Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 1

The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (2)

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 19, 2005 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

After the house mates crash land on the island, survivor host Jeff Propst announces an immunity challenge. The challenge is his c***. The housemates decided they don't need to be humiliated like that because they're big stars now. They all escape the island except Toot. When they arrive back home they are denied fame by everyone and as a result Wooldoor hangs himself. The housemates then decide to head back to the house. When they arrive to the house, the producer makes them play Simon Says to get back inside. All the Simon says just involve things like "Simon says he's got a nice c*** doesn't he?". After he is finished, he announced that there going to have to find a new roommate. They interview Speedy Gonzales, Wilma Flintstone, Scorpion from [i]Mortal Kombat[/i], and Strawberry Sweetcake. They decide to let Strawberry Sweetcake to be there new roommate. Season two then starts. Everyone loves Sweetcake. Wooldoor shows up and clams he was just taking his afternoon noose nap. He then meets Sweetcake and clams that she massacred his family. It is then discovered that the Sweetcakes are responsible for all the deaths of the Sockbats. It turns out that the Sweetcakes turned them all into tasty treats. Then Toot washes up on the island. The islanders think that she is a great white whale and offer her a virgin. Toot eats the virgin. Sweetcake and Wooldoor start to become friends. The islanders run out a virgins to feed Toot. They wont give the beach whale their sluts. Sweetcake then gives Wooldoor a friendship earring, which appears to be a tag. Foxxy then finds out what Strawberry Sweetcake is up to. Sweetcake wants Wooldoor to hop into the "friendship machine", which is nothing more than a boiling pot full of water. Spanky and Captain Hero then discover Foxxy in Sweetcake's closet. Foxxy tells the housemates about the plan to kill Wooldoor. Wooldoor's family is discovered to

be candy in a vending machine turned that way by Sweetcake. The islanders then attempt to kill the beach whale placing explosives in her mouth. This shoots Toot back to the house where she thinks Sweetcake is candy and eats her. The rest of Wooldoor's family is then eaten by himself and the other housemates.