Jeff Hardy Theme
      The music used when Clara first strips is also the theme of WWE superstar Jeff Hardy.

    • Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets
      The tree that beats up Foxxy and Clara is an obvious take on the "Whomping Willow" from the 2nd Harry Potter book.

    • Ashee Simpson
      Ling-Ling announced that Foxxy's stripper name was "Ashee Simpson." This is a play on the name of famous popstar, Ashlee Simpson.

    • Wooldoor: Marmaduke pulls owner on leash!
      In one scene, Wooldoor is selling newspapers and says "Marmaduke pulls owner on leash!" Marmaduke is a long-running newspaper comic strip about a big dog.

    • Ethan Hawkman: Name
      One of the superheroes is named Ethan Hawkman, a combination of Ethan Hawke (the actor) and Hawkman (the DC comics superhero).

    • Character: Bruce Banner/The Hulk
      Spanky let's Bruce Banner/The Hulk do his taxes. The Hulk is a popular Marvel Comics famous character. Bruce Banner is a brilliant scientist who is hit by gamma radiation and, when angry, turns into the super strong (and super stupid) green goliath known as The Hulk.

    • Hero vs. Wade: Name
      One of Captain Hero's "fights" is a court case they dub "Hero vs. Wade." This is an allusion to the real life court battle "Roe vs. Wade" which was a landmark United States Supreme Court case establishing that most laws against abortion violate a constitutional right to privacy, overturning all state laws outlawing or restricting abortion. It is one of the most controversial decisions in Supreme Court history.

    • Captain Hero & Spanky: Appearances
      When Captain Hero and Spanky come down the escalator in suits, they are dressed like Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise in Rain Man. In that movie, Dustin Hoffman played Raymond, an autistic man with a genius-level affinity for math. Tom Cruise's character uses Raymond to win big at blackjack in a casino.

    • Show: Trading Spaces
      After Wooldoor announces that they are going to redecorate each others' personal spaces, they play a segment for about two or three seconds that displays the words "Trading Spaces." This is, of course, in reference to the popular home decorating show of the same name.

    • Characters: Mice
      The mice on Toot's back (shaving it with tiny lawnmowers) are the various mice from the Speedy Gonzales cartoons. The song playing is La Cucaracha which was often played in those shows. More Info

    • Captain Hero: (rips costume)
      When Captain Hero goes to collect his prize money, he rips his costume to reveal a suit and refers to himself in the third person. This is a reference to Superman's mild-mannered secret alias of Clark Kent, who was a reporter for a metropolitan newspaper and hence, wore a suit. Clark/Superman sometimes even tripped over himself when referring to his alter egos just as Captain Hero does. Only difference is that Clark/Superman usually does it the other way around and rips his suit to reveal a costume.

    • Episode: Plot
      The story of the Drawn Together house being built over an Indian burial ground whose tombstones were moved but not the bodies is almost word-for-word with the story behind the movie Poltergeist.

    • Cell: Appearance
      The cell where Captain Hero is being held while on trial by the League of Heroes is identical in style to the cell in which Zod, Ursa, and Non are held on Krypton in Superman (1978).

    • Title: Ghostesses in the Slot Machine
      The title of this episode is taken from "Ghost in the Machine," the title of an album by The Police, as well as a song by Blaze Bayley.