Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 3

Little Orphan Hero

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 02, 2005 on Comedy Central
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Captain Hero suffers a bout of depression from the loss of his parents. He copes by going to therapy, but shortly thereafter, he discovers his parents are, in fact, alive. Meanwhile, the other housemates start a suicide hot-line business and learn about responsibility and working together as a team.moreless

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  • Good episode.

    This episode made me laugh a lot more than the last one.

    Character Reviews:

    Captain Hero - A: The best character on the episode. Not only was he funny but we learned a lot more about his past. This was the best of Captain Hero so far.

    Clara: C-: Didn't really play a big role, but her falling out the window was pretty funny.

    Foxxy: B: Definitely was the best female character, but not one of her bests.

    Ling-Ling: F: Had one line. I love Ling-Ling but still...Least favorite :(

    Spanky: C-: Like Clara. Didn't do much.

    Toot: C-: Like most of the others, but her role in the Suicide Hotline was pretty funny.

    Wooldoor: C-: Like almost everyone else in this episode.

    Xandir: C+: Liked how he was in both plots, but there was nothing special about him today.

    However though it was much better than the last episode. it was funnier and the plots were much more interesting, especially Captain Hero's. There were a lot of funny moments which I liked.

    Funny Moments:

    -Captain Hero crying

    -Captain Hero being told that he was the lamest Superhero ever

    -The Suicide Hotline commercial

    -Clara jumping out of the Hospital window.

    -The editing the producer was doing on the housemates, especially Foxxy

    Favorite Line: None

    Overall, a good episode. I enjoyed it. I give it an 8.0.

  • Great episode. It really grew on me.

    To start off, all the little scenes with Captain Hero are pretty good. I especially enjoyed the balloon and ice cream thing where some jerk of a kid blew a whistle so Captain Hero accidentally drops his balloon and his ice cream floats away. You've gotta love the sound of his crying, it's so girlish with the make-up running and everything.

    Now the housemates are deciding what to do for their business, leading up to one of my favorite quotes from Princess Clara: 'I wanted to have a bake-sale, but the stereotypes had other ideas,'

    Then with foxy ratting on the white-flashes, I really enjoyed this scene, she absolutely refuses to take part in a suicide hotline, white-flash, 'Okay let's do it. ...Goddamnit!' white-flash to her naked 'GODDAMNIT!'

    Now we find out more about Captain Hero's mood-swing. Then we get set up for one of those... Let's-make-a-joke-then-bring-it-back-at-the-end scenes.

    Now, the suicide hotline commercial for me is definitely the best scene in the whole episode. Princess Clara suggestively asking if you've ever wanted to pill yourself to death; Then Foxxy; Then we have Toot... In a bikini... Hairy legs, fat, she's got it all, I just couldn't stop laughing.

    Toot, Clara and Spanky abandon the phones when they find a dead bloated frog in the storm drain and start worshipping it. So, Foxxy gets pissed and we get a big swear-bleeped speech in the confessional after she practically encourages a no-arms and legs guy to kill himself, the only word you hear in the entire thing is meatball, great scene.

    Captain Hero's parents arrive and there's a nice scene where Hero 'grows-up' and experiences being a female-teenager. Freaking hilarious, where he's sexually abused by a bunch of guys when he... She? Gets drunk.

    Captain Hero finds out his parents had him aborted, with the sun no less. Because the doctors told his parents that he would be the lamest super hero ever. He decides to prove to them he's not a lame superhero. After a charade with Xandir fails, he destroys Zebulon 'Captain Hero 1! Millions of innocent Zeblonian civilians? ...Oh... Dead... Oopsy-daisy...'

    Foxxy and the others are stopped before pulling the plug by Jeffery the alter-ego of our quadrapaligec who turns out to be a police officer, they simply leave walking over his backup, who also doesn't have arms or legs. It's just like Spanky said, that scene must have been made by a 3rd grader.

    In the end when Captain Hero comforts his parents for their destroyed planet without actually confessing, they stay with him rent-free and we get the second part of the let's-make-a-joke-then-bring-it-back-at-the-end scene.

