Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 4

Unrestrainable Trainable

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 25, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Clara's plot.

    Once again, I liked Clara's plot out of all the rest. Hers was just so interesting & hilarious. It reminded me of Stephen King's "Misery". It was a great plot with some funny punch lines. I like how Foxxy never found out, and when she ran out of Drain-O. Clara is nuts. Meanwhile a disturbing plot, Hero's sister has his child so he's in-bred. Which is just so gross. But I like how they parodied the hulk. That was funny. And one of my favorite parts is when Pig shreds up his own son for sausages Amazingly hilarious. Cannot wait for the next episode.
  • Captain hero must stop a giant Trainable from destroying the city and the museum of shiney objects

    Hero goes to save the day when a giant mongliod attacks the city and leaves a trail of destruction(and drool)in his oversized wake.
    He eventually catches up with the handy capable at a petting zoo where he engages the sub normal in combat.
    Hero gains the upper hand until the giant unleashes his vestigal T Rex arms.
    Hero reveals he also has the T rex arms and they are a family trait.
    Some quick investigation leads him to his long lost sister
    captain She -Ro who bought zebulonian sperm many years ago to concieve a child.
    The inbreed is ususally kept chained up in the basement hero is appauled and take his son/nephew away with him and teaches him the fine art of air conditioning maintance (the only career a retard is capable of performing)
    Hero learns that single parenting isnt easy.As his special child runs off,and heads for the most powerful nuclear missle in the US arsenal .A large Winnie the Pooh shaped bomb which is huge activated.
    She-ro and He-ro set off to stop thier son until they decide to give him over to the state and leave him to fight the army and set off the bomb.
    They then decide to make a new baby.

    A fantastic tour de force in bad taste humour
    Those jew producers are on the short bus to hell
  • 8.6
    This show just keeps getting better as it goes along. The first season was almost too tame, but from there they just took off the kid gloves and porbably created the freshest animated show on television. Some people feel that the non-restraint of this show just goes too far. I don't think it ever really goes too far, it just isn't necessarily funny. This shows constant jabs at retardation were not very amusing, but it's jabs at single parents I thought was hilarious ("I respect all you sluts"). The side plot involving Clara and Wooldoor in a Misery/6th Sense scenario is pretty much a pass. Not much doin' there.
  • Captain Hero discovers that he has son and meanwhile, Waldor suffers from hypothermia after almost drowning in the pool and is left in the care of Princess Clara.

    I was really touched by this episode. This is the side of Captain Hero I had never seen before. I had read about his profile and he seems to be your sterotypical, cliche hero and machivilian, but I was deeply moved by watching him struggle to be the best parent he can possibly be.

    I think Princess Clara learned some sort of lesson in this episode, although I don't know what it is. I think it has something to do that helping someone comes from the heart. Man, that sounded corny.
  • Untrainable Trainable was an odd episode containing a special giant, unheard of appendages and a surprising bit of family history. Captain Hero is the main characture throughout this one.

    Untrainable Trainable is chock-full of surprises and our favorite Captain Hero antics. Wooldoor Sockback also has a good bit of air-time this time around. Early on, we see Captain Hero accosting a bloody, deceased man at the scene of an accident. He later scares Xandir with a strange pair of secrets ( how no one noticed them before is beyond me ) and Captain Hero wants Xandir to accept it as a normal abnormality. We then follow the exploits of a special-minded giant who, it turns out, happens to be Captain Hero's very own son; begotten of his sister. This episode is a fine example of the level of comedy found in this series; tune in for lots of laughs.
  • When Waldor gets hypothermia from the house pool, Claire takes care of him. But she becomes obsessed with it, purposely making him ill. Plus Hero finds his retard giant son & has to prevent him from destroying the world from a radioactive Winnie the P

    Although this episode in my opinion was not as funny as the Halloween episode of South Park, it grabs your attention from the beginning. This episode is highly offensive, more than other episodes I've witnessed, which is also why I think this show rocks! Jesus as the life guard really cracked me up, and really surprised me when he said, "Oh, you Jews just kill me!" The whole "retard child" thing didn't really appeal to me, which is why I had to drop my score 0.2 points. Now for those of you who don't know, the Waldor/Princess situation was based off of a Stephen King movie "Misery" in which a writer is kept hostage by an obsessed fan. She deliberately breaks his bones to keep him from leaving the house, moreso to finish writing a book to keep a series alive, rather than just hurting him to make the guy sick.
  • For the third time in a row ( and 3rd ever) the weeks Drawn Together is funnier than the weeks South Park. Nice Job writers.

    Because of this episode I have decided that Drawn Together is my second favorite show. Next to South Park. It's better than Family Guy now, although I feel that it still kinda rips off Family Guy with all the flashbacks and what ifs that they do. I don't know why, but Drawn Together didn't seem all that great when I saw it back a couple years ago, but I have to say, that it is definitely getting better. There were some really great moments with Captain Hero. They definitely use him more than the other characters, but he deserves it, he's the best.
  • a good episode of drawn together finnaly this show is funny

    i love this episode really very funny and weird this episode really was funny by making no sence this episode was hilarios and shoking and well a good episode but not the best really but a still its a very good episode i give this episode a 9.7 for a reason why
  • Holy H-e Double Hockey Sticks! :shock:

    In this episode, Captain Hero tries to prove he can be responsible, and Clara tries to prove she can be caring towards others. This would be an innocent plot storywise, if it weren't for all the shocking things that take place while this episode is happening? Brother and sister not just having one, but two in-bred babies? Check! Xandir breast-feeding a baby he clearly got from Craig? Check! Spanky grinding up his own flesh and blood? Check! Jesus not diving in the pool to save Wooldoor? Check! Xandir literally getting jerked around by Captain Hero? Check! Wooldoor eating broken glass because Clara told him it was rock candy? Check! And the fact Toot needs to shave her face? Check, print, and wrap! One things for sure, this episode is definitly leaning to pro-choice! The moral of today's story is: Never donate your sperm to a sperm bank where your sister can-well, I won't even go there! The bottom line is, "Drawn Together" makes most of the episodes that come out of "South Park" look like something you'd see in a Sunday Church! As long as you're a Jehovah's Witness of course! :lol: And that's the way I like it! :D
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