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Dream On

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Dream On is an adult situation comedy about Martin Tupper, whose life is full of colorful characters. While Martin goes on numerous dates, he still has time for his family and best friend (Eddie Charles). Martin, played by Brian Benben, is divorced from Judith, but they remain friends (though, her unseen "perfect" husband annoys Martin). Martin and Judith jointly raise their growing teenage son (Jeremy).
Judith (Wendie Malick, who later starred on Just Shoot Me, and Jake in Progress) a psychologist, married the "perfect" man, Dr. Richard Stone. Despite their break-up, Judith is quite supportive of Martin, and leans on him herself, when the need arises.
Jeremy (Chris Demetral) seems to accept the place he finds himself (divorced parents, new husband for mother).
Eddie Charles (played by Jeff Joseph in the first season, and by Dorien Wilson afterwards, Wilson later starred in The Parkers) is Martin's best friend, a ladies man, and a host of his own talk show. The talk show was intended to be serious but has morphed into a "this week lawyers in lingerie" type show.
Martin (Brian Benben) works as a book editor for a small New York book publisher, Whitestone. Working for him is Toby Pedalbee (Denny Dillon; executive assistant). Toby has a strong personality and knows what she wants. Martin has several bosses in the early years, but when the Australians buy Whitestone, Martin is saddled with Gibby Fiske (Michael McKean). Gibby likes selling books, not literature.
Martin reacts to the world around him through flashing back to hundreds of clips from all manner of old films and television shows (from MCA), which are used as metaphors for Martin's reactions (hence the title). MCA approached HBO about creating a show that used old MCA clips, and Dream On was the result. Dream On is renowned for its use of sexual references, plus, in its early seasons, occasional swearing and numerous scenes of female nudity.
Creators other Creations David Crane & Marta Kauffman also created The Powers That Be (1992, David Hyde Pierce), Family Album (1993, Giovanni Ribisi), Friends (1994), and Veronica's Closet (1997, Kristie Alley).
Executive Producers Other Credits Executive Producers John Landis and Leslie Belzberg are both credited as being Executive Producer's for the 1995 shows Sliders, and Campus Cops, the 1997 show Honey I Shrunk the Kids and the 1999 show The Lost World. Executive Producer Kevin S. Bright is also credited as Executive Producer for Friends (1994), Veronica's Closet (1997), Jesse (1998), and is currently an Executive Producer of Joey.
Executive Producer Robert K. Weiss is credited as a Producer of Police Squad!, one of the Creators of Sliders, and an Executive Producer of Weird Science, Sliders and Penn and Teller's Sin City Spectacular.

Whitestone Office Staff: Sid - boss (Stanley Brock) 1 episode Valerie Knox - boss (Vicki Frederick) 1 episode Gibby Fiske - boss (Michael McKean) Martin Tupper - Editor (Benben) Toby Pedalbee - Executive assistant (Dillon) Carter Stevenson - Editor co-worker (Sean Masterson) Drew - Editor co-worker (Julian Christopher & Cylk Cozart) Alison - co-worker (Cherie Michan) Cindy - Editor co-worker (Mary Ellen White) 1 episode

Aired Six years and 120 uncensored episodes aired on HBO July 8, 1990 -March 27, 1996. Uncut first two seasons aired on the channel C4 at 10pm on Fridays in Britain (30 episodes) 1991-1992 and 1993 repeat. Uncut version also aired on Sky One. Edited versions of the show aired on FOX 1995-1996. FOX January -April 1995 Sunday 09:30-10:00 pm June -July ....1995 Monday 09:00-10:00 pm

Competition (when aired on FOX) ABC-Movie CBS-Movie NBC-Movie WB- First Time Out

Awards CableAce Awards 1991 Won: for "Editing a Comedy Special or Series/Music Special" John Axness for episode "The First Episode." 1992 Won: For "Comedy Series" 1994 Won: "Editing in a Comedy/Music Special or Series" David Helfand For episode "The Son Also Rises."
Emmy 1993 Won "Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series" David Clennon For playing "Peter Brewer." For episode "For Peter's Sake." Won "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing in a Comedy Series" Betty Thomas (director) For episode "For Peter's Sake."
GLAAD Media Awards Won "Outstanding Comedy Series"
Young Artist Awards Won "Best Young Actor Starring in a Cable Series" Chris Demetralmoreless

    The Emmys' Lady Problem: The Staggeringly Small Number of Female Nominees for Writing and Directing (INFOGRAPHIC)

    It's really, really, really difficult for women to land nominations for writing and directing Emmys, in either comedy or drama. In fact, it's safe to say that the Emmys have almost entirely failed to recognize female writers and directors over the last three decades.

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    • From dealing with his headstrong assistant to finding love in the wrong places, Martin Tupper struggles to keep order in his life and still be a positive role model for his growing teenage son.moreless

      Martin Tupper (Brian Benben) is a recently divorced New York book editor whose life is full of wild situations and offbeat characters. From dealing with his headstrong assistant to finding love in the wrong places, Martin struggles to keep order in his life and still be a positive role model for his growing teenage son. "Dream On" premiered on HBO in 1990 and became one of the first original shows that changed cable television to a whole new generation of innovative programming. The landmark adult comedy could be best described as a male version of "Sex in the City". The episodes feature some well written storylines, strong sexual references and short clips of classic films that are clever metaphors of Martin's reactions. Brian Benben delivers a good comedic performance and the supporting cast is wonderful.moreless
    • I Loved This Show!

      Although some people haven't heard of this show, it was one of my personal favorites. I only got to see about one season of it when it was on the air, but I got hooked on it immediately. I recently bought the first two seasons on DVD, and I can't wait until the whole series is available. Definitely worth watching if you've never seen it...........
    • Fantastic, an adult/dark comedy, that is absolutely faboulos and unique.

      This is a show about the life of Martin Tupper, a book editor and it's about his millions of dates and everything you can possibly imagine, from being considered guilty for the suicied of a national icon, called Uncle Bouncie, by showing a tape on TV of him getting a blowjob, to his constant conflict with his ex wife's husband, which can do more stuff than Superman but never even shows his face on the show. Dream On is about life and about all those little problems that make life so wonderful. Dream On also has a very particular thing which is that all of Martin's thoughts and ideas are represented whith small old movies clips. This may all sound very confusing to the ppl that never watched it, but believe me it's not and I completly recommend it.moreless
    • Dream On in my opinion is, was and will always be one of the most original shows on T.V. I have the box set and waiting for the release of the next set only to enjoy this very unique television experience.moreless

      The time it took for the editors to find the footage of what Martin Tupper was thinking in every episode.

      The countless stars that kept popping up in his head and the thoughts he was thinking coinsiding with the movie clips is nothing less than brilliant.

      Thank you HBO for giving the American people a show that you can Dream On.

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