    Overall I think this was my second favorite episode, tons of good scenes, the only one I didn't enjoy was that whole long scene with Jeffery telling us the name of the special police unit.

  • If comedy central is not careful they could be responsible for every conservative stick in the mud rising up and combining thier powers to try to censor this show.

    Once again the writers prove that either they are geniuses or are seriously deranged. I think it is a little of both. Each week I watch just to see the most disturbing adn usually the funniest bits and parodies they do. This week I can't decide if it was Capt. Hero getting gang raped at a frat party or the "handicapable" jokes about art, matt, and bob. All they needed to complete the cycle was a helen keller joke. The honorable mention does go to the comment by Capt. Hero about how greatful he was to the baby whale for the kind words and how he did not realize how delicious they were. So keep it up guys I don't think I have finished an episode yet with dry eyes.moreless
  • A great episode that, as usual, spoofs many famous television characters like the Muppets.

    "Little Orphan Hero" is a finely written episode that revolves around Captain Hero, a favorite character of mine out of the whole cast. He realizes that, after a mock therapy done by Wooldoor, his parent's aren't dead, and Zebulon, his home planet, wasn't really destroyed. So he phones home (E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial) and soon afterward, his parents arrive in a computer-animated space shuttle.

    Captain Hero's title as the lamest super hero ever is a very agreeable title. He's a sex hound and he does nothing but have sex, but I like him because of that trait. Captain Hero is a great character and has contributed well towards the show, and having to see another episode revolving around him is great!

    But I do admit that making fun of quadruple amputees pushed this episode a little too far. But it's funny nonetheless, and I have to learn that it's only for fun, and it's not indicating anything saying the producers hate quadruple aputees.

    The primary and secondary storylines are really well-written, and I find season two has an excellent flow of random humour a la Family Guy for now.moreless
  • Awesome Drawn Together. Unbelievably awesome once again.

    Awesome Drawn Together. Unbelievably awesome once again. Right off the bat, funny as hell. Plus references to both Five for Fighting (Superman) and Everybody Loves Raymond!

    Captain Hero realizes his home planet wasn't destroyed! That thing with him doing the skit of Batman's parents being shot was hilarious! And the "suicide hotline"?

    Oh man ... all of the housemates, even the males who dressed up as girls, posed as seductive phone *****s!!!

    Oh man ... so f-ing funny ... how Foxxxy starting talking in that black way she does on the phone with the "no legs no arms" suicidal maniac, and how he was reacting was gold! Then they wanted to help her out and Spanky still had on the bikini!

    oh man ... that was hiarious when Captain Hero met his parents! He started "making up for lost time" by sucking his mom's titties, riding and falling down a bike, and crossdressing and having wild sex at a fraternity with a bunch of guys! But then he finds out he was aborted for being the "lamest superhero ever" and was sent towards the sun but landed on the "lamest planet ever," that being Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh man, that was hilarious!!!! Foxxxy and the others tried to cheer the quadrapeligic up with a stupid game!!! Then he wanted to die and they helped him!!! Meanwhile Xandir helps Captain Hero by posing as a villain Two-hands and "attacking" his mother! But CAptain hero forgets he set the whole thing up and rips out his colon and then unmasks him and is reminded and Xandir cusses like f***!!! Then he gets so ****** at his mom he does the unthinkable and uses his powers to really crash Zebulon into the sun, killing millions!

    The ending was great ... that hella-long special units name was awesome! A bunch of no-arm, no-leg cops trying to take down the suicide hotline! Also, CAptain Hero makes good with his parents then strips down and does stuff to them!


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (24)

    • Captain Hero's Mother: Captain Leslie Hero! You thought this would prove you're not a lame superhero?!
      Captain Hero: Mom, don't call me Leslie in front of Two-Hands!
      Captain Hero's Mother: The doctor was right! You are SO lame!
      Captain Hero: I'm not lame!
      Captain Hero's Mother: Yes! Yes you are! (rips his posters off the wall)
      Captain Hero: Please, Mom! Please don't do that! Don't be mean to me!
      Captain Hero's Mother: I'm not being mean to you. You're just to lame to say it!
      Captain Hero: You don't know what I can do, what I'm gonna do and you don't know! You don't know who I'm gonna be! You don't know how good I am! I have good things and you don't know it! Like I'm gonna be somebody, and don't tell me I'm not! (runs off crying)

    • Xandir: Oh, don't worry, girlfriend, I won't tell anyone.
      Captain Hero: I know you won't Xandir, I know you won't.
      (Hero puts poison on a towel and then smothers Xandir with it)

    • Captain Hero: Whose job is it to save a superhero when he's in trouble?

