Drawn Together

Season 2 Episode 11

Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 15, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Captain Hero's alter-ego, the mild-mannered reporter Tim Tommerson, comes to visit and spends a lot of gay time with Xandir. And the housemates learn that "Drawn Together" has received an "F" from Entertainment Weekly and seek revenge.

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  • Xandir crushes on Captain Hero's alter-ego.

    The only thing that made this a good episode are thoese scenes with Xandir and Captain Hero/Tim; crushing on each other and all that. It did show some pychological stuff in it what with alter egos and stuff. Despite Captain Hero being all weird and crazy, it was a pretty good side stroy. Except the part when after Captian Hero/Tim fell out of the window, and that whole Xandir and Captian Hero/Tim lovey dovey thing ended. Too bad no one made a show about that. Also, that whole Drawn Together review thing was sooooo lame and pointless. Oh and the farting thing was vulgar and GROSS!moreless
  • This is yet another classic episode of Drawn Together.

    The bit where they read Entertainment Weekly's review of Drawn Together is just another example of the amazingly clever stuff that Drawn Together has to offer. Theres not much more I can say about Drawn Together that I've already said before. I won't bore you with the plot because you are likely to have seen the episode. Top notch stuff, I wish this show could go on for at least 100 episodes.moreless
  • Sort of weird

    This episode was not exactly one that made much sense. How Captain Hero transformed back and forth didn't make much sense to me. When Xandir asks if they are done, Captain Hero says that he "wanted to see if he was, but he wasn't". If he was testing out, why would he have sex with Xandir? Isn't that going a little far for just "testing out"? Also, the "Craig" thing wasn't really that funny. They tried too hard just to be funny. Doing the "Craig" joke once would have been funny if they only did it once, but obviously, no.moreless
  • Best ending since "Clum Bies"

    So I guess I'm biased by preferring episodes that end with multiple murders than the ones that don't. But c'man!

    This episode is also one of those that define this show. It's supposed to be "stupid." Whatever that means. I mean, intellectual humour or intellectual anything can be valid. But sometimes, like the "Jewish Republican Pro-Life Asian Indian Homophobic Lesbian Broad who cuts herself," the intellectual stuff can be a little pretentious. And the show thus separates from that. And it works.

  • One of my favorite episodes yet!

    I thought this episode was hilarious! I loved the references to a supposed ex-boyfriend of Xandir's named Craig and the part where Xandir kept going on about all of the gay sex he had. Plus the thing about stereotypes. Spanky's farts admittedly don't make me laugh so much as the one in this episode, but I appreciate them just the same.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Captain Hero: Xandir, you know what's fun? Grapes. Grapes are fun.

    • Foxxy: (reading the cover of the magazine) Like a homosexual with amnesia, we come out every week.

    • Xandir: Oh Tim, you're such a stitch. You're so much more fun than Captain Hero.
      "Tim": (impersonating Captain Hero) Oh! Look at me! I'm a big, dumb superhero who's big and dumb! Now I'm fondling a girl. Oopsie! She's dead!
      (Xandir and "Tim" laugh; "Tim" falls into the lake)
      Xandir: You did not just do that! ("Tim" throws him into the lake; they kiss and the camera pans away from them)
      Xandir: It unsnaps in the front.

    • Spanky: Put the gun down.
      Pluto: (holding Goofy hostage) He's the only (beep) dog who good enough to wear (beep) pants? Well, I want to wear the (beep) pants for once! (Pluto shoots Goofy in the head with the gun and Pluto puts the gun in his mouth and shoots himself)

    • Captain Hero (to Xandir): It's Captain Hero, not Captain Homo.

    • Spanky: Whoever smelt it, felt it.

    • Spanky Okay guys, show no mercy. Remember, these people work in cubicles, so they're already dead inside.

