Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 1

The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (2)

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 19, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • A great Season Premiere!

    The episode leaves off with the 8 on the plane and Toot is blown out of it due to trying to grab a bag of peanuts. The other 7 land on a forest and they figured that since Hollywood managed to get on the island that they'd try to become rich and famous. However, that fails and now they don't know what to do. Well, not Wooldoor, who hangs himself. So the 6 decide to go back to the house (which got drawn back to life) once they got there. The Jew Producer lets them back in the house after a naughty little game of Simon Sez, but then says they need a new housemate. After some interesting auditions, they go with Strawberry Sweetcake, which everyone just adores. Meanwhile, Toot is on a different island and is treated like a whale. In order for her to feel pleased, they give her food. Back at the house, everyone but Sweetcake is at the pool, and then all of a sudden, WOOLDOOR is back. It turns out that he was just napping. Everyone is happy and they introduce him to Sweetcake. He goes crazy and tells the rest of the gang that she's evil. Why? Well because her race caused the Genocide of his race. Throughout the episode Wooldoor and Sweetcake become friends... until she starts to do strange things to Wooldoor, which only Foxxy seems to notice. She goes into Sweetcake's room and finds secret ingredients to kill Wooldoor. Foxxy was about to leave and expose Sweetcake, but gets knocked out by a huge treat. Later on though Spanky and Captain Hero find her in a closet in which she explains what's going on. In the Kitchen, Wooldoor is asked by Sweetcake to go into a boiling pot, in which later Foxxy, Xandir and Clara question. Xandir, Clara and Wooldoor still don't believe she's evil, until Foxxy pulls out a vending machine filles with dead Sockbats, which are Wooldoor's people. Back on the island, the people on it are getting worried because they keep sacrificing people for Toot to eat, so instead of continuing, they launch her from the island back to the Drawn Together house. She first sees Sweetcake, and says "Oooh candy" and eats/kills her. Finally, Hero asks Wooldoor if he and everyone else can eat what's left of his family, in which he says yes. Everyone is back to normal, and no more evil Sweetcake.

    This was a great episode. It was as funny and interesting compared to Part 1. The fake death of Wooldoor was pretty funny, especially how he explains getting out of his coffin. The addition to Sweetcake was cool because having an evil housemember until her demise made the episode seem intense. I liked how they kept Toot in the opening even though she was stuck on that island for the entire episode. She was my favorite character today, because she had some pretty funny lines and the fact that she was treated like a whale was hilarious. My least favortie was Clara, because she annoyed me. She and Xandir just couldn't get enough of her, but also she was trying to defend Strawberry Sweetcake about the Genocide of Wooldoor's people, which Sweetcake's people caused! The best line was from Xandir, which was not only funny, but pretty corny. "Looks like you'll be spending a CHOCO-LOTTA time behind CANDY bars!"

    Overall, a great episode, and I hope the rest of the season stays like this. I give this episode a 9.0.

  • A great conclusion, and the start of season 2, the best season of Drawn Together.

    This, along with 'A Tale of Two Cows' are by far the best episodes of Drawn Together. Again, like all other Drawn Together episodes, its amazingly funny. This is exactly my kind of show. The rude and weird humor, excellent. I strongly recommend this. The reason a lot of people don't like this show is because of its weird humor but that is my favourite part of it.
  • Simply an amazing episode were funny Toot-ish things happened!!! Wooldoor\'s amazing video-game story about how he make it out of his coffin was cool too!!!

    Oh this episode is one of a kind. I liked the part were Princess Clara says all those funny names to her house mates when they arrive at the island. Most of all liked the role of Toot in this episode...\\\"The disgusting black-and-white whale\\\" when she eats the virgin girl form the island, the buckets filled with all those disgusting things (\\\"whale food\\\") and when she eats the shark. LOL this episode was great!!!:)
  • A fine conclusion to the reality twist cliffhanger.

    This episode is the great example for making a season cliffhanger. Not the Dallas "Who Shot J.R." have we seen one of the best conclusion. This episode keeps you wondering the fates of the Drawn Together Housemates. The episode is also because it also explains the mysterious history of Wooldoor Sockbat and fate of his family. This is one of the best episodes of 2005.
  • That crazy bunch of cartoon roomies is back with a vengeance in their second season...

