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Sunday 10:00 PM on ESPN Premiered Feb 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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  • Season 3
    • Episode #306
      Episode #306
      Episode 6
    • Episode #305
      Episode #305
      Episode 5
    • Episode #304
      Episode #304
      Episode 4
    • Episode #303
      Episode #303
      Episode 3
      The cast actually stayed the same this week, except for Gerald of course who was voted out last week. All the contestants continued to improve and had pretty good performances. There was not a clear-cut worst performance this week like there was last week, so the voting was very close. It came down to America's tie-breaking vote, and Darryl Dawkins was sent packing this week with two votes.moreless
    • Episode #302
      Episode #302
      Episode 2
      This second episode of season three was billed on ESPN as the season premiere, and it really was because this is when the real action started. The list of contestants was finally finalized and the first cut was made. In addition to the five from last week, Dennis Scott joined the cast to make it an even six. Overall, the contestants were much improved from Week 1, and newcomer Dennis Scott came on strong as well. They still needed to improve and mix in more of their personalities as well as more facts, but it was a big step up from the week before. However, one contestant didn't step up quite as much as the others, and struggled more than the others. This was Gerald Wilkins, and he was the first cut of season three by a unanimous 5-0 vote.moreless
    • Episode #301
      Episode #301
      Episode 1
      The first episode of season three was intended just to introduce the contestants and the concept, with nobody in danger of being cut. The host and judges were all the same as in season two, but the contestants and the concept were new. Instead of hiring a Sportscenter anchor, they were hiring a former NBA player to be ESPN's next NBA analyst. The five contestants were Dee Brown, Darryl Dawkins, Matt Bullard, Gerald Wilkins, and JR Reid. When the night was over, most of the contestants struggled because of nerves and it showed. Going into the next episodes, they have their first time behind them and they should be smoother from now on.moreless
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