Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 8

Lost in Parking Space (2)

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 04, 2007 on Comedy Central
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When Toot drinks salt water and goes insane while trapped in the van, she tries to convince the other roommates in the van to kill and eat Ling-Ling. Foxxy tries to escape Hot Topic's back room before the manager lets customers torture her. Meanwhile Xandir decides to live like a homeless man.moreless

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  • A classic episode from a show that's been away far too long

    Recently Paramount have been decidedly pessimistic over the future of Drawn Together, yet with the strength of this comedy, with the acerbic and ironic satire of South Park mixed with plenty of slapstick jokes, Drawn Together is definitely giving the t.v. bosses a run for their money. This week's episode concludes the first part which aired almost a year ago. With a fairly hollow (though not unamusing) premise to escape from the mall, the show has ample time to indulge itself. It divides this time into various parodies, The Hostel genre, The Lion King, and the Devil's Advocate style, and the classic Star Wars Empire Strikes back skit; not to mention numerous cartoon allusions from Daria to Robot Chicken. And never ones to shirk controversy manages to take a dig at a wide number of taboos, involving Thalidomide victims, the 'handicapable', plus another anti-Semitic jab from out of the blue. This type of comedy is in great demand, a welcome break from the limits of tired shows like Family Guy or the Simpsons, with its mature warning giving it a much greater scope to cross boundaries which other shows would be canceled for.moreless
  • After 11 month of waiting for Clara and the Satan man, the five roommates, Foxy love in the hot topic and Xandir walking through the snow.....Pure classic!

    Yesterdays episode was totally impressive and way better than any episodes of Family Guy and Robot Chicken. I loved the Fred Flintstone, Daira, Scrappy doo and a care bear pardoies the most of that episode, it was too painful to see those cartoon got excruciate like that and it was soo wrong and good at the same time.

    Xandir part was the funniest of all with the whole thing being the troop leader stuff and that Lion's king parodies was awesome. Princess Clara showing her darker side to save herself into Heaven was not too great with the others, it was a little bit boring to me.

    Good to have DT back along with South Park!moreless
  • Yes!!!! Even after 11 months, this episode Was worth all that wait! :D

    Believe it or not, all shows don't have such an easy time when it comes to making new episodes for their show. Just look at "The Jetsons!" From 1963-1984, it took them 21 years before they finally aired another new episode! There was a time when "Ren and Stimpy" didn't air a new episode from 1996-2002 which was a six year period until they got on the air again. "Dexter's Laboratory" didn't air any new episodes from 1998-2001 which was a three year rate. Even "Family Guy" and "Kim Possible" both experienced a one years wait in time before new episodes of their show began airing. Yet "Drawn Together" is here to show us that just when the censors thought network television was safe, they were wrong! Everything was done wonderfully in this episode! Toot going insane from drinking salt water? Check! Captain Hero accidentaly killing Ling Ling? Check! The surviving castmates eating Ling Ling? Check! Foxxy Love seeing all the other cartoon character getting tortured and worrying about her own fate? Check! Princess Clara going on a topless joyride with 'Satan?' Check! Princess Clara killing 'Lucifer' when she feels that he's grown soft? Check! Xandir running into and living like the hobo's do? Check! Xandir hallucinating and believing he's talking to a lion? Check! The hobo's getting captured and killed by an old woman who really Did turn out to be a polar bear scorpion monster? Check! The surviving cast mates cutting Toot open like a Tauntaun to stay warm? Check! Captain Hero threatening to blow up the gas tank for Wooldoor and Spanky excluding him from Toot's warmth? Check! Princess Clara finding Foxxy Love, freeing her, and then killing the Hot Topic guy? Check, check, check! The Hot Topic guys severed hand setting fire to the mall? Check! Princess Clara and (reluctantly) Foxxy Love abandoning the other characters to a fiery fate? Check, check! All of the castmates (minus Ling Ling) ending up safe together in the end? Check! Xandir getting hit for saying "Drawn Together?" Check and wrap! This show is back! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Hot Topic Manager: What part of "we need to evacuate" do you not understand?!

    • Clara: I haven't seen a bovine with such kind eyes since Mother Teresa died!

    • (A man is standing in front of Daria putting a nail in her eye as Foxxy and the Hot Topic manager walk past. The man in front of Daria moves.)
      Daria: This is men's fault.

    • Foxxy: Are you done?
      Clara: I'm not sure. How do you know when you're done killing something?
      Foxxy: When your man pick you up from the clinic and take you drinking at the club.

