Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 7

Super Nanny

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Dec 07, 2005 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Foxxy and Spanky are watching T.V and the show "Super Nanny" comes on. Captain Hero sees this and demands to know who this Super Nanny is. Foxxy tells about all the times Captain Hero heard about something being "super". He finds out about a supermarket and blows it up. At a restaurant the waiter ask's "soup or salad" and Captain Hero thinks he said "Super salad" and wrecks up the whole joint. Down in his lair, Captain Hero tries to talk to his computer, but it wont answer him. He also attempts to speak to his two prong outlet. Nothing will answer him about Super Nanny. He devises a plan to get Super Nanny to come to him. He goes to the kitchen and screams for chocolate milk. He tears up the whole kitchen and the other housemates decide to call Super Nanny to deal with him. Meanwhile, Spanky finda a way to bring his dream, watching an asian take a driving test, come to life. Spanky takes Ling Ling to the DMV for a driving test. Naturally, Ling Ling aced the written test. When he got in the car, however. he caused an accident and failed the road test. When Super Nanny arrives, she demands that Captain hero sit on the naughty stool. Captain Hero admits that she is good and after that he rapidly gets sent to the naughty stool. While Ling Ling is in the hospital, Wooldoor creates a way to cure Ling Ling of his "asian vision". Wooldoor uses scotch tape to tape Ling Ling's eyes open. Ling Ling then learns English and aces his driving test and becomes a hero. Meanwhile, Captain Hero realizes that Super Nanny is just trying to help him. He is less grumpy because of Super Nanny. Ling Ling is nominated for an award. As he walks down the red carpet, Godzilla calls Ling Ling a "Twinkie" (white on the inside yellow on the outside). He calls Ling Ling a sellout to the asian culture. Meanwhile, Toot takes and wears Captain Hero's beret and get in an argument with him. Super Nanny then sends Captain Hero to the naughty stool. While he is on the stool, an urgent news bulletin appears on the T.V. The White House is under attack and they're calling for Captain Hero, who is not allowed off the naughty stool. He decides to call Batman, but he is also on the naughty stool. It appears that all the superheros are stuck on their naughty stools. While at the awards, Ling Ling realizes that Godzilla was right and he removes his tape. So do all the other asians. Ling Ling thanks Godzilla. Back in the house, the roommates tell Captain Hero to go to the White House. They discover that the fight was all Toot's fault. She stole Captain Hero's beret. Captain Hero is then allowed to leave the naughty stool. Captain Hero flies to the White House and confronts Super Nanny, who is leading a group of children to take over the U.S.A. Captain Hero angers Super Nanny and she swears at him. Captain Hero makes her to sit on her own naughty school. Super Nanny's troops, no longer in her control, tear her limb by limb while she is still on the naughty stool.