Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 8

Terms of Endearment

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Jan 25, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Captain Hero uses his X-ray vision to spy on the girls in the shower. As a result of doing it too much, Foxxy receives a brain tumor. Afterwards, Captain Hero feels so guilty that he decides to give up his powers, which makes him a quadriplegic in a breath-controlled wheel chair.moreless

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  • This episode was 1 of the best episodes in the season

    This was a great episode it was also the banned episode suposivly in season 1 but was held back for a season 2 schedual this was worth the wait this episode was held back because a few days before this episode aired cris reves died the person that this episode makes fun of and was delayed over a year they also took out the reason for cris reeeves being paralized and added a different scene to this episode but it was still great.moreless
  • Another amazing episode of Drawn Together.

    This episode has the best plot line I've ever seen for this show. And it's not made up, It's about those old racist cartoons that are unacceptable for todays standards. It is a very funny episode, among the great classic episodes of Drawn Together. This is one of the most entertaining DT episodes made making it a classic.
  • Wow! That episode sucks!!!!

    The worst episode in the Drawn Together series. Everybody hates it, because I think they made fun of Chris. Reeve. People are not concerned about this, but making fun of actors and stars will cause the whole show to be cancelled. The only thing I like is the shower scene.
  • Meh

    It wasn't that funny. The only part that really made me laugh was when he opened the door and he shouted ,"Nooooooooo!" when he saw there were stairs to climb, but then they overkilled that joke. It wasn't very good...

    I watched this episode to try to give this show another chance. I want to like it, but I don't think I ever will.

  • This Episode

    This episode was very funny when Xandir had that disguise on and attacking the guard i cracked up but it appeared to me that it also included the horse scene but was cut for obvious reason you can notice from when a horse is neighing during the Double Hemm ending.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The announcer says "Next millenium on Drawn Together". In fact it would be many millenia later.

    • At end of the episode, Captain Hero is able to roll so fast that he spins the Earth backwards. Yet earlier in the episode, when the cast mates were leaving the house to go save Foxxy, he was rolling so slow that Xandir volunteered to push him out of sheer annoyance. There was no way he should've been able to move that fast, especially without his powers.

    • Halfway through the episode, when Captain Hero attempts to roll into the pool to commit suicide, he cannot make it over a small bump. He then tries to roll into the garage to poison himself, but he cannot make it over a fork. However, later in the episode, he manages to roll over a really tall flight of stairs.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Captain Hero: I just realized, I'm an ass man... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Spanky: (crying after Foxxy gets taken away) The horror! The horror! She was my favourite joke ever!

    • Spanky: Foxxy's a minstrel; Captain Hero's in a wheelchair...
      (farting sound)
      Spanky: ...I just crapped myself! It's the holy freakin' trinity!

    • Xandir: That place is more guarded than my father's affections.

    • Clara: You're in a wheelchair now. Society no longer values you.

    • (Orange juice falls into Captain Hero's lap when he is trying to put a straw into it with his mouth)
      Captain Hero: (makes a splattering noise) Now my pants are all wet.
      Clara: But the container didn't even open.
      Captain Hero: I know.

    • Wooldoor: Aw man, that guy needs to see a doctor.
      Spanky: Why? Is red pee bad?

    • Toot: Ugh! Now what's wrong with Little Miss Tumor For Attention?

    • Toot: I thought cancer was called the silent killer.

    • Captain Hero: Sure Clara was pissed and Toot was fat, but screw them. Foxxy was totally into it so I focused all my attention on her.

    • Captain Hero: Aw. Now I can't see her boobies.

    • Wooldoor: Captain Hero never wants to play. He just wants to stare at that poster.

    • Wooldoor: My dear housemates, I'm afraid that Foxxy...does not have a brain tumor.
      (Housemates breath sigh of relief)
      Wooldoor: I too would be relieved, if it didn't happen to be...opposite day!

    • Captain Hero: I guess it goes without saying, I wasn't about to sling some yogurt on an unconscious woman's feet.

    • Captain Hero: Even watching Foxxy ride a mechanical bull became oddly sexual.

    • Captain Hero: So that's why you shaved your pubes to read: Hi Captain Hero, what's up? I bet you like what you see huh? Yeah baby, use that x-ray vision to check me out. That's right. Uh-huh. You can look but you can't touch. Oh yeah, Foxxy likes to tease you but never please you. I know this is off topic, but if you happen to run to the store, can you get me some onions? I'm going to make a salad tonight and the only I'm missing are onions. And maybe some tomatoes, but only if they look good. Otherwise skip it and I'll go to the farmer's market later. Actually, that's what I'll do anyway. Now where were we? Oh yeah. You were checking me out. You're a naughty.......And then I guess you ran out of room.

    • Clara: How dare you look at us naked with your x-ray vision!

    • Princess Clara: You know, at first I was uncomfortable with the idea of showering with another woman, but then the producers forced me!

