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  • Jokes Work, Good Concept, Too Much Like South Park

    If it were closer to the reality show concept it would have been a much better show.
  • a stupid waste of animation

    Man. This is the most gory, stupid, flipping, goddamn excuse for "animation". Thank god it was canned!
  • Superb

  • Not for everyone. But still fun!

    Drawn Together is certainly not a show for everyone. But that doesn't make it a bad show. The characters are alright, but certainly funny. Captain Hero and how much of a wimp he is for a superhero. Clara and her clueless spoiled personality. Foxxy and her leadership/sassy attitude. Xander and his gay personality. Spanky and how perverted he is. Woldoor, being my favorite, is zany and mentally unstable. Ling Ling and his innocence. And Toot with her constant fat jokes. This show is not for anyone who is sensitive to Racist or Sexist jokes. This shows animation is alright and the voice actors truly shine in this show. I reccomend this show if you have a darker sense of humor. But if you are very sensitive towards offensive jokes i'd skip this one.
  • Just another adult orientated cartoon :/

    While it's far better than Allen Gregory or Rick and Morty, it still has its fair share of problems. For starters, the characters are forgetful and uninspired; how many times have we seen the "Superman is stupid because he's an alien" joke in the past decade? I don't recall Spanky having a personality, Xandar is a gay stereotype (gee, like I haven't seen that in an adult cartoon before Ling Ling is a Pikachu parody but is highly underused, Wooldoor is a SpongeBob parody but is also underused, and Toot is there to make fat jokes and that's it. Princess Clara is a fuck you to Disney princess; she's stupid, clueless, creepily cheer and naively racist like Ms. Marellah from Everybody Hates Chris (but unlike the later bitch, she gets her components). Then there's Foxy Love, the only character I actually care about; she's sassy, determined and doesn't take shit from anybody. So, with the exception of Foxxy Love, the characters bring this show down big time; that and some of the jokes don't work. Luckily, it's not bad on all fronts; a few jokes manage to get me to smile or giggle at least, the animation is much more professional and the voice actors do a find job with what they were given. Though this show has some things going for it, it's not enough for a high recommendation; I'd say if you want a good animated parody of other cartoons with likable characters, go watch The Amazing World of Gumball. Personally, I'd only watch if Foxxy was the lead.

    Drawn Together is definitely the funnies most outrageous cartoon (or TV show at all!) that have ever been created! As for the many people who say it's just a South Park rip-off, I live for Drawn Together but can't stand watching South Park. It just gets better as my favorite voice actors (Tara Strong, Cree Summer and Abbey DiGregorio) star as a few of the main characters! The musical numbers in (almost) every episode are always hilarious and makes me fall of the chair!! I have the official soundtrack and listens to all of the songs every day! Xandir is my soulmate (and he's hot too!), Toot is my soulmate, Clara, Foxxy, Hero, Wooldoor, Ling Ling and Spanky are all my soulmates!!

    Actually, the only thing I really missed was Daria to be a housemate! (she made a cameo,

    And here's a little something for the guys at CC. You cancelled this show because of the production cost. And as The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! was made with what, like half the budget of a normal episode, please consider making at least another season! I mean, what can you lose? (OK, just got
  • Well done!

    I worship the creator of Drawn Together. Haha! 100% funny cant get any funnier. I realized everyone there is gay/bisexual, its always available in spanish which makes me happier, good job.
  • Toons Get Real

    I'll admit Drawn Together is the kind of cartoon none of the 4 major networks would dare show this on their "family hour".

    It's a parody of those "Reality TV" shows that currently plague the networks, but it featured 8 stereotypical cartoon characters. There's the Disney-esque Princess Clara, the "jivey" 70's cartoon amateur sleuth Foxxy Love, the brain-challenged superhero Captain Hero, Wooldor Sockbat (a nod to Nickelodeon?), Ling-Ling the resident anime creature, Spanky Ham a gross Web cartoon exile, Toot Braunstein a washed-up B&W cartoon idol, and last Xandir P. Whifflebottom an flaming gay video game "hero".

    The series mostly consisted of humor (both bathroom & sexual) that might have been considered by some a touch over the top, but that's what separates this from other animated comedies like South Park & The Simpsons.

    A pity this show never did end on a high note as it would have been interesting to see what happens to them all after the cameras were turned off. One of Comedy Central's most memorable shows.

