Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 4

Unrestrainable Trainable

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 25, 2006 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Captain Hero's son seems to be a mix between Hagrid's uncontrollable giant brother, Grawp, in the fifth and sixth Harry Potter books,as well as Caleb, the son of Betty Applewhite, in Desperate Housewives, who is chained in the basement by his mother.

    • The story of Clara taking care of Wooldor is inspired by Stephen King's book Misery, where a woman who lives alone in the mountains takes care of a man hurt in a car accident. She hits his legs with a mallet, just as Clara did, in order to make him stay with her longer.

    • The drain cleaner that Clara uses to poison Wooldoor's food with has "CAUTION: NOT TO BE USED FOR MUNCHAUSEN'S BY PROXY" written on it. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is when a caregiver fabricates symptoms in another person, usually a child.

  • Quotes

    • Xandir: Hey, Hero, I made up a new game. How long does it take pain to travel through Toot's fat layers? (sticks sword in Toot's back)
      Toot: Morning, assholes! Did you read the paper? It says a giant retard is destroying the city!
      Captain Hero: What? 'Massive Mental Midget Mauls Metropolis'? This sounds like a job for Captain Hero! Up, up, and away! Oh, wait. I need my magic pixie dust. (goes off screen and snorts pixie dust) I'm Captain fucking Hero and I can't feel my fucking face! (flys through window)
      Toot: So, Xandir, do you have any plans for-AH! Someone stabbed me in my back!
      (Xandir stops stopwatch)
      Xandir: Thirty-four seconds!
      Toot: Sweet! That's my best time yet!

    • Foxxy: Oh lordy, Wooldoor got the hypothermia. And Clara, you gon' take care of him. (drops Wooldoor on Clara and walks away)
      Clara: (in confessional) Taking orders from a black girl! Ugh! Who does she think I am? Thomas Jefferson's penis?

    • (in confessional)
      Foxxy: Wooldoor almost drowned, but as usual, the Foxxy have saved the day.
      (Foxxy gives Wooldoor CPR. Wooldoor coughes and spits out Foxxy's grill)
      Foxxy: (holding up grill and speaking in Englush accent) Capitol. Thanks goodness I'm certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. (in normal voice) Mouf to mouf y'all!

    • Captain She-Ro: Hello?
      Captain Hero: Pardon me, sir, but did you buy some Zebulonian sperm and give birth to a giant stupidhead?
      Captain She-Ro: Who wants to know?
      Captain Hero: I do, for I am the donor. My name is Captain Hero.
      Captain She-Ro: Captain Hero? Oh no!
      Captain Hero: Oh no, what?
      Captain She-Ro: I am your... sister.

    • Clara: Wooldoor, perhaps before you go, I can make you one last bowl of chicken soup?
      Wooldoor: Soup? Fuck yeah! I love that shit!

    • Nestlé Quik Rabbit: No chocolate milk? Then what the hell have I been sucking on?

    • Bill Cosby: You see, without the pudding, I'm just another unemployed sexual predator.

    • Captain Hero: Maybe a little neck snapping will jog your memory.
      (Hero breaks the corpse's neck)
      Captain Hero: Well maybe a little spooning will jog your memory.
      (hugs corpse)

    • Captain Hero: Check this out, roomy. I could get paid for what I do everyday for free in your shampoo bottle.

    • Xandir: How could you possibly have a son? You said you had your balls removed.

    • Captain Hero: Yes everyone in the Hero family has them. Well, except for my cousin Ned who was born with just one vestigial T-rex arm. Haha, what a freak.

    • Wooldoor: Even my jungle fever is cured.
      Foxxy: Hey, Papa.
      Wooldoor: You're not so hot.

    • Clara: Taking orders from a black girl? Who does she think I am? Thomas Jefferson's penis?

    • Captain Hero: (reading newspaper) Massive mental midget mauls metropolis!?

    • Clara: You're getting baptized right now!
      Wooldoor: Ahhh! I can't swim!
      Clara: Don't worry! Jesus will be your life preserver.

    • (When Hero shows Xandir his vestigular T-rex arms)
      Xandir" Ahhhh! What the hell is wrong with you!?

    • Clara: My Jew-Crow didn't work.

    • Jesus: Haha. Look at that Heeb pretending to drown. Those jews kill me.

    • Wooldoor: Yes, Clara. You've fed me an entire bottle of drain cleaner.

    • Clara: You are so lucky you someone like me stabbing you with a rusty screwdriver like this.

    • Captain Hero: To make my boy a productive member of society, I introduced him to the only career a giant inbred moron like him can handle: Heating and air conditioning repair.

    • Army Man #1: Why, oh why did we build our most powerful nuclear weapon to look like Pooh Bear?
      Army Man #2: And why the hell did we make it hug activated?

    • Wooldoor: At least you learned a lesson. Not necessarily the lesson, but a lesson nonetheless.

    • (The Giant throws beavers at Captain Hero)
      Captain Hero: I love pounding beavers!
      (The Giant throws a donkey at Captain Hero)
      Captain Hero: I sure gave that hairy ass a licking!
      (The Giant throws cats at Captain Hero)
      Captain Hero: This is one dude who knows how to avoid pussy!
      (The Giant throws a rooster at Captain Hero)
      Captain Hero: I'll wrap my hands around this cock and squeeze it until it explodes way too early and then rolls over and falls asleep, leaving me unsatisfied and alone.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Captain She-Ro:
      The name of Captain Hero's sister refers to She-Ra, the sister of He-Man and tital character of the show She-Ra: Princess of Power.

    • Entrapment:

      When Wooldoor is trying to navigate the lasers from the home security system, this is an allusion to the movie Entrapment, which had a scene with Catherine Zeta-Jones' character training the same way.

    • Looney Tunes: Porky Pig:

      The way the fetus says "That's all folks!" at the end of the episode is similar to the way Pork Pig says the same line at the end of each Looney Tunes cartoon.

    • Kill Bill:

      The red colored scene where Wooldoor encounters the mummified bears with shark heads is a reference to the movie Kill Bill. The music and visual style are very similar to some of the scenes in the movie.

    • X-Men
      "So it's just you and me now, Magneto!"
      Magneto is a Marvel Comics mutant from the X-Men series.

    • Margaret Cho
      "If I wanted to see a yellow guy whine, I'd go see Margaret Cho."
      Margaret Cho is a female, Korean-American comedian, actress, and fashion designer.

    • Clara: Taking orders from a black girl? Ugh! Who does she think I am? Thomas Jefferson's penis?
      This is a reference to Thomas Jefferson's alleged affair with one of his African American slaves, Sally Hemings.

    • Bill Cosby:

      The African-American man who's looking at the destroyed pudding factory in this episode is supposed to be a parody of comedian Bill Cosby, who used to advertise for Jello brand Pudding during the 1990s.

    • Raiders of the Lost Ark:

      When Wooldoor triggers the house alarm when he's trying to escape, many of the traps that go off come directly from the 1981 Harrison Ford movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. These traps include a giant boulder trying to crush the good guy, and arrows that try to skewer him as well.

    • Nesquik:

      The Brown Rabbit briefly seen in the bed with Foxxy, Spanky, and Toot is supposed to be the Nesquik Rabbit, who endorses Nestle Nesquik Chocolate Milk and other dairy products.

    • Life Goes On
      "I've got you now, Corky! Life goes on for you no longer!"
      Captain Hero refers to Corky, the Down Syndrome character played by Chris Burke, an actual Down Syndrome effected actor on the early 90's show Life Goes On.