Drawn Together

Season 1 Episode 1

Hot Tub

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 27, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Decent Start

    A decent start to this show. It was pretty funny and interesting. Most of the characters in this episode were pretty likable, except Toot, Clara, Spanky Ham & maybe Xandir, but it's only the first episode. Some of the scenes were pretty disgusting, but hilarious as well, like the scene with Clara & Foxxy kissing. Another funny part was when Ling-Ling tried to battle Clara, but failed. However it was funny how he killed Toot instead when she came in the room. Some parts were pretty boring, but hopefully that'll change. Overall it was a decent episode. There are things to work on but maybe it'll get better. I give it a 7.0.
  • The 8 animated housemtes meet for the very first time on Drawn Together.

    The episode that started it all!

    For the first episode, it was all right. The Foxxy/Clara storyline was pretty "meh" for me, but the story about Toot trying to win Xandir over with her outdated charm was pretty funny.

    I could identify the characters I knew I was going to like immediatly!

    Spanky won me over when he called "Dibs on the chair" and then started peeing on the chair in front of everybody.

    Captain Hero won me over when he yelled "SAVE YOURSELVES!" during Toot's earthquake Charlston.

    Wooldoor won me over with his little "Boy in the bubble" bit.

    Toot won me over with the line "Would you just put it in me already! Even if you just need a place to pee!"

    The rest of the cast (Foxxy, Clara, Ling-Ling and Xandir) don't really appeal to me (Although Ling-Ling has his moments).
  • I wish there was a word that meant "Funny perfection." Because thats what this is.

    Keep up the good work artist but I do have some critical things to say; I personally think having no storyline makes a show funny but im one of the few, how about having a fake storyline like having an episode complete derived from one of the characters imagination. I'm not here to give you guys ideas but I do want to help yourselves give each other ideas. Also . . . more killings would be nice, comical killings of course. I would love to see you guys make the Pig get in a fight with a strip of Bacon that would be so funny. Roflmfao.
  • Awesome! This episode has me completely hooked. Shocking. Really!

    When I watched this episode I had NEVER seen anything quite like Drawn Together. This is the first reality TV cartoon. Kinda like big brother.

    I've never seen South Park, I dont like the simpsons, and I have never really watched cartoons directed at adults.

    This epsiode has it all. Its shocking, racist, biggoted, filthy, homophobic, nasty.... I think that covers the basics. I think this episode took a stab at nearly every demographic so if you are even slightly sensitive don't watch it.

    There is a fabulous musical scene with Foxy and Clara that is not to be missed. I nearly fell off my chair, not like anything I'd seen on TV before.
  • The Simpsons is still #1 in my heart, but this show gives me the few things that were (somewhat) missing from The Simpsons: blatant drug use, gratuitious sex and liberal profanity.

    As if you couldn\'t tell from the other reviews, this is NOT a kids cartoon. If you have ever seen \"Adult Swim\" on Cartoon Network, this is a million times worse...err...better. Anyway, My second favorite show used to be MXC, but that got bumped to third as soon as I watched this episode. Clara thinking Foxy was the help was a riot. So much for political correctness. Also, when Toot Braunstein (a totally undisguised rip-off of Betty Boop) tries to impress Xander causing the house to all but collapse, I about lost it. This is raunchy comedy writ large. Be prepared to be offended.
  • Great for a starter

    A least this is a animated comedy that is better and the fact that is on Comedy Central.There are many laughs in this one.There is something about everyone in the show.
    Toot-Thinks she's hot and sexy,
    Spanky Ham-Is the new Cartman,
    Foxxy Love-Also thinks she's hot and sexy,
    Xandir-Is just like Zelda or Link,
    Ling-Ling-Is a send up of Pikachu,
    Princess Clara-Is a goodie good good,
    Wooldoor Sockbat-crazy
    and Captain Hero-Is a send up of Superman
  • Best reality tv show

    A very funny first episode ‘Drawn Together’ is the first animated reality tv show.

    After only one episode you already hate Tooth, she is the evil annoying bitca. Another memorable character is the princes with her racism and hilarious lines, her thing with Foxy was great and they end up making out. This is like an animated show for adults.

    Ling Ling is a Pikachu wannabe, there to destroy them all. Also a hilarious character that speaks Japanese.

    The rest of the characters aren’t that memorable. Though fun, this episode goes deep into making fun of reality and animation. Also it is violent and sexual so it’s not exactly a show for everyone.
    The pilot is mostly introducing the characters, it’s not exactly a classic episode and had a few unfunny stuff but still manages to make an impression.
  • This is what happens when writers and producers go on drugs. I cried of laughter. Love the song!!!!!!!!

    I loved that song Some Black Chicks Tounge. It was beautiful! Ling Ling's theme is also good. I started my grandmother watching this show. Great first episode. This show makes disney look bad. I learned the words to the song with Foxxy and Clara. Anyone who watches this has a sick mind. Why do you think I watch it. The melody to Some Black Chicks Tounge also sounds familiar. Shows great!!!!!!!!!!!
  • See what happens when cartoon characters stop being polite- and start making out in hot tubs!

    My jaw dropped when I first saw this show. I thought South Park had pushed the bar to limit, but this...this leaps over the bar like a world class hurdler. This episode, my personal favourite, is perfect as a pilot as it showcases each individual characters unique style of comedy equally. The premise of Clara thinking that because Foxxy is black she is the servant of the house is pretty genius, plot line, along with the background of Toot coming onto Xandir ("Would you just stick it in me already?!"), and of course Ling-Ling angry at being called the house pet, when all he wants to do is "give children seizures". You have to love it, it's just so good. This is also the only episode that I can stand Spanky in, and for those who know me, that's a pretty big thing.
  • The roommates meet each other in the house for the first time. Princess Clara offends Foxxy by assuming that she\'s a servant girl. Toot asks Xandir to be her boyfriend, but he is already on a quest to save his girlfriend.