  • Shockingly Meta Great

    Most ep (07-10) ONLINE
  • Drawn Together

    A show created by Matt Sylverstein and Dave Jesser for Comedy Central, it parodys 8 different pop culture cartoon characters in a house to play several challenges run by the producers, to be honest, it is a very great show with a unique concept, i have enjoyed many jokes and sarcasm regrading world wide situations, i'm just giving this a 7 because i didn't like the fact that is too sexual and Religious, c'mon, i'm not against religion or sex, but the excessive use of these jokes makes me sick.
  • You guys are idiots.

    Look, Drawn Together may not be the greatest show in the world. But it was top notch funny. Comedy Central billed it as the first animated reality show; to different it from Survivor. These cartoon characters are a mock of stock characters of popular culture since the show came in production and airdate in 2004 such as Japanese anime, classic 1930s cartoons, video game characters, superheroes, squatch and stretch, flash toons, 70s series and Disney classics. Here are the direction points and views of the cast:

    Captain Hero - A mock and parody of Superman of frat attitude and dramatic behavior and feelings.

    Princess Clara - A parody of Disney Princesses who has been spoiled and sheltered which may explain her shyness and differences from the real life since she thought Foxxy was her maid.

    Ling Ling - A homicidal parody of Pikachu with his own Japanese-esque dialog that no one understands, but it's subititled. Down right funny and perverted; and young.

    Xandir - A Link spoof with a flamboyant attitute and a quest to save his girlfriend until he realizes he is gay. Yes. He is the butt of gay jokes and finally learned to acknowledge he's gay in later episodes.

    Spanky - Based on many flash webtoons that have grossed out humor. Duh! Hes disgusting. It's who HE IS!

    Wooldoor - Wacky wachamacallit parody of Spongebob and Stimpy with a happy go lucky tone and a sicko humor.

    Foxy - Based on Josie and the Pussycats with a 70s retro rhythm, she wants her freedom and independence as a mystery solving African American girl.

    Toot - A sex symbol in her own era (not realizing that it changed), she wants to have a hot boyfriend and to be loved by her boobs, butt and others. But people dont acknowledge that because she's fat. So, she became the b***h to manipulate others and try to get a boyfriend.

    These comical parodies help make Drawn Together special.

    Aye lad, its our opinion. But dont force it on people; okay. This is what i think.
  • Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man i love Drawn Togeter. My fav. character is Foxxy Love
  • I love Drawn Together

    When writer's make shows, comedies etc...... They know up front they can't please everyone. That being said I have watched a few of these episodes. I started watching this series when I was married. Everyone has their own sense of humor and what will make me laugh will not necessarily make you laugh, and that is fine! I was told if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Then there is a song that the main lyric is, you say it best, when you say nothing at all. I have watched Beavis and Butthead and I am not a fan of always starting fires, however found this show funny as all getgo. Southpark makes the kids run the lives of the adults and has some vulgar sexual content in it as well, I don't agree with this series, however when I watch it, I find some of the episodes funny. Family Guy with a dog having sex with humans is not my cup of tea I find it funny plus the name of the mother in Family Guy is the same as my paternal gma which I love dearly. King of the Hill I watch too and I find that show very funny too as well as American Dad. I don't have to agree with content of a show meaning kids disrespecting adults, starting fires for the hell of it, a dog and an adult woman having sex, or a cartoon character that is an old man that gets his jollies off by the kid characters. Child pedophile is what I would call it and although I would love to have front seats to the day they are put to death if it happened in the real world, I still find humor in the adult animated shows that may use what I hate and would never do as their main lines for humor, doesn't mean I wouldn't watch them or like watching them. If they make me laugh and is not boring I would love it. So keep in mind what will make you laugh may not make me laugh and what I like (as well as other Drawn Together Fans) you don't have to like. That is what makes the world so great we are all different and have our own tastes. I hope they bring Drawn Together back.
  • It is so good It needs a return.

    Never fails to make me laugh! NEEDS TO MAKE SEASON 4!!
  • Favorite Television Cartoon Series

    The difference between Drawn Together and other Adult Cartoon Show's is that it has a diverse amount of characters. To me, It was quite touching : as I watched this since I was 15, and Xandir sent a example to my *** life.

    It was something different and to me it was special. way better than Family Guy or South Park.
  • Holy crap...

