Drawn Together

Season 3 Episode 2

Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Oct 12, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Wooldoor's new children's show is finally hitting the air, but Clara is certain that it will turn kids gay faster than Tinky-Winky and SpongeBob combined. A Terminator from the future shows up to kill Wooldoor, but Xandir saves the little guy and explains that the show does really does turn the whole world gay. The Terminator was sent back by the remaining few straight people to ensure the straight future. In the mean time, Toot pines away for the mythical "Wiener Mobile," which is supposed to give out free hot dogs. but only to the worthy.moreless

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  • The gay community.

    This episode was very interesting, it developed nicely. First it starts with a guy & the cartoon show that turns people gay Pretty slow at first but then it clicked. Clara was against gay people and teams up with a terminator who is secretly gay That was so gross when the men were showering together. I have the uncensored version so you don't know. Anyways I like how the wiener mobile fit in to it. It was an amazing ending. That fit together perfectly. I like Clara's expression in the ending. "Are you sh**ing me?" Great episode that was occasionally gross.moreless
  • Wooldoor wants to air a tv show that will turn all the kids gay, but the Terminator will have to stop him first.

    Wooldoor gets his own tv show. The show will turn all the kids gay. A straight Terminator from the future comes to kill Wooldoor. The Terminator begins a friend ship with Captain Hero since they both like *******. Zandar says he is also from the future, and he wants to protect Wooldoor from being killed so everyone will turn gay. Meanwhile, Toot waits for the Weiner Mobile. Not believing her, Foxxy and Ling Ling look Toot in a closet. The Weiner Mobile comes, and Toot misses it. Foxxy and Ling Ling tell her they will find the Weiner Mobile. Wooldoor and Zandar are running from the Terminator who trys to run them over with the Weiner Mobile. Wooldoor puts a bomb on the mobile, which Toot eats. It explods in her body, but the Terminator lives. Captain Hero convinces the Terminator to let Wooldoor live and then Captain Hero and the Terminator make out. Wooldoor airs his tv show and all the kids wind up gay.moreless
  • The show that takes controversy to levels never before dreamed of before! :D

    It seems nothing's off limits for the cartoon show "Drawn Together" (and a good thing to!) Because without the levels of controversy this show provides, no other cartoon shows in this world would try harder than they have been to try to be shocking. Even "South Park's" early episodes are relatively tame compared to the shocking twists and turns seen in this cartoon series where the only rule in "Drawn Together" is there are no rules! Everybody and everything is subject to parody within this cartoon! Nothing in season 1 of "Drawn Together" can prepare viewers for the great, shocking scenes seen in this episode! Chances are either viewers well revel in the unbelieveably immoral practices in this show or be repulsed by them! I myself absolutely loved them and can't wait to see how the "Drawn Together" can top this episode off! Enough said, true believers! :Dmoreless

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    • Wooldoor's musical song opening for the beginning of this episode is supposed to be a parody of a music video where SpongeBob SquarePants sings "We Are Family" which was rumored to promote gayness in people.

    • Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law:

      The cartoon character that appears next to Princess Clara during the congress scene is a parody of cartoon character Harvey Birdman from the Cartoon Network cartoon Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.

    • Wienermobile:

      The Wienermobile is an actual real life hotdog shaped vehicle used by the Oscar Meyer meat company to promote their meat and meatlike products. It is used mainly at supermarket openings and Country Fair type events, and when it was first built it was driven by a little person in a chef's outfit as a character named "Little Oscar".

    • The Simpsons:

      A parody of Ned Flanders from The Simpsons can be seen cheering behind Clara in the Congress scene.

    • Stuart Little:

      A parody of Stuart Little can be seen run over by Captain Hero and the Terminator when they arrive at the police station.

    • Clara: Tell that to the kid from Who's the Boss?!

      Danny Pintauro played Jonathan on Who's the Boss? After the series ended, Pintauro came out as being gay.

    • All Summer in a Day:

      Toot's storyline is an allusion to Ray Bradbury's short story, "All Summer in a Day." The basic plot of the story is that sometime in the future, it is always raining on Venus, and the sun only comes through the clouds for an hour every seven years. Out of a group of school children, only one Earth girl has ever seen the sun and is optimistic that the sun will come out that day. The other kids don't believe her and subsequently lock her in a closet. Afterward, the sun comes out and she is the only one who misses out on it.

    • Terminator:

      The Terminator from the future is a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from the "Terminator" movie trilogy as the parody also speaks with a German accent. When he first appears in this episode, he is naked, just did Arnold's character in the first "Terminator" movie.

    • Star Wars:

      When Wooldoor is brought in to testify before congress, the scene is a direct reference to the Imperial Senate scenes from the most recent Star Wars trilogy.

    • Denny's?:

      The restaurant chain Denny's has been accused multiple times of being discrinatory against African Americans and other minorities.