Dream