    This show truly tries to jump on the bandwagon of crude, and it doesn't work. They end up destroying the childhoods of many people by doing cruder parodies of them (someone said Numbah 5 cursed in one episode?) and while I enjoy a few good parodies, and a little crude humor every once in a while, this show takes crude to the extreme, stomps on it with a boot, then smashes it with a hammer and sends the mutilated body to KND Arctic Prison where it gets interrogated by Numbahs 86 and 1, then beaten up by Brak and Space Ghost. I mean, really, who would want to watch Drawn, especially when they hock a loogie at all the Betty Boop fans by making her fat and annoying?
  • Family guy should be it

    Seriously, the Simpson has mostly been approved by all ages, Family guy pushes the bar with its suggestive content and references but they should have stopped at that. This is no doubt one of the worst animated "comedies" ever. Nothing about this show makes me laugh, and its just a disguisting sicking piece of dog crap. Seriously, quit while your ahead. Because hopefully no one wants to see this. The character are also horrible, and every episode gets worse and worse. theres not much else to say except that it might be the worst animated "comedy" besides American dad and King of the hill
  • Drawn together but not well

    We are no moving to more adult oriented cartoon such as South Park , Family Guys and of course Drawn together.I remember
    when the simpson was considerd a more adultcartoon. Keeping this in mind I watched Drawn Together. I like the idae of the show
    What do has been cartoon do when no one watch them anymore , they go on a Big Brother type show of course.
    We have a rip off of Betty Boop , Superman, Link to name a few.So there almost noway the writer and artist can mess up the
    cartoon. Theres no way thta the writer can throw such a great idea and flush it down the toliet , Right. The answer is sadly
    No.Not only do they flush the show down the toliet it still leaves such a bad stink not even Jerry Springer
    would want to touch it.
    I truely believe that the writers put things it the cartoon not even for shock value but she how much sick and depraved
    things that they can fit into a single show. The 1 hour show is full of sexaul themes , nudity , violence , vulgarity and anything
    sick and perverted the writer can come up with.I think it almost a contest to see what writer can up with the most sick twisted
    joke posible.To make things worse the gags the writers have are just plain unfunny.Unlike South Park which also can be
    vulgar and twisted and makes you want to laugh even it means that you must hide it because you dont want let other
    you find Tom Cruise stuck in the closet funny- you laugh. I didnt laugh at a single joke or gag the writer put in the cartoon.
    Honestly I think the writer wanted to write something like South Park but forgot that if you are be vulgar or do thing that will insult
    people it better be funny. I can find nothing funny about Strawaberry shortcake wiping out a whole race of creature( a refence to
    the Holacost ) or Larry the Cucumber killing people becauase he believe he is doing God will funny.I was insulted
    alright but not by the gags but the fact that the poor demented writer would somehow believe people would find their gags
    or even the show actually funny.
    The plotlines are very unaimagintive and bland.Most of the episodes plot run around a sexaul situration that have been
    played out in other sitcoms just maybe not the extreme they take it to. Most of the other plotlines are not well thought
    out and seems to be siderailed by the jokes the writer have put in the show.If it like the writer get side tracked with the gags
    and than rembers all of a sudden that theres suppose to be a plot and then forget about the plot after a few moments. I
    have seen better written cartoon by college or even high school students. Than again theres a boundry the student
    are not allowed to cross.Maybe the writers are lazy and thats why they rerun the plots with the same gags ( in different forms)
    over and over again but I think it becuse the actully think that they are funny
    The animation is decent but nothing to write home about. Theres nothing wonderfull or unique about the animation. theres nothing
    that would set it apart from the other 100 cartoon that comes falshing through the good ole boob tube
    Anyways we can only hope that the the show will get canceled or even someone grab a a giant earser. Earased Together, now that
    would be something I would be willing to watch!!!!!!