    • Spanky: Billy, Mommy says God will be the one to decide who should pay for the sins of the world.
      Billy: Mommy will live inside of me forever!
      (Billy eats his mom's heart, then shoot's himself in the head)

    • Spanky (to the TV Reviewer): No wonder you hate the show so much. You're everything we make fun of! You're a Jewish, conservative, pro-life, born again, overweight, Asian, homophobic lesbian broad who cuts herself!
      Reviewer: So?
      Spanky: So, maybe someone who doesn't happen to be a Jewish, conservative, pro-life, born again, overweight, Indian, homophobic lesbian broad who cuts herself might not be offended by our show.
      Reviewer: I have every right to tell people what I think of your show.
      Spanky: Yes! But people should know you're not our audience, asshole!
      Reviewer: Look, Mr. Ham. The fact is we're both right. I'm not exactly your target audience and your show is a steaming pile of s**t.

    • Xandir: It is not okay to deny who you really are.
      (pan to Xandir in the confession room)
      Xandir: You get it now, Craig?

    • Xandir: What scared me most about Hero was the feelings I was having for Tim. Oh, and bees. I hate bees.

    • Xandir: Sometimes it's easier to stay in the closet.
      (pan to Xandir in the confession room)
      Xandir: Isn't it, Craig?

    • Xander: What kind of jerk would hit himself in the face while wearing glasses?

  • NOTES (6)

    • Jimmy Kimmel plays the role of Spanky Ham's wife in this episode. Adam Carolla, who is the voice of Spanky, starred alongside Jimmy Kimmel in The Man Show.

    • EW actually did write the review shown in this episode:

      Drawn Together: It's what happens when women call each other nasty names or rappers drop the N-word like spare change: Everyone starts to think it's ok. Taking offensiveness to new levels, Drawn Together uses the Surreal Life conceit of B-list celebs thrown into a house, but with Z-level cartoon characters. Sample dialogue: "Nothing reminds me of my first time like a chick crying." Sample Scene: A vote to keep the black girl in the house devolves into a mock slave auction. This is TV that's so bad, it's bad for you, and more appropriately belongs in What Not to Watch. F.

      EW, spurred by this jab wrote a review of this episode, specifically

      Drawn Together: When Tonight's Best TV overlord Alynda Wheat reviewed this bawdy cartoon series in 2004, she gave it an F. For fun! (Or... funless? I can't recall.) Apparently, this grade wedgie snagged the attention of the Drawn scribes; this week, the gang wreaks bloody revenge on EW after reading the aforementioned critique. (What's most shocking is not the grisly body count but that the show's animators think we actually wear suits to work.) Based on Spanky Ham's uncorking of a (precisely) 60-second fart, we could award this episode an A. But we don't want that first F getting lonely, so here's another one. F.

    • The episode revolves around Xandir and Captain Hero

    • Look Hard: Foxxy wears a black veil after reading the bad EW review.

    • After Xandir and Tim kiss in the lake, you can see a cattail going into leaves that look like a butt.

    • Xandir mentions a guy named Craig several times in this episode. It seems Craig is an ex-boyfriend who denied being gay.


    • Ranma 1/2
      Wooldoor gets splashed by water and, in result, grows breasts: It's possibly a reference to the famous anime Ranma 1/2, where the main character turned into a girl after getting wet.

    • Dilbert
      In the scene where the secretary walks out to find all the cubicle workers dead, Dilbert can be seen on the right of the screen with scissors in his eyes.

    • Character at the arcade: The character at the hostage negotiation at the arcade looks an awful lot like Archie from the Archie Comic Books.

    • Star Wars: The Ewoks from the Return of the Jedi appear in the cubicles when a woman's head is crushed by water coolers.

    • Disney's Mickey Mouse Universe
      In one scene, Pluto is holding Goofy hostage because Goofy gets to wear pants. They are both dogs from Disney's Mickey Mouse universe.

    • Brokeback Mountain
      There were many references to the film, Brokeback Mountain in this episode, including the score music and the line "I wish I knew how to quit you."

    • Quickdraw McGraw
      When the cast is watching the ending of a show, there's a character much like Quickdraw McGraw.

    • Character: Tim Tommerson
      He is clearly based on Clark Kent, down to the blue suit and glasses