    Considering the name of this episode is The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (2), I think they did quite well. After the plane crashed, the roomies managed to make it back to their house, minus a dead Waldoor and a missing Toot. With Toot stranded on a desert island, and Waldoor missing, the housemates are forced to choose a new roommate. Among those auditioning are Scorpion of Mortal Kombat fame, and Wilma Flintstone.

    The group finally decides on Strawberry Sweetcake, a seemingly innocent girl with a huge sweet-tooth. Although not all is as it seems, Waldoor appears, and explains he wasn't dead, but merely napping. Upon seeing Sweetcake, he lunges at her. Because, as everyone knows, the Sweetcakes are responsible for the eradication of the Sockbats.

    Aside from all the tension inside the house, Toot is being worshipped as a whale god by island natives, they continually offer her sacrifices, even though they're running low on food.

    The episode wraps up nicely, and everything is about as normal to be expected in the Drawn Together house. I think this episode was wonderful, it was as if the show had never left, which is probably the highest praise available for any show.
  • Drawn Together is back!!

    OK, Drawn together is back after a long time of absence and I have to say it was worth the waiting...
    This episode show us what happened to the characters after the cliffhanger shown in the end of season 1; there was a brief "Survivor" moment after the characters realized that they didn't want to keep doing reality shows so they decided to go find better jobs on TV... but nobody wanted them so they returned to the Drawn Together's house, and a new character was introduced, just for the episode, though.
    There were some other shows references like "Lost" or "Six Feet Under", along with a few cameos like Skorpion from "Mortal Kombat", Wilma Flinstone from "The Flinstones", Speedy Gonzalez from "Looney Tunes", Charlie Brown, the guy from Survivor...
    It was a great season opener, very funny and unpredictable, can't wait for next episode...
  • great and hilarious start of the new season. I\'m guessing this season might be the funniest. I guess my favorite part of this would be the casting call for a new roomate, but somehow, I\'d expexted more, and another funny part was Xander\'s stupid pun ab

    great and hilarious start of the new season. I\'m guessing this season might be the funniest. I guess my favorite part of this would be the casting call for a new roomate, but somehow, I\'d expexted more, and another funny part was Xander\'s stupid pun about \"choco-lotta time behide candy-bars\"
  • Wacky, over the top, adult humor unprecidented.

    1st episode of season two, delivers the funny. I enjoyed this episode more than any other I have seen
    in season 1. The only part I object to is the comments made in reference to Jeff Probst, which I beleive were in very bad tatse. Also his portrayal seemed hurtful and shaming. I think the show should stick to parody of non reality characters. Otherwise, this one was pack full of gags, surprises, and irony
    to keep you entertained. As expected by me, the show remained controversial and relativly unfiltered by tv edits and censorships. Keep it coming and I'll keep watching.
  • The conclusion to the first half of this hour-long episode was rather excellent in many ways.

    "The One Wherein There is a Big Twist Part 2" happens to be one of my favorite season premieres. Continuing where Season 1 left off, this is a ver special episode. I thought that the spoofs and references made in this episode were really wonderful and enjoyable to watch, especially the temporary star Strawberry Sweetcake. It has also spoofed characters such as Wilma (from the Flintstones) and Scorpion from the hit Midway game Mortal Kombat.

    I think that the show needs more time to grow, as it gradually collects a few fans from here to there, but not many. I am highly anticipating the next episode of Season 2.
  • OH. MY. GOD! Go comedy central!

    This is the start of a great season. I'm glad they're finally going to air terms of indearment, that episode that was never aired because it made fun of Christopher Reeves. But still...what was with that sex scene? There was a freakin' Giraffe! And who knew that prehistoric women used leeches for their...time of the month?
  • Not bad ... not bad at all.

    We finally got to see part 2 of the season 1 finale's big cliffhanger. The Drawn Together gang land on a deserted island .... and are put to the test a la Survivor. But they drop the reality TV bit and try to make it using their "star power" in Hollywood. They fail.

    That was awesome when they were trying to find a replacement for Wooldor ... there was Speedy Gonzalez, Wilma Flinstone, and even Scorpion from Mortal Kombat! They finally got some peppermint patty look alike ... but they found out that Spongebob ... err I mean Wooldoor ... was still alive.

    Hilarious ... apparently Strawberry Sweetcake's ppl caused the death of the Sockbats in a ghastly genocide that took place in what seemed like .... Care-A-Lot. Anyway, now she plans on killing Wooldor too by turning him into a tasty treat. The ending featured the roommates all feasting on what was left of Wooldor's family and friends.