Drawn Together

Season 1 Episode 7

The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (1)

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Dec 15, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Odd, I thought they'd make something REALLY funny to end the season.

    Honestly, how the hell can such a bloody good show end with such a bloody bad episode?

    Okay, I didn't find it all bad, but there was definitely room for improvement. The idea of ripping off The Apprentice was good, although I think Xandir should have been on the girl's team :P.

    I laughed through it, just not as much as I normally do through an episode of this. Seeing I'm in Australia, I'll have to wait, say, a year until it comes back onto SBS.

    I've heard something about everyone dies at one point or another, a gay marraige and a new housemate, but I'll just wait and see instea of skipping ahead of everyone else.