Drawn Together

Season 1 Episode 7

The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (1)

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Dec 15, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Awesome Season Finale!!!

    This season finale episode of Season 1 was pretty funny and decent, but I thought it'd be better. This episode's about how life for everyone in front of the cameras is becoming annoying. It leads to a Mexican Standoff, which is caused by Captain Hero and Toot. Foxxy then calls a house meeting and Toot is annoyed how there's no reward on the show. Toot talks to the producer and he punishes all of them for making him talk to Toot. He locks them in the house. To try to not stay locked in, Foxxy makes everyone sit until they get what they want. After 2-2 1/2 annoying dragged out minutes, he listens and the house is free. Also, he listens to them about the reward thing. Then, a short parody version of Donald Trump (named Bucky Bucks) creates an "Apprentice" type of show for them. The winner would work for Bucky. During this however, Toot plans to destroy the home. The 8 are split into two groups, guys and girls. The guys lose the first challenge and Wooldoor is fired first for being the least likely to cause conflict or sleep with anyone on the show. As each person is eliminated, they join Toot on her plan to destroy the house. During the second challenge, Ling-Ling is hurt very badly and is automatically out. The guys once again lose and Xandir is fired for Bucky blaming him for costing his team. The next challenge involves invisiblity and before the challenge is even told, Clara tells the girls that "she's got this" and puts on an invisibility ring, which makes Bucky thing she's late and fires her. The next challenge ends with another terrible loss for the guys, which causes Bucky to fire both Spanky and Captain Hero. So it's down to Foxxy and Toot, and the last challenge is a wrestling match filled with Jell-O. The 6 eliminated characters root for Toot so they can blow up the house. Toot at one point in the fight gets so big, but still ends up losing. Foxxy wins, but finds out that she's been tricked. Bucky Bucks.. is actually.. the Jew Producer of the show! *Gasp* Foxxy is so mad and then realizes that Toot was right, so they all decide to blow up the house. They get on an helicopter and Wooldoor decides to fly it. The producer tries to stop them by shooting a missle, which makes them crash into the house. They successfully destroy the house, but the producer rides on another missle which is coming straight at them and hits them. As Wooldoor makes a last funny confession to the camera, the gang crashes somewhere into a forest (Well, it looked like one) and a "To Be Continued..." sign is shown, which makes this a Part 1 episode.

    This episode had its moments. There were some pretty funny jokes and some great scenes. The Mexican Standoff was pretty hilarious and I loved Wooldoor's last confession to the camera. "While we spun out of control unto our certain deaths, I wonder what will become of us all. Will we ever return to the Drawn Together house? Will there be an entirely new cast? Will this be the last question I'll ever asked? When will the reunion special air? The most important thing was that we were together. Drawn Together."

    However, I HATED the dragged out 2 minute sitting and blinking scene. It was annoying!!! That should've lasted at MOST 10 seconds, not 2 minutes. I liked the orgasm that Bucky had before he'd fire someone. It was funnier every orgasm. My favorite character was Foxxy, who was also my favorite this season. "Momma didn't raise no fool, and papa didn't raise me at all!" Quotes like that are too funny. I didn't have a least favorite character again, which also made me not have one for the season. Everyone's humor was spot on. Toot's "Duhhh" was pretty damn funny.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. It wasn't the best episode of this Season for me though, but it was great. Loved the plot, humor and twists, and I can't wait to watch Part 2! I give it a 9.0.
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