Drawn Together

Season 1 Episode 1

Hot Tub

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 27, 2004 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The episode opens with a brief look at the Drawn Together House, and a short description of the series, saying that "eight different cartoons characters from all over the animated universe will live together in front of a million cameras." It then goes on to name and describe each character: Princess Clara, a musical and bigoted fairy tail princess; Wooldoor Sockbat, a fucking annoying wacky what-cha-ma-call-it; Foxxy Love, a mystery solving musician with a sweet ass; Toot Braunstein, a black and white heart-throb from the twenties (plus she's fat); Ling-Ling, a sociopathic Asian trading card battle monster; Xandir, a totally gay videogame adventurer; Spanky Ham, a crass internet download who farts on retards; and Captain Hero, another person in the house.

Everyone, excepting Foxxy, arrives in the house, and they meet and get along well. Toot quickly develops a crush on Xandir. Upon discovering he has a girlfriend, she becomes very jealous. Later, Spanky and Hero are playing pool while discussing the lack of attractive female housemates. Hero says that he wishes they had a 'hot black chick,' seconds before Foxxy arrives. Amazed at his luck, he next wishes for a '12 year old girl and a donkey, which, to his dismay, does not arrive. Foxxy is instantly greeted by the other housemates. Clara then asks Foxxy to take her bags up to her room, referring to her as 'Servant Girl.' Spanky thinks it's hilarious that Clara assumes that Foxxy is a servant because she is black. Foxxy begins a long rant at Clara, and is only prevented from attacking Clara by Hero. Clara then makes things worse by saying, "Help! Someone! She's attacking me like I'm the English language!" This results in a fight. Afterwards everything became tense and awkward. To help make things better, Foxxy brings a lot of alcohol. Everyone has a great time, excepting Clara. Xandir begins to get annoyed at Toot's constant attention towards him. Toot becomes enraged, and when Xandir's girlfriend calls, she tells her that Xandir told them he had no girlfriend, and that he busy with her. Meanwhile, Clara is upset that everyone is having fun without her, and Spanky tries to console her, and gets her to go apologize. However, her apology ends up being just as racist as before. Finally, one comment ("And father always made us cut up those plastic six-pack holders so they wouldn't get lodged in your people's blowholes.") enlightens Foxxy on what is really going on. Clara didn't mean to be racist; she had just only ever listens to her bigoted father. Foxxy decides to "Open up your [said to Clara] mind, and your mouth." She then kisses her, at first Clara resists, but then they end up making out, much to the enjoyment of Spanky and Hero (Xandir was oddly uninterested).

The next day, Toot informs Xandir about what she did, and Xandir panics. Toot however enjoys being the bitch. She then goes and convinces Clara, who had enjoyed the previous night, that Foxxy actually violated her. Clara becomes upset and calls the producers, asking them to take Foxxy off the show. They then convince Clara that a Tequila brunch would help. That results in everyone getting drunk and an almost identical set of events to the previous day. Clara calls again to inform then that she was violated again. The producers call for a vote of the housemates to see if Foxxy can stay. She goes around trying to get support, but is unable to get any. Xandir leaves to go after his girlfriend. Ling-Ling attempts to battle with Clara, but Clara can't understand him, and somehow she gets the message that her father was bigoted, and she was in the wrong. Clara leaves to stop the vote, and Ling-Ling fights and kills Toot. Xandir returns just in time for the vote. At the vote, Clara defends Foxxy, and gets everyone to vote to keep her. However she ends up showing Foxxy like it's a slave auction and they fight again, but it is quickly ended by the kissing again.
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