    • Mexican Mouse: Hey señor, what's your hurry? It's siesta time... I think.

    • Spanky: (showing a drawing of the promotional poster for "Jaws") You know this one! It's a movie! It's about a hideous, remorseless beast!
      Toot: Time's up!
      Spanky: It's Yentl! Yentl! You suck! (crumples the drawing into a ball and throws it at Foxxy's head, waking her up)

    • Captain Hero (referring to Toot): Clara, Foxxy watch out. There's a rhinoceros loose in the bathroom.

    • Princess Clara: Oh my God, it's M****y Mouse.
      Captain Hero: I knew you would be behind this, Mickey M****.

    • Captain Hero: Turn on the TV, gay friend!
      (Xandir turns on the TV and sees the exact same sceen)
      Captain Hero (On TV):T urn on the TV, gay friend!
      Princess Clara (Not on TV): I like this show.

    • Foxxy: Hizzle Medizzle Captain Hizzizzle!
      Captain Hero: I'm sorry Foxxy, I don't speak blackanese.
      Foxxy: No you izzizzle! I think I'm hizzizzle a stroke! Call nine one wizzle!

    • Jewish Stereotype: Oy! I'll sue you for every penny and then.. I'll invest it wisely.

    • Toot: While you sat there watching us naked, did you ever for one second, considered me attracive?
      Hero: Oh sure there's an atrraction. You have a certain, what's the word, gravitational pull.
      Toot: Ha ha! Very funny!
      (As Toot walks off Ling Ling gets stuck in orbit around her)

  • NOTES (11)

    • On the season 2 DVD this episode includes commentary on the episode and commentary on the commentary.

    • Every one of the negative stereotype cartoons featured in the episode is based off an actual cartoon shown at some point in time.

    • Captain Hero (every time something bad or unexpected happens): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

      Captain Hero's screams of frustration are a a reference to Superman's reaction to Lois's death near the end of the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie, when he shouts loudly and then turns back time to bring her back, as Captain Hero also does to a more extreme degree. It's also a parody of Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode III, when Vader finds out that he killed Padme.

    • Captain Hero giving Foxxy a tumor is possibly an allusion to the substory in Alan Moore's classic graphic novel The Watchmen, wherein Dr. Manhattan (the only super-powered being in The Watchmen) is shamed into self-exile after he is accused of causing cancer in those around him.

    • The producers of Drawn Together couldn't get the rights to Mickey Mouse from Disney, so they had to censor his name when somebody said it, also, they didn't show his face, only his trademark ears, and gloves, so that the views could tell it was Mickey, even without seeing his face.

    • Xandir mentioned the radiation on level "Gimmel". Gimmel (ג)is the third letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

    • Supposedly, Captain Hero was supposed to give up his powers from falling off a horse, but it was changed to going somewhere in a polar region.

    • Apparently toons can be destroyed by simply erasing them in the Drawn Together universe.

    • This episode was supossed to air during season one.

    • This episode revolves around Captain Hero & Foxy Love.

    • Initially, this episode was unaired due to the fact that it made fun of Christopher Reeve, and he died shortly before the episode was meant to air.


    • Superman/Christopher Reeve
      Captain Hero in a wheel chair is very similar to the condition that Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in the Superman movies, had before he died. At the end of the episode Captain Hero erases Foxxy and he tries to turn back time by going in circles around the Earth in his wheelchair. This happens in of the Superman movies.

    • Opposite Day
      When Wooldoor mentions that it is opposite day, it is significant of a certain SpongeBob SquarePants episode called "Nature Pants/Opposite Day." Especially because Wooldoor is said to be based on SpongeBob.

    • Alien Resurrection: Foxxy's clone's face saying "kill me" is an allusion to the movie Alien Resurrection, in which Sigourney Weaver's clone said the same, after which Sigourney torched it with a flamethrower.

    • Concentration Camps
      The cartoon erasement camp is a parody of the Nazi concentration camps which were used to exterminate Jews during the Holocaust in World War II.

    • Soda/Pop Rocks Combination
      In the episode's opening sequence, Wooldoor explodes by eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda. This is a reference to an urban legend that consuming Pop Rocks and soda at the same time will make the stomach explode and cause death; this rumor has traditionally been attached to the actor who played Little Mikey in the Life cereal commercials. In actuality, the combination is not harmful in the least, and John Gilchrist, who played Mikey, is alive and well.

    • Fortress Of Solitude
      Captain Hero's Pillowfort of Solitude is an obvious spoof of Superman's most famous headquarters, The Fortress of Solitude, a gigantic fortress made entirely of alien crystals located in the Arctic.

    • Mickey Mouse: Until it's the happiest place on Earth.
      This is an obvious reference to Disneyland's slogan "The happiest place on Earth."

    • Star Wars
      When Mickey Mouse is in the pod and the machine screws on his hat and ears, it is a reference to Darth Vader in Star Wars.