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  • I love Drawn Together

    When writer's make shows, comedies etc...... They know up front they can't please everyone. That being said I have watched a few of these episodes. I started watching this series when I was married. Everyone has their own sense of humor and what will make me laugh will not necessarily make you laugh, and that is fine! I was told if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Then there is a song that the main lyric is, you say it best, when you say nothing at all. I have watched Beavis and Butthead and I am not a fan of always starting fires, however found this show funny as all getgo. Southpark makes the kids run the lives of the adults and has some vulgar sexual content in it as well, I don't agree with this series, however when I watch it, I find some of the episodes funny. Family Guy with a dog having sex with humans is not my cup of tea I find it funny plus the name of the mother in Family Guy is the same as my paternal gma which I love dearly. King of the Hill I watch too and I find that show very funny too as well as American Dad. I don't have to agree with content of a show meaning kids disrespecting adults, starting fires for the hell of it, a dog and an adult woman having sex, or a cartoon character that is an old man that gets his jollies off by the kid characters. Child pedophile is what I would call it and although I would love to have front seats to the day they are put to death if it happened in the real world, I still find humor in the adult animated shows that may use what I hate and would never do as their main lines for humor, doesn't mean I wouldn't watch them or like watching them. If they make me laugh and is not boring I would love it. So keep in mind what will make you laugh may not make me laugh and what I like (as well as other Drawn Together Fans) you don't have to like. That is what makes the world so great we are all different and have our own tastes. I hope they bring Drawn Together back.
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