    • Xandir: I'm leading us out of this van, like Moses led the Jews out of the desert, to the world's everlasting regret.

    • Xandir: So, like the time Fernando and I went to a diner and ordered a bowl of soup to split, but we didn't feel like crackers, we got a roll!

    • Toot: I know it's against gay policy, but spit it out!

    • Xandir: There is hope. As long as we're together. Drawn-
      Spanky: If you say "Drawn Together", then I swear to Christ I'm going to cave your skull in with a tire iron and eat what drips out!
      Xandir: All right. Fair enough.

    • Wooldoor: We can't all keep dying and then coming back to life the next episode! It's totally illogical!
      Ling-Ling (Who was earlier killed and eaten): Tell me about it!

    • Hot Topic Manager: Do you think Hot Topic can support itself by selling Hello Kitty coin purses and Invader ZIM steering wheel covers? What kind of business model is that?

    • Ling-Ling: Ling-Ling no chicken! All right, fine. Maybe Ling-Ling great great grandfather fuck chicken, but Ling-Ling no judge him.

    • Clara: And so, like a roadie for Cher, I traveled the Earth at Satan's side.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode aired on The Comedy Network in Canada on December 2, 2007.

    • This episode's production code is 308, while part 1 of "Lost in Parking Space" is 306. This is becuase "Lost in Parking Space" was originally supposed to be only one episode. The creators made a bet that they could make the episode into a two parter.

    • In Latin America, this episode aired on August 26, 2007, before the USA.

  • ALLUSIONS (14)

    • Hot Topic
      Foxxy is stuck in this store after going in looking for Drawn Together mechandise.

    • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back:

      Wooldoor cutting Toot open and using her for warmth is a nod to the second Star Wars film.

    • Freaks
      The people splashing in the pond at the Handicapped Sanctuary resemble Zip and Pip, the actresses that played the "Pinheads" in the classic 1932 movie Freaks.

    • Hostel:

      The basement with all the cartoon characters being tortured is an allusion to the movie Hostel, where rich people could torture someone else for money.

    • The A-Team:

      The Drawn Together gang has a building montage where they take existing junk and build what they, complete with A-Team music.

    • Let's Make a Deal
      Let's Make a Deal was a game show originated by Monty Hall in the '60s where contestants would blindly decide which curtain/box to keep. It has had many versions since then.

    • Xandir: Spanky, you gave up on imagination and made The Nothing come.
      Spanky: They look like big, strong hands, don't they? [looks at his rock arms].
      This is a reference to The Neverending Story, where storyland was being eaten away by The Nothing as adults stopped using their imagination. The Rockbiter said Spanky's line in the movie.

    • Pinocchio:

      Captain Hero says to the ventriloquist dummy "I'll make you feel like a real boy."

    • Star Wars
      Clara says "The apprentice has overtaken then master." This is very similar to what Darth Vader says to Obi-Wan when they meet aboard the Death Star.

    • Invader ZIM
      The Hot Topic manager mentioned selling Invader ZIM steering wheel covers. Invader ZIM is a popular series that ran from 2001 to 2002 on Nickelodeon. The show was cancelled and had unaired episodes, however, the show returned and played the remaining episodes in summer 2006 on Nicktoons Network. Hot Topic is known for selling lots of Invader ZIM merchandise.

    • Wooldoor: Has anybody seen that Greek Wedding movie? I'm thinking about whether or not I want to rent it.
      The movie Wooldoor is referring to is the surprise 2003 hit movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which later got made into a short-lived T.V. series called My Big Fat Greek Life.

    • The Lion King
      There are four references to the hit 1994 Disney movie in this episode: The song the hobos sing to Xandir is similar to Hakuna Matata, a song in that movie. The scrolling progression that marked Simba's transformation from cub to adult, has been changed to show Xandir's transformation into a hobo. The lion that appears in Xandir's pee to give him a message about responsibility is similar to when Mufasa appeared to Simba telling him to return to the Pride Lands. The hobo's names were Nathan and Ernie. Those names were the first names of the actors Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella, who played Timon and Pumbaa (who the hobos are supposed to be parodying) in The Lion King movie.

    • The tortured cartoons include: Fred Flinstone, a Care Bear, Scrappy-Doo, Daria, Popeye and Bluto, Hagar the Horrible, and Davey & Goliath.

    • Quieting the baby/Smothering Ling-Ling
      This is in reference to the series finale of M*A*S*H. Hawkeye received psychiatric treatment when he witnessed a mother smother her child to keep it quiet while they were hiding and remembered it as a chicken.