    • Foxxy: I will not be a part of no suicide hotline! Uh uh, no way, no how, no sir.

    • Clara: A suicide hotline! This is gonna be so much fun!

    • Clara: Hey stud, are you longing to swallow... a handful of pills?
      Foxxy: Or do you think about putting a hole... in your head?
      Toot: Then call our sultry suicide hotline! We'll do anything to keep you alive! ANYTHING!

    • Captain Hero's mother: Honey we're pregnant.
      Captain Hero's father: Why do you say "we're pregnant"? I never say "we" only have one testicle.

    • Spanky: (referring to the many quadruple amputees guarding the hospital) This is so stupid. It's like a retarded third grader wrote this.

    • Foxxy: Hi, Captain Hero, ahh!, Oh my God, you got your big boy hair.

    • Clara: (after finding out that Jeff is a cop) I can't go back to jail. I won't go back! (jumps out of the window) AAAHHH!

    • Xandir: If I can light a homeless girl on fire, I can certainly stab you!

    • Clara: My name's Clara, and the animal that best describes my personality is a dove, because they sing and they're white.
      Foxxy: Now it's your turn, Jeff.
      Jeff: My life is an endless hell. I spend all day lying in bed soiling myself while my nurse burns me with cigarettes.
      Jeff: (sighing) A squirrel, I guess.

    • Foxxy: Frog god... idiots. Everyone know that Salamander Jesus is the only true god.

    • Foxxy: I used all my mystery-solving know-how to find that suicidal-no-arms-and-legs-guy!
      (scene cuts to Foxxy in a neighborhood)
      Foxxy: Here, suicidal-no-arms-and-legs-guy! Here, suicidal-no-arms-and-legs-guy!

    • Captain Hero: I needed to phone home, and that's exactly what I would do as soon as I was done playing with my new sex robot. Oh yeah, baby.
      Robot: (in confession room) N-O means N-O. Why doesn't he just remove the chip that makes me feel pain?

    • Captain Hero: He's right. It wasn't my fault. Thank you, unborn baby whale. You were as helpful as you were delicious.

    • Spanky: (in commercial) There's so much to live for! Our hot and horny operators are standing by. Call now!
      Commercial Voice: Results may vary, there may not be much to live for, Toot is fat. Call now!

    • Clara: (in confession room, about the "open a business" challenge) I wanted to have a bake sale, but the stereotypes had other ideas.
      Xandir: Let's open a hair salon!
      Foxxy: We could shine shoes!
      Ling-Ling: I say full-release massage parlor that serves wok-fried puppies!
      Toot: Let's eat potato salad!
      Clara: Finally we all agreed.
      Housemates: A suicide hotline!

    • Foxxy: When I first moved in, I though Toot was a penguin with face cancer.

    • Foxxy: (on phone, reading from clipboard) "Hello, suicide hot-line. My name "line." How can I help you? Remember to sound like you care."
      Guy On Phone: I'm a quadruple amputee. My life is a living hell.
      Foxxy: S**t, you think you got problems? Try living with roommates. Now, if I write my name on a bag of Funions, them ain't yo' Funions! Those Foxxy Funions!
      Guy On Phone: You don't understand me. Nobody understands me! I may as well kill myself right now!

    • Foxxy: (in the confession room) Just when I started to trust those fools. There's only two excuses for walking away from suicidal people in need. I don't see no nuclear holocaust and I don't hear no free coffee mochas in a swap meet parking lot.

    • Foxxy: (to Captain Hero) You mean the planet Zebulon? Zebulon didn't crash into no sun, Captain 'Tardo.
      Captain Hero: What you talkin' about, Foxxy?
      Foxxy: Zebulon is a thriving planet with a booming economy.

