Drawn Together

Season 1 Episode 7

The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (1)

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Dec 15, 2004 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • During the Mexican Standoff, Clara points her gun at Toot, Xandir and Spanky at Clara, and Wooldoor at everyone. However, once Foxxy starts her voiceover, everyone is pointing at Wooldoor.

    • When a blinking sound is heard a bit before the commercial, no one's eyes blinked.

    • All of a sudden, the Jello wrestling match goes from Round 5 to Round 3.

    • After the house was blown up, the cast was still speaking to the camera in the confessional, which is supposedly part of the house.

  • Quotes

    • Announcer: Now that we've returned, these eight housemates will learn that like the nipples of a Japanese businessman in an S&M club, the twisting has just begun, as we reveal another major twist!

    • Bucky Bucks: Well guys, someone is getting...fired. (the guys team got nervous) Wooldoor Sockbat.
      Wooldoor: Uh-oh.
      Bucky Bucks: Since your the least likely to cause conflict or have sex with anyone...ever! You're...(grunts and splat) fired. (Wooldoor starts crying and walked away)

    • Toot: It's just like we're a bunch of monkeys dancing in front of the cameras, and what do we get in return? Nothing! At least monkeys get beat off by their owners once in a while!

    • Xandir: Living in this fish bowl is really playing tricks on my mind.

    • Producer: Housemates, as punishment for making me talk to that fatty fat fat fat, we're going to reveal...a new twist!

    • Toot: Dammit. You've got us stuck here in this crackerjack box, but there ain't no prize.

    • Toot: Nobody throws me face-first into Jello but me!

    • Captain Hero: On Big Brother, you could win half a million bucks.
      Xandir: And on Survivor, you could win a million.
      Spanky: And on The Bachelor, you could win...love.

    • Xandir: I'm a certified air traffic controller with 10 years of experience.
      Spanky: I heard gay traffic controller with gay years of experience!

    • Foxxy: That was great! So now what? We go door to door and give out free copies?
      Clara: Free? Are you nuts? We can sell these at ten bucks a pop and rake in the cash as a new wave of anti-Semitism sweeps the country... Wait, was that not the challenge?

    • Spanky: Parody of The Apprentice?

    • Foxxy: Now, I didn't like the Jell-O wrestling idea, but the producers gave me a golden opportunity, and just like that necklace some fool left on Clara's dresser, I'm gonna take it.

    • Toot: Ugh! You were just gonna leave that there? Bitch, pick it up!
      Captain Hero: Fuck you, fatty foo-pah!
      Toot: Pick it up or I'm sending you back to hell!
      Clara: All right, Toot, drop your weapon!
      Xandir: No, you drop it!
      Spanky: Nobody holds a gun to my girl, (aims gun at Clara) but me!
      Wooldoor: All right, let's fucking do this!! (has a lot of mulitiple arms with guns, a knife, etc. at everyone but himself) I'm not afraid to die!! (then has another arm with gun to himself)

    • Toot: Let's blow this god damn house to bits!!

    • Wooldoor: While we spun out of control unto our certain deaths, I wonder what will become of us all. Will we ever return to the Drawn Together house? Will there be an entirely new cast? Will this be the last question I'll ever asked? When will the reunion special air? The most important thing was that we were together. Drawn Together.

    • Xandir: We went to a hospital and thanks to us, some really sick children had learned to put their trust in the Lord, instead of those silly pills and potions.
      Bucky Bucks: Nice job. And how did you ladies do?
      Clara: We made 617 million dollars.
      Bucky Bucks: (to Xandir and the rest of his team) Wow. You guys got your asses whipped.

    • Captain Hero: The Pillsbury Doughbroad is right! (pokes Toot in the stomach)
      Toot: Hee-hee!

    • Captain Hero: I am freaking out! I wish the Green Lantern was here! (rubs his chest) He always knows how to relax me.

    • (noticing a missile with the producer is coming right for them)
      Wooldoor: Hold on guys, we got company.
      Producer: Hold on guys, you got company! (crashes the missile to the helicopter)
      Xandir: Were hit! Were hit! We're all going to die!
      Captain Hero: Yes, I guess it really is gay over!

    • Toot: Cut me, Ling-Ling. Cut me.
      (Ling-Ling takes a razor to Toot's leg)
      Toot: Ahh...

    • Foxxy: We need to do a sit in.
      Clara: (in confession room) Silly black people, they think they can solve all their problems by just sitting around.

    • Foxxy: Momma didn't raise no fool, and papa didn't raise me at all!

    • Wooldoor: Tank, quick. I need to learn how to fly a T-1000 FireFox. (shakes around as he's being reconfigured; he then appears in a pilot's outfit) Move over, princess.

    • Foxxy: I know you don't hear this a lot. But Toot, you were right.

    • Foxxy: I'm a black woman with a job! I am Oprah! I am Oprah!

    • (Bucky reveals the Jell-O wreastling ring)
      Spanky: Whoa! Bill Cosby would crap himself if he could see this!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Rocky
      When Toot says, "Cut me, Ling Ling, cut me!", it's a reference to the movie Rocky. Rocky's eye is so swollen during the boxing match he tells his manager to cut it so he can see and finish the fight.

    • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
      When the Jew Producer is riding on the missle that is about to strike the helicopter, it is a reference to the 1964 movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

    • Twists
      The premise of this episode is similar to most reality TV shows because almost all of them advertise a big twist or change about halfway into the series.

    • The Matrix
      When Wooldoor asks for instructions on how to fly the helicopter, it is a reference to the movie The Matrix.

    • Back to the Future
      When Bucky Bucks powers up the helicopter near the end of the episode, you can clearly hear it make the "Time Circuits On" sound from the Back to the Future trilogy.

    • Friends
      The title of this episode is a play on the various names of Friends episodes.

    • Halo
      When every one points a gun at each other, Wooldoor pulls out a Needler. A Needler is a gun from the popular Xbox console franchise, Halo. It shoots out needles, obviously.

    • Scarface
      "Say hello to my little friend!" is a famous quote from the 1983 hit movie, Scarface, which was directed by Brian Da Palma and starred Al Pacino as "Scarface" Tony Montana. The quote itself was made during a gun battle.

    • Lord Of The Rings
      When Clara puts on the ring in the boardroom challenge and becomes invisible, it's referring to the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

    • The Matrix
      Wooldoor's phone call is a parody of The Matrix trilogy. When someone inside the Matrix wants to know how to do something, they call Tank to hack into the program and give the person that ability.

    • The Joe Schmo Show
      Xandir says, "What is going on?" This is a quote taken from Matt of the SpikeTV fake reality show, The Joe Schmo Show.

    • Bucky Bucks/Donald Trump
      The boardroom character in the commercial resembles Richie Rich, an old Harvey comic/cartoon character, but seems to be more of a parody of Donald Trump, host of The Apprentice.

    • West Side Story
      Every time after someone is fired from the challenges, Toot recruits them in her plan to blow up the house. When her army consists of Wooldoor, Xandir, and Clara, they are flicking their fingers a la West Side Story to music.