Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 12

Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 01, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • This show has got humor if you want it, and I for one Definitely want it! :idea:

    Just when you think that "Drawn Together" has made a controversy out of everything that is possible to make into a controversy, they throw another curveball at you! I initially thought (oh great! Here's another Captain Hero plot they had to work into an episode!) But in this case, they actually gave Captain Hero some long needed comeuppance! It's no secret that he's a jerk! And believe it or not, it stems from the fact that as a teenaged kid in 1986, he was getting bad advice from his then future adult self and not knowing any better, he listened to it! Unfortunately, because of Captain Hero's intelligence (or rather, lack thereof) he doesn't realize he's playing with fire by messing with the past and his actions nearly cause the young Captain Hero to kill both himself And the future Captain Hero, forcing him to desperately apologize! But at least the young Captain Hero managed to give his future self a lesson in Not being a jerk, and you won't believe how he does it! I mean, Finally! A Captain Hero plot that's actually respectable! And as it turns out, Ling Ling is 21 in mind but only 3 in his body! So he gets sent to live in foster care, with a seemingly ordinary African-American! But even He has a controversial side! The look on Ling Ling's face when he's asked to clean Uncle Benny's behind? Priceless! And the fact that as smart as Foxxy Love is, even she has trouble telling when others want her to stop talking when it's obvious that she's being more boring than smart! This ended up being a good episode, with a good plot and good laughs! Especially the part where Captain Hero told his younger stuff to basically have a dangerous relationship with a garbage disposal! I can actually see him doing that! Enough said, true believers! ;)
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