    • Clara: A suicide hot-line, this is going to be so much fun.
      Foxxy: No, it ain't, remember how you got bored with them pit bulls you adopted, and then I had to find 'em a new home with them muppet babies?
      (scene cuts to two pit bulls attacking Gonzo and Kermit from the Muppet Babies)
      Foxxy: And I will not be apart of no suicide hot-line. Nun-uh, no way, no how, no sir! (flash) Okay, let's do it. Goddamn it! (flash and now Foxxy is nude) Goddamn it! (runs away, as a startled and happy Spanky Ham stares at the spot she was standing in)

    • Foxxy: Goddamn white producers with their goddamn white flashes! They can edit us, and make us say whatever they want! (flash) My (flash) taint (flash) is (flash) made (flash) out (flash) of (flash) bacon. (flash) Stop it! Now... where was I? Oh, yeah, my taint is 100% pure bacon.

  • NOTES (13)

  • ALLUSIONS (16)

    • Roe-bot vs. Wade: Name
      This is a reference to Roe vs. Wade, a Supreme Court case that made it illegal for states to outlaw abortion.

    • Captain Hero: Story
      Captain Hero's story is similar to that of Superman. Superman was the sole survivor of the planet Krypton when his parents sent him to Earth in a rocket just before the planet exploded.

    • Title: Little Orphan Hero
      The title might be a parody of the old comic strip, Little Orphan Annie.

    • Movie: Boogie Nights
      The scene of Captain Hero yelling at his mother that he is important, while his room is destroyed and his father sits in the distance, helpless to interfere, is directly from the film Boogie Nights.

    • Captain Hero: (shoots self in head)
      When Captain Hero is mocking Batman, he pretends to shoot himself in the head, splattering blood against the wall (which forms the bat-symbol). This could be a reference to the fate of George Reeves, who played Superman in the 1950's Adventures of Superman TV series. Reeves shot himself in the head in 1959.

    • Captain Hero: Whatcha talkin' about, Foxxy?
      "Whatcha talkin' about?" was a catch phrase used by Gary Coleman on the 1970's sitcom Diff'rent Strokes whenever someone told him something surprising -- as in this case Foxxy telling Captain Hero that his planet wasn't destroyed.

    • Characters: Art, Mat, & Bob
      The limbless cops, Art, Mat, and Bob are from an old joke that goes like this: "What do you call a guy with no arms and legs hanging from a wall? Art! What do you call a guy with no arms and legs on the floor? Mat! What do you call a guy with no arms and legs stuck in the ocean? Bob!"

    • Ling-Ling, Spanky, Foxxy, & Clara: (making weird noises)
      Their reaction to the phone ringing is like that of the flying little yipping aliens from Sesame Street.

    • Captain Hero: Reference
      Captain Hero keeps referring to the song, "Superman" by the Canadian band, Five for Fighting.

    • Captain Hero: "I... can't!"
      In this scene, Captain Hero raises his scissor-like hands that resembles that of Edward's hands in the movie Edward Scissorhands.

    • Captain Hero: (rides a bike with Wooldoor in the front basket in a full moon background)
      This is a well-known scene from the movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Captain Hero also uses the movie's famous line "Me phone home."

    • Characters: Batman and Robin
      Batman and Robin make cameos in this episode. Captain Hero was making fun of Batman at a party in his flashback and Batman and Robin were present.

    • Comic: Appearance
      The cover of Hero Comics is drawn to resemble the famous cover of the comic book that introduced Superman.

    • Foxxy: (twirls around with a flash of light)
      Foxxy twirling around with a flash of light exactly matches the stock footage of Lynda Carter used in every episode of the 1970's Wonder Woman series when her character of Diana Prince turned into Wonder Woman.

    • Spanky's Suit: Appearance
      The question mark suit that Spanky Ham wears in the infomercial is a reference to Government Grant Guru Matthew Lesko, who wears a simillar suit to promote his book "Free Money to Pay Your Bills" on late night television.

    • Characters: Gonzo and Kermit
      Gonzo and Kermit from Muppets Babies make cameos in this episode. They are being attacked by vicious pit bulls.