Drawn Together

Season 1 Episode 7

The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (1)

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Dec 15, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Amazing season ending.

    "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist" is such a great episode of Drawn Together. It has elements of randomness, stupidity, insightful comedy, and just hilarity all thrown in with each other.

    The main plot of this episode is the fact that since the housemates are going insane (as if they weren't insane before), the Jew producers continue to give them twists. The big one is that there is a parody of "The Apprentice." Every one of the tasks but the air traffic one was hilarious. Bucky having an orgasm while saying, "You're fired," is hilarious. In the end, we find out that Bucky was the Jew producer in disguise.

    Meanwhile, a funnier plot emerges. Toot decides to blow up the house, but noöne will go along with her plan. However, as each housemate is successfully eliminated from "The Apprentice," they align with Toot, and in random and stupid scenes within the Diary Room, they go along and "plan" to blow up the house. Toot's monologues are über-stupid and funny in there. Also, the housemates dancing and playing with guns is great. "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist" is perfect.