Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 01, 2006 on Comedy Central
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After the house is robbed, Captain Hero decides to get a gun for protection. But things get out of hand when Hero starts hunting with assault weapons. Adorable little Bambi convinces Hero to stop hunting deer with such violent weapons. Hero decides rids the world of all assault weapons, leaving Earth vulnerable to the attacking deer! In the mean time, Foxxy hides her thieving grandson Ray Ray in the walls of the Drawn Together house to hide him from the police. Stuck in the walls, Ray Ray spies on the housemates and ends up falling in love with the fattest woman with the biggest ass. Toot. Can her huge ass save the housemates from the attacking deer?moreless

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  • Not very interesting.

    This episode was just okay overall because the plot seemed so dry overall. Just so very not interesting. Foxxy's plot was the driest. What was that whole joke with Judge Fudge. I thought that was idiotic. The main plot with Hero & Bambi, was just stupid. Seriously Drawn Together has good episodes & bad episode & this was one I couldn't stand. The whole thing with black people liking fat butts was crude & offensive. The only plot that made this got from a 1-7 was when Toot was writing in her diary. Which was the funniest part of it all. A dry episode.moreless
  • The second best episode of DT from season 3, and a lot better than I had expected.

    I was surprised with this episode; but in a good way.

    I was happy that Toot was in the main role, meaning there was never a dull moment in this episode, I also loved the 'Ren & Stimpy' homage (the scene with the close-up of Toot's head), referring to the 'artistic close-ups' frequently seen in R&S.

    I would of assumed this episode was from the great second season, if I had not know otherwise. Definitely an episode to watch.moreless
  • The house gets robbed and hero gets a gun

    When the drawn together house

    gets turned over

    captain hero`s hysteria causes him to get a gun (and makes him think hes been raped?)

    After sitting on the porch for a while he gets bored and shots a squirrel.After painting his face in blood he goes off hunting but quickly finds he needs an machine gun for maximum carnage.

    After purchasing a "Waco" of automatic rifles he muses he`ll have more arms than the wackiest god in all of india.

    After killing every mammal in sight and a AT-AT he arrives back to find bambi crying on his door step about his dead mom.

    Hero comes to his senses and decides to rid the world of all assault rifles.

    Unfortunatley it turns out to be a ploy by the deers to take over the planet and get revenge for thousands of years of hunting .

    Hero centric episodes rule

    he is truley one sick puppy

    his response to bambi gripping the bloodied corpse of his mother is "sucks to be you".

    His first person shooter hunting scene complete with a needler and dinosaurs was fantastically bad taste.

    The b plot was a little silly and pointless.

    But thats what the fast forward button was made for.moreless
  • My favorite episode from Season 3. Captain Hero buys a gun after the house is robbed and he begins to kill all the animals. Meanwhile, Foxxy's grandson Ray Ray, hides in the walls and develops a crush of Toot. Ew!moreless

    Ray Ray, Foxxy's grandson is about to be arrested. Foxxy hides him in the walls. She is arrested for moving the downstairs tvg upstairs. While in the walls, Ray Ray develops a crush on Toot. Meanwhile, Captain Hero buys a gun because the house was robbed. He then devolps a like ness for killing. He uses lots of weapons to kill animals. Bambi, tells Hero he killed his mom, and Hero gets rid of all the weapons on Earth. In the walls, Ray Ray is giving Toot whatever she writes in her diary. She thinks the diary is evil. After Ray Ray "kills" Clara, Toot throws away the diary. Ray Ray then tells her it was him. Meanwhile, Foxxy is in a court house, and is finally found innocent. With all the guns gone, Bambi and his critter friends attack. They go to the house, and attempt to killthe housemates. The housemates run up Toot's giant *** and everyone leaves. Bambi gets mad because he had to kill his mom for nothing.moreless
  • At last we meet Ray Ray!

    Hmm although I did actually really enjoy this, I was a little put off with the black guys and fat chicks joke (being black myself!) but then I looked but and realised actually that is not far off the truth, I look around and see so many of them with some really butt ugly fat girls and wonder why on earth they wanted to do it with them, not the fact that they are fat as there are some lovely fat people out there but ugly! anyway I move on!

    Evil Bambi, now that i loved, jus tthe pure stupidness of it all and gun control, that will never happen anywhere, anytime soon.

    But overall this season is looking better and better.moreless

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