Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 12

The Lemon-AIDS Walk

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 22, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • With South Park of course still on the off-season, Drawn Together continues its season tonight with another great episode.

    Episode #19 - The Lemon-AIDS Walk - 2/22/06

    With South Park of course still on the off-season, Drawn Together continues its season tonight with another great episode.

    As the housemates play a game of badminton with another group of assorted ripped-off cartoon characters, the gang finds out that Captain Hero ... sucks at sports! In fact, athletics happens to be his "kryptonite."

    In order to redeem himself, Hero realizes that he must join in on the AIDS research charity walk. Of course, as he tries to train for the big marathon, he realizes he ... totally sucks at walking in general. So he ends up turning to .. steroids! Hero then becomes addicted and ends up stealing money from the rest of the housemates (his "sponsors") to bulk up more and more!

    After Foxxy finds out she stages an intervention with the others to try to help him, but Hero murders all of them (of course, it's Drawn Together, so they don't stay dead forever). Captain Hero hooks up with Popeye, who trains him and supplies him with more steroids. Hero ends up forgetting why he started bulking up in the first place ... until Popeye dies and he finds out that he had contracted the AIDS virus from sharing steroid needles.

    Promising to "win" the "race" clean, Hero participates in the AIDS walk and ends up killing everyone else involved in some horrible fashion ... before anyone finishes 1 lap! Although he thinks he "wins" the race, Hero makes it so that they don't raise jack squat for the cause!

    Meanwhile, Spanky tries to corrupt Wooldoor by getting him to smoke and do illegal things - like steal candy from a department store (when the security guard was standing right next to him). Wooldoor ends up spending some time in jail and after he returns, he finds out that Spanky has taken his place in Wooldoor and Claras' Lemonade Stand! Traumatized, Wooldoor decides the only thing he can do ... is go back to the mall and keep stealing candy.

    Clara discovers his disturbing plan to continue the vicious cycle of stealing and getting caught and tries to stop him. As Wooldoor runs all around the mall away from the cops, Clara tells him that this time she'll wait for him no matter how long he's gone ... after he's taken away by the cops, he's back out in just 15 minutes ... only to find that Clara left 10 minutes ago.

    The show ends with a short cartoon featuring Judge Fudge.