Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 3

Spelling Applebee's

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 19, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Foxxy was a spelling bee champion.

    Was a pretty big step down from the last episode but the orgasms were hilarious. The only plot that seemed interesting was Clara & Hero's plto The car crashes being a fetish, a strange plot. Risky but effective. I couldn't stop laughing. Though Foxxy's plot seemed like a good plot in the beginning but after the Peanuts game show, I lost interest of the plot & it seemed dry. Sorry the only plot was Clara's.I like when all the princesses die. "That's the last time I let Mulan drive!" That was hilarious! A very good plot foreshadowing some love in future.
  • Foxxy Love attends a Spelling Bee competition while Captain Hero falls in love with Princess Clara.

    This was the first episode I ever watch of Drawn Together and I LOVE it! I couldn\'t believe how harsh Princess Clara was towards Captain Hero and he certainly did taught her a lesson about playing with other people\'s feelings and the consequences of car accidents. I\'m glad that Foxxy overcame her fears of words meaning the same thing and winning the Spelling Bee. Love the Popular Media jokes they used in here (the cast from Snoopy, the reference to Rocky and the story about the cajoined twins I think I heard once on the news).

    Princess Clara got what she deserved. No wander why she always wind up as the loser, she IS one.
  • Probably one of the funniest episodes this season.

    This was actually funny from the start, I like the spoof of the movie what was it called (crash??) Clara is a kinky thing really!
    Although Hero did not help, but one thing I have never understood with Hero is is orientation, is he bi, curious what? because the writers seem to have made him more gay than ever before and his storyline is becoming confusing in regards to which way he will swing!

    Foxy's spelling bee was funny, although I could have sworn back in season 1 they made out that she had a tough time spelling etc.. but at least they made it more interesting with the 'Knickers' comment.
  • Moral of today's stories: Don't Ever mess around with the emotions of an insane superhero, & you can't keep a good spelling girl champion down! :idea:

    Finally! An episode that Doesn't portray Captain Hero as either a completely homophobic gay person or bi-sexual at best! Captain Hero finally gets lucky with Princess Clara! But when Captain Hero realizes she doesn't love him, just the pain he's causing people in car crashes, he first ensures Princess Clara will never see another car crash as long as she rejects him, & when Princess Clara refuses his love a second time, Captain Hero reveals he turned the tables on Princess Clara by killing the friends she chose over Captain Hero. Princess Clara realizes she made a huge mistake in the person she chose to dump! Also, because of Foxxy's tendency to not take any racial, ethnic slur non-sense, she made a mistake when instead of 'knickers', she thinks the spelling judge is saying another word entirely which won't be repeated here, where people are sensitive to it! Fortunately, Spanky proves to be a real pal to Foxxy, helping her get her confidence back and taking her stride all the way against the defending opponet of Hadji! Foxxy finally gets over her fears, and finds the courage to spell the word she had long been afraid of spelling! This great episode was only made better by the fact it got Really random in places, & the fact we learn Xandir has something against Tori Spelling as he only keeps saying, "She Knows What She Did!" I can't wait to see "Drawn Together" in it's newer, earlier Wednesday time slot! Enough said, true believers! :D