Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 7

Lost in Parking Space (1)

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 15, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • One of the best episodes yet.

    This episode was truly hilarious. I love episodes of Drawn Together and South Park where a simple problem spirals out of control and what you end up with is half hour of some the funniest TV I've seen in years.

    This episodes was just fantastic in every way and even though it's a comedy, I feel myself exited for the next episode waiting to have all the answers revealed. This is one of the episodes that makes me hate Comedy Central even more for canceling it, but at least it left behind some fine examples of comedy behind, such as this very episode.

  • Cometh the Rapture of Lost!

    Probably the best episode of the season so far, although I now have to wait till next week for the conclusion of this episode.... how annoying is that?

    I understand Clara and the rapture thing but what I did not get is why on earth the delivery guy would even come into the place? ahh well the writers have a plan, also what is it with the guy in the shop and Foxy? why do i have to wait to find out what is happening, are those hooded people now the Others so many questions and so long to wait!
  • "Cliff-hanger hanging from a cliff, and that's why it's called a cliff-hanger!" :lol:

    It had to happen sooner or later, Princess Clara has turned over to the dark side and swears her eternity to the prince of all darkness, Satan himself! Meanwhile, the other house-mates get themselves trapped in a compact parking space that's too short for their van to fit in, but Xandir tries it anyways. They get in the spot but unfortunatly, the van is so close to the other cars that there's no way for the housemates to get out of the car. Foxxy goes out of the top of the car to get help, but makes her 1st really potential fatal error in good judgment when she decides to check to see if the mall's got any "Drawn Together" merchandise. They do but unfortunatly, this is the setting for a devious trap planned by a jaded mall store worker who knocks Foxxy out and then ties her up in a chair to do who knows what to her! Meanwhile, Xandir literally crashes as he can't believe that he made a mistake in judgement. Feeling that he's let the other housemates down, Xandir runs away but doesn't get very far as he collapses in the snow. And it looks like things are going to get a whole lot uglier in the Van with Captain Hero, Toot, Wooldoor, and Spanky cold and desparate for a way of staying warm! I know this episode is just a lead in for the next one, but they still could've done more with this cliffhanger episode. If they had, I would've given it a full ten points! But still a decent effort. Enough said, true believers! :D
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