    The houseguests arrive and meet one another, with immediate friction resulting not only from Spanky\'s tendency to defecate into and onto everything and everyone, but also from Princess Clara\'s assumption that Foxxy is the household servant. Clara tries to patch things up with Foxxy, but her attempted apology contains so many references to black stereotypes that Foxxy is unable to take her seriously. Foxxy finally concludes that Clara is just a mixed-up white girl who doesn\'t know any better, and decides the time has come to open up Clara\'s eyes- and her mouth- by forcibly French-kissing her in the hot tub.

    Meanwhile, Toot, struggling to retain her faltering self-esteem, tries to seduce Xandir; however, he is more interested in saving his girlfriend, who is forever being kidnapped by evil wizards. Eventually, Toot comes to terms with the fact that she is no longer a sex symbol by adopting the persona of the \"household **** She first tries to cause friction between Xandir and his girlfriend by implying to the girlfriend that she and Xandir are sleeping together. Next, after noticing the state of bliss that Clara is in after her kiss with Foxxy, she tries to revive their feud by telling Clara that Foxxy \"violated\" her.

    Clara declares that she won\'t stand for being treated like that, and angrily complains to the producers. They recommend a tequila brunch to clear the air, but the only result is that the results of the previous night are repeated, only in sped up fashion and with everyone wearing sombreros. Clara demands that the producers fire Foxxy. They decide to put the matter to a vote amongst the housemates as to whether or not to keep Foxxy.

    Ling-Ling comes into the girls\' bedroom to challenge Clara to a battle, but she mistranslates his words, and thinks he is telling her that she should try to live in harmony with Foxxy. Clara agrees with this, and immediately goes downstairs where the vote is being held. (Immediately after this, Toot walks into the bedroom and unwittingly accepts Ling-Ling\'s challenge. He then proceeds to kill her in graphic fashion.) Clara urges the housemates to vote to keep Foxxy, but her endorsements begin to bear an uncomfortably close rememblance to a slave auction. Foxxy attacks her again, but in the middle of fighting, they find themselves making out again.
  • This episode is cute at the middle scene.

    I love this episode! It's funny and cute! I watched it all the time, but not that much, and my mom and dad don't want me to watch this episode, because of the two women kissing.

    Well, I like the ending that they kissed again, and I hope they kiss more. Well, they kissed again in the Casino episode, and they strip and dance to have attention.
  • What's not to like?

    Lesbian makeout sesions, massive amounts of beer, how can you have a problem with this show? An awesome first episode, and one of the best in the series(not because the show is degradeing, but because this one has the hot tub scene). The only people that won't be hooked to the show instantly with this episode are those withoput any sense of humor... or conservatives.
  • The Foxxy keeps it CRUNK! She first was in a girlfight with a racist girl, then cheered the house up with alcohol. Afterthat, she kissed Clara in the lips. Then Foxxy found that she might be voted of the show. And she stay, got in a fight, and kissed agai

    This first episode was CRUNK! because of the Foxxy. She was the main character because she's BLACK!, cause she's BLACK!! Foxxy first went Brooke Valentine on Clara's ass because Clara called her a "servant girl". So, "It's about to be a WHAAAAATT? GIRLFIGHT!!" Then later in the episode, she did some HLA (Hot Lesbian Action) on Clara and had a sing-a-long with it.

    Then Toot told Clara that Foxxy violated her, which made her called the producers and want Foxxy out of the house. Afterthat, Foxxy was pissed and stayed in the "O No You Didn't" motion for a while.

    At the end, Clara had a change of mind and realize she had a racist father. So she wanted Foxxy to stay and had a voting auction on how sexy she looked. Then Foxxy got CRUNK again and attacked Clara, then did some HLA.

    Overall this episode is CRUNK cause of the Foxxy!
  • A forward introduction to an informal show.

    The series premier of Drawn Together comes off the page with crude open characters, the characters still have no depth of personality and voice actors are still breaking into there role of there charactor. The animation for some characters aren't consistant or final compared to the later episodes. I didnt much care for the low brow humour of Spanky ham but i didnt find that his outlandish behavour did ease me into what kind of show it was going to become. The Scene where Foxy love and Princess Clara reconscile with a kiss and the disney allusion takes over the episode was very entertaining since it was so well done to a disney musical. All and all the house mates settle there awkward diffrences and ends by leaving the viewer that everything is going to be ok and there will be more fun to come.
  • that was freiken funny!!!

    he he this episode was funny he he lesbians drawn together always finds a way to make there episodes funny thats why i like this frieken funny show!!!
    man they should give it monday through friday at least because just like south park this show is funny and people like to watch it cause it FREIKEN FUNNY!!!!!
  • Damn Funny

    This is the first episode of Drawn Together. We get to see all the crazy characters interact with each other. The episode revolves around Foxxy Love. Princess Claire calls Foxxy a slave girl and Foxxy gets pissed off. As i can see by this episode the Drawn Together telivison Show has a very funny future. The house mates are insane. From spanky who defficates into a cantalope to Foxxy Love and Princess Claire's Hot Tube moment. This episode is great! The whole show is great. This episode is one of the best of season one of the reality show Drawn Together!
  • Oh this show is great.

    Drawn Together is a great episode. I watched it with three of my friends and we were rolling!!!! This episode was way too crazy and hilarious. Especially Foxxy Love and Princess Clara kissing each other as if they were lesbos. Overall, great episode and the show is great. Cheers to Drawn Together.