Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 12

The Lemon-AIDS Walk

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 22, 2006 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • After Captain Hero starts walking and killing everyone, he chops a telephone pole and it crushes and electrocutes people. Among those people was the AIDS walk announcer. She gets crushed and electrocuted, but minutes later, she is yelling at Captain Hero, completely unharmed.

    • When Spanky gives Wooldoor a cigarette, Wooldoor puts the lit end of the cigarette in his mouth.

  • Quotes

    • (Wooldoor is running from the security guards)
      Clara:(In a vent) Psst. Wooldoor, up here. We can escape through this vent.
      Wooldoor: No! I don't want your help.
      Clara: Oh, Wooldoor, I'm sorry I didn't wait for you. You deserved better.
      Wooldoor: Oh, Clara. That's all I ever wanted to hear. (security guards run around the corner and tackle Wooldoor) Go home Clara, forget about me, like you've forgotten the social advances of the past fourty years.
      Clara: No Wooldoor. I promise I'll wait this time. No matter how long it takes. I will wait!
      Security Guard: Really? You know it's gonna be like 20, 25 minutes.
      Clara: I don't care if it's 28 minutes. I'll be right here.
      Wooldoor: Oh, Clara.
      (15 Minutes Later)
      Wooldoor: Clara! They let me out early for good behavior. Clara?
      Security Guard: Sorry dude. She took off like 10 minutes ago.
      Wooldoor: Ahhhh! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    • Clara: I think you've had enough lemonade, mister.

    • Popeye: It's times ya knew. I've contracted the deadly AIDS virus from sharing steroid needles.
      (displays hand covered with bloody needles)
      Captain Hero: AIDS? How come I've never heard of this "AIDS"? They should have a walk or something to raise awareness.

    • Spanky: Hey, Wooldoor. Jump on. Let's do something cool.
      Wooldoor: I can't, Spanky. It's Sunday. You know, my special day to make lemonade with my bestest friend, Clara.
      Spanky: Well, unless you're making lemonade on Clara, that's nothing special.

    • Spanky: All right, team. Let's make these guys eat shuttlecock.

    • Xandir: Oh, I'm so proud of you, Hero. You're like the son the courts will never allow me to have.

    • Clara: (in the confession room) I never should've betrayed my dear friend Wooldoor. I went to his room to apologize, but what I saw there shocked me.
      Toot: (using the toilet while eating a burger) Goddammit, I'm busy! But you can use the sink if you wanna.
      Clara: Ew!
      Clara: (in the confession room) After taking a grunt in the sink, I went to Wooldoor's room. But what I saw there shocked me.
      (sees badly drawn pictures depicting Wooldoor's robbery plan)
      Clara: Oh my gosh. Wooldoor's going to steal again. I must stop him before he flushes his life down the sink!

    • Captain Hero: (referring to Toot) Shrek 2 was right. What kind of man is bad at doing sports games?

    • Spanky: (to Hero) Dude, your the worst athlete I've ever seen, and I've been to like every Special Olympics game. There's this one guy, who's basically just a head on a spring, and he's way better than you!

    • Transformer: Proceed to main title sequence.

    • Foxxy: (loudly) Oh you must be here to see Captain Hero, 'cause you are a twelve-year-old girl and a donkey.
      Captain Hero: (runs into the living room) Really? Matthew Brodrick and Sara Jessica Parker are here? Hey, what gives?

    • Popeye: Oh, I'm weaks at the finish
      'Cause AIDS beats out spinach.
      I'm Popeye the dyin' man
      Of AIDS.

    • Wooldoor: Hey, uh, boss, can I go to the potty? Please?
      Foxxy: How many times do I got to tell you? You don't have to ask me. Maybe an hour in the hole will teach you!
      (grabs Wooldoor and throws him in a hole in the floor covered by a piece of tin)

    • Foxxy: Captain Hero, you're the second to the last person I never thought I'd see again.
      (cut to confessional room)
      Foxxy: Oh, little Timmy. Mommy misses you.

    • Captain Hero: Out of the way subplot! Main story coming through!

    • Wooldoor is sitting on the edge of the street holding a lemonade cup. Lois and Peter Griffin from Family Guy walk past. Peter tosses a coin in Wooldoor's cup.

      Lois: Why'd you give him money? You know he'll just spend it on lemonade.

  • Notes

    • The badminton game didn't seem fair, since the original cast was made of only six characters.