  • This show wants to desperately be like Family Guy or South Park, but comes up short on almost every level

    I don't know what Comedy Central was thinking when they aired this, but they obviously weren't thinking straight at all. Now I will admit, when I first saw promos for this show, I was instantly sucked in and interested to see it. Drawn Together is about a group of cartoons living together under one house. The show was going to be a parody of The Real World and have the characters be funny spoof of other popular characters. So that's all good, but the execution leaves a whole lot to be desired. I think what this show was trying to go for was the pushing the envelope of Fmaily Guy, and the crude and funny humor of South Park, but fails to do either of them greatly. The characters on this show are unfunny parodies and seem rather stereotypical. Captain Hero is a parody of Superman, and is really one of the very few good characters on this show, but can get annoying sometimes. Foxxy Love is the best and always makes the best jokes on this show, but even then she's not enough to save the show. Princess Clara is a spoof on the Disney princesses, but she is so annoying and boring, but thankfully she barely has any episodes about herself. Xandir, a Link parody, is only there for horrible gay jokes that sound awkward. Woodlor is a parody of Spongebob and is the third most annoying character on this show. Ling Ling is obviously a Pikachu parody who was sometimes good, but most of the time was just stupid. Toot, a parody of Betty Boop, is the most annoying of the group though. She is constantly screaming, eating, or cutting herself, and has too many gross close ups of her body. I nearly puked from seeing those close ups every time. Spanky Ham is by far the worst character on this show. He constantly makes poop or fart jokes or does one of those two things in almost every scene he is in. He isn't funny in the least bit. The artwork looks good though. I liked the character and set designs for this show. The animation is smooth and flows nicely in this show. The stories are like parodies of pop cultural shows, but are not that interesting. As for the humor, it's mostly toilet humor with some sex, religion, or gay jokes. I have no problem with those types of humor, but the show relies WAY too much on toilet humor and the rest of the humor comes off awkward and very stupid that did not make me laugh. I was sorely disappointed in this show, and may have been another classic hit on Comedy Central, but fails. If you need to see a show that has crude and other types of comedy in them and parodies that are funny, go see South Park instead and don't waste your time with this show.
  • This show is my favorite show...hooray!

    This show is my favorite show. I'd give it more then a 10 I give it a 1000000000000000000000000!! This show is very funny and has a great mix of cartoon characters. Theres Spanky Ham a crude pig, toot branstien a betty boop character, lingling a cool version of pikachu, captian hero a superhero, xandir a video game warrior, clara a racist princess, foxxy love a sexy mystery solving musician, and Wooldoor Sockbat a wierd watchamacalit. it makes fun of reality shows like big brother and i hate that show. Overall a really awsome show check it out, unless you are easily offended by everything from toilet humor to race to sex to nudity to cussing to violence and steryotypes. But if you have a good sense of humor, it's so worth your time.
  • Well that was a half hour of my life I ain't gettin' back....Did Numbah Five just say the F Word?

    OK I hear about this show from my friends, the internet and commercials and it looked like a blend of different styles of animations. I thought it was an interesting premise I might enjoy to take a look at.

    I thought wrong. I watched the show and now I'm desperately trying to unwatch. People said this was the best animated show on television.... OK, so I guess The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Last Airbender, Futurama, The Looney Tunes, Ed Edd n Eddy, South Park, Foster's home for Imaginary Friends, Justice League Unlimited, KaBlam, and even Spongebob were just figments of my imagination(And that's just America. I'd be here all day if I talked about Japan). The truth is, this has to be one of the worst animated shows I've ever seen. I watched it one night to be amused and perplexed like other shows on the network had left me. Then it started. For one, every single character is over the top, unfunny, loud, obnoxious and frequently disgusting. The storylines are either seriously dumb or overly generic, and the jokes aren't funny. Really really disgusting but not funny.

    You see, shows like South Park and Family Guy are famed to great success because of how they just offend everyone and don't care about the consequences. They don't care about your opinion or views or if you get your feelings hurt. Everyone loved that approach, and they were like the Eminem of television. But with every Eminem comes the D12 (shows of the same nature as the Simpsons and Futurama). These d12 shows are good and use the offending/not caring approach at times, but rely on other original things t keep themselves afloat and provide a toned down but very satisfying take.

    With Eminem and D12, you have the Bizarre of the group, Drawn Together. For those of you that don't know hip hop, d12 is Eminem's crew that he leads and they are all decent rappers with original and similar qualities, such as offending and not caring. However, in the group is an untalented MC known as Bizarre. Bizarre tries to be like Eminem. He goes out of his way to try to make the media see him as edgy and daring, and goes out of his way to try to offend other people so noticeably to the point that no one cares about him. There's no marches to stop his vulgar music from getting to the kids, like there is Shady's, because he sucks so bad they don't care. He tries too hard, and can't even rap to begin with. Imagine Soulja Boy high if you haven't heard him. Now, Drawn Together is the Bizarre or the offensive shows. It tries extremely hard to be noticed and be offensive, and has no actual solid writing or characters to back it up. The result is the poorly written pile of vulgarities that is Drawn Together. It's just a list of grossout jokes and offensive themes strung together with nothing else to the point that it disgusts the viewer severely unless you're some kind of perverted idiot. It's so bad I can't even talk about it without getting mad, and I had to go into an offtopic discussion about rap music, something cool, to keep myself cool. Nonetheless I regret seeing this show. It's like the kid in a classroom trying to be cool doing nasty things to get people top like him. The show is garbage. Worse than garbage, this show is what garbage would consider garbage and should never air on television again.

    Another thing I hate about it is how cocky it is and how the writers think they're geniuses for having a fat Betty Boop. They think they're original, but the only reason no one else came with these ideas is because they had them, then realized how stupid they are and tried hard to forget them. The episode I saw was about... Well I can't really say. The plot is so poorly strung along all I can tell is it was some poorly wriiten Terimnator spoof meant to piss off gay people and supporters of gay rights. They do this while having the male characters naked and exposed, and have them talking nonstop about vaginas...Wow I really wish I didn't watch that.

    Plot- 1
    Script-.........Screw it this show doesn't deserve the rating system just know it sucks. It's nothing but a pathetic cry for acceptance to the world that strives to be cool and edgy without having anything cool and being overly edgy to the point that we stop caring. Waste of my time, please don't watch it!
  • This show has a few funny moments,but the rest is just pathetic toilet humor and predictable jokes

    When i first saw this show it caught my attention.Big Brother/Real World for cartoon character parodies.So i decided to wach it.Big mistake.
    Ok,i like the plot.Its very unique.The animation is also good.Now the bad part.The characters themselves.Captain Hero,a Supermen parody,is a pretty good characters and has his funny moments.But it feels like most of the episodes are involved around him so it gets annoying.Princess Clara,a disney princess parody is boring to death and forgetable.Wooldor,spongebob parody is stupid and very annoying.Xandir,Link parody is compleatly useless and only servers as a butt of the gay jokes.That crudley animated pig guy(i donno what is he suppost to be)is second on my list of most annoying.He farts for like 5 minutes and craps all over the place.Am I suppost to dye laughing cause of that?Ling Ling,pokemon parody is forgetable.Foxxy Love,mistery solving musician is the only character that i like and only one with a great voice acting.Her jokes are funny and clever,unlike other(pig guy,cough cough).The worst character on this show is Toot,Betty Boop parody.Ok,she is god awfull.She acts nothing like Betty Boop.She screams all the time,cuts herself,drinks,eats all the time,doesnt shave or wear a bra and acts like a little brat.She only serves as a butt for fat jokes.And ruines Betty Boops name.1920 sex symbole my ass.And she seems to die every time,but sadly,keeps coming back,each time **** than ever.Ok,now the thing i dislike the most.The humor.Its not very funny.I only laugh 3 times per one episode.Thats not nearly enough.The humor contains of toilet,racial stereotypes,religion,sex and gay jokes.Now,i was never offended by any of the jokes,maybe a little grossed out somethimes,but i only see it as a pathetic atemmpt to make viewers laught.Ofcourse,every person finds different thing funny.But personally things like having a monster for a vagina and random kissing arent really the things that will make me roll on the floor.The jokes are very forced and have bad timing,becoming almost predictable.Just look at the Simpsons.Even children can wach it,and its funny as hell.That exacly prooves that humor isnt just about poo and sex.No offence to fans,but i just dont consider this show very funny
  • Just pathetic.

    This is the worst show I have ever seen. I just don't know how to describe it. It's a black hole where happiness dies slowly and painfully. Okay, so that didn't make any sense, neither does this show. Now, a show doesn't have to make sense to be funny. But here's the key for a comedy show to actually work. It has to be FUNNY. This is just pathetic. There's absolutely nothing good about Drawn Together. And it's just sad, because my all time favorite voiceactress is in it, Tara Strong. Here's Drawn Together in a nutshell. It has poo jokes and you get a whole lot of chicks making out with eachother. That's all it has going for it. Hopefully it'll never, ever come back. Yes, there is a DTV DVD movie thing coming out soon. Do not buy it, for the love of God, it might bring back the show.
  • Out of its mind funny Humorus and disgusting.

    This the funniest show ever that makes fun of cartoon look a likes. Spanky ham is one funny character and played by the funniest man in Comedy Central history Adam Corolla.Raunchy disgusting humor is what seperates this Cartoon from the kid cartoons on Disney and Nick.all of these characters say the most outrageous stuff and i apploud for every single bit of it.I'm pissed that the show was cancelled because the humor because if the gross humor. This is a cartoon for the Adults which makes it even funnier. Cartoons they aren't just for kids anymore.I love this show and i give it a perfect 10.
  • funny ! gigi pie , im far too buisy being delicious!! toot toot toot

    rules!!! funny as hell !! be offended be verry offended! take that south park! i love toot!!! soo cute!! i like captian heros stories!! im far too buisy being delicious!!i like season 2 but the end of season 3 wasnt too good , and that im fat and guys arnt into real women anymore .....what would jesus do apart from seeing waldor drown and say haha those jews kill me!!! really 100 words ive said all ive needed to,
    lalala la baia!! almost there! toot damnit!! (toot eating tv)--i couldnt find the remote! like the nude parts!(boobs ) good uncut swear words ...comon its nearly 3 a.m!
  • It's as good as South Park. And that's not saying much.

    I am no fan of reality television, so a show that parodies the concept of it would sound like something I'd like. Unfortunately Comedy Central fails in trying with a bad animated show that relies on the crass and ignorant just as much as South Park does.

    The characters are not very likable on the show. They all seem to be very one-dimensional, including an video game hero who won't stop suggesting that he's gay, a pig who can't stop thinking about sex and a old-time cartoon lady who just wants to show her boobs to everyone. As much as I like the idea of a airhead princess (i'm no family of this Disney stuff either) it doesn't work here either.

    Also, when you watch the show you begin to think that the stories are mostly done for shock value. Instead of trying to be edgy by challenging standards while making us laugh they are just trying to sicken us. Just like what South Park does. In fact, that's actually the best show that I can compare it too...not just because it's animated and is on the same station, but because it's about the same quality too.
  • Drawn Together is a crude, dry humor show

    Drawn Together is a crude, dry humor show. It's supposed to be like a realty show, but other then the fact that they all live together it's not. I really like this show, but I'm also a fan of dry, stupid humor. The series has ended, sadly, but I do understand why. Most of the jokes are farting, racism, stereotypes, and sex. It's definitely for mature audiences. The writers also like to poke fun at other well loved cartoon shows (ie Disney Princess, Spongebob Square Pants, Superman, etc.) The drawings are kinda crude, depending on the character. But it is funny, despite all it's short falls.
  • I still don't understand why it's cancelled

    I really liked this show, but sadly, Comedy Central is being stupid and not playing Drawn Together. If they do it's rarely.

    I forgot about this show for a while until my friend brought it up at lunch. I looked it up and watched an episode. It's honestly one of those shows that you think is sick, messed up and what not but you just love to watch it. I can't speak for everyone, but that's how I think.

    Once Comedy Central stops being lazy, I hope they show this more often. Even though I think this show is a bit messed up, I thought it really was addicted and funny.
  • it's ok but has no rewatchability.

    Drawn together is about seven parodies of classic characters. Living in the same house like a reality show. The plots usually aren't that good. This show is very vulgar i don't mind it but it gets old. There are gay sex moments and a lot of other weird things in this show. I hate the princess clara character and i don tlike foxy ethier. Woldor is the only good character in this show. There are osme laughs but once you watch and epsidoe once the next time you see it it isnt funny this show relies on shock value. It was cancelled after three seasons. It doesnt bother me that it was.
  • I just don't laugh enough when I watch this show.

    I have repeatedly tried to watch this show, but after seeing an episode of South Park it is just incredibly boring. Any good comedy cartoon has one particular character who stands out for being stupid and/or evil/immoral/drunk. Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, and Eric Cartman are absolutely perfect examples from 3 of the greatest cartoons ever created. Drawn Together not only lacks a memorable buffoon, but lacks any characters that are even remotely memorable. Captain Hero has some pretty funny moments but Foxy, the pig, the annoying yellow guy, the pokemon, Xander, and the annoyingly screechy black & white chick are easily forgettable. This show has been a waste of my time, and I don't want to waste any more time writing about it, but I have a few last parting words: Adam Corolla makes the worst cartoon character voice that I have ever heard. The black & white chick is second on my list. And yes, as a critic I should have looked up both the character and actor names, but as I already said: WASTE OF TIME.
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