    • Look hard: Captain Hero steals a jar in Foxxy's room crudely labeled "abortion money". This is more than likely the place where Foxxy keeps the money she saves up for all the abortions she's hinted towards in past episodes.

    • Look hard: After Spanky starts working at the lemonade stand, the price of lemonade goes up 2 cents. At the beginning it was 5 cents, but later the sign was changed to say 7 cents.

    • Captain Hero finally got his wish of having a twelve year-old girl and a donkey in the house. He wished for this back in "Hot Tub".

    • The scene where Wooldoor is released and talking about life after the security hold is almost an exact copy of the scene from Shawshank Redemption when Brooks is freed. This is the second time Wooldoor has been cast as a parody of Brooks.

  • Allusions

    • Ren & Stimpy
      In the beginning during the badmitton game, there is a match between the current Drawn Together cast vs. the old Drawn Together and the old cast features a parody of the character Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy.

    • Prison Break: When Foxxy enters Wooldoors room, there are a lot of schemes sticking to the wall. Wooldoor seems to have planned being put back to jail very sophistically. Michael Scofield, the main character of Prison Break, had also a very sophisticated plan to free his brother, which he also had put together on the wall.

    • Steroids in the MLB
      When Captain Hero went to the Baseball game to play baseball is a resemblance to Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Jason Giambi who took steroids to win baseball games.

    • Shawshank Redemption: The scene when Wooldoor discusses his life after prison is a parody of what Brooks does in the 1994 film.

    • Cherry Falls
      At the end of the scene where Wooldoor steals the candy first time, the security guard kills the hostage and we see blood run down the waterfall; this is a reference to the end of the film Cherry Falls.

    • Super heroes
      Spider-Man, The Thing, and Hercules (among others) can be seen in the house Captain Hero goes after leaving the Drawn Together house.

    • Popeye
      Before Popeye dies, he sings: "I'm weak at the finish 'cause AIDS beats out spinach, I'm Popeye the dying man, "of AIDS". This is a parody of his theme song, "I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats my spinach, I'm Popeye the sailor man!

    • GNP (Guy's Nutrition Place): Parody of GNC (General Nutrition Center), a nutrition/supplement store

    • Short sequences: The sequences where Captain Hero shoots the steroids, it goes through his bloodstream, his eye dilates, he gets more acne, and his penis shrinks. This is a parody of the film, Requiem for a Dream.

    • Captain Hero: I was becoming more powerful than I ever imagined. Soon Popeye and I would be powerful enough to rule the entire galaxy as father and son. Which, unless I'm completed misguided, is the reason why I started taking steroids in the first place.

      This line sounds quite similar to the line Darth Vadar used to try to convince Luke Skywalker to join him on the Dark Side in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

    • Both Blue Stimpy, a parody of the red Stimpy of Ren and Stimpy and Lois Griffin from Family Guy are voiced by their original voice actors, Billy West and Alex Borstein.

    • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law : The Mall security cop is drawn to resemble the Court Bailiff on this Cartoon Network Adult Swim show.

    • The Fugitive: The scene with Wooldoor on the waterfall parodies the famous scene in the movie version of The Fugitive between Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones.

    • Popeye
      This episode features Popeye and his wife in it. Popeye's head is also shown in the sky which is a reference to the opening credits of the 1960's Popeye cartoons made for TV.

    • Shaft and Charlie's Angles: The opening credits for "Judge Fudge" is a parody of the Shaft theme and Charlie's Angles TV opening credits.

    • Captain Hero: If I could walk that way, I wouldn't need steriods.

      Parody of the punchline to an old joke, "If I could walk that way, I wouldn't need talcum powder" (hence the off-camera person booing)

    • Captain Hero: Shrek 2 was right.

      Captain Hero calls Toot the name of the computer animated Dreamworks film, Shrek 2.

    • The Hamburger Helper glove, a Transformer, Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy, a political cartoon drawing, Thomas the Tank Engine, and the creature from Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are are in the badmitton match with the cast.

    • Mall Cop: "We got a RU486 in progress."

      The code for Wooldoor's second crime has the same name as the abortion pill.

    • Wooldoor is wearing a hat and grinding the lemons like the famous fast food stand Hot Dog on a Stick.

    • Although their faces are not shown, Lois and Peter Griffin from Family Guy can be seen walking by Wooldoor when he's sitting on the curb holding one of the lemonade cups. Peter drops a coin into his cup, while Lois advises him that he'll just spend on more lemonade. She was voiced by Alex Borstein, who does her usual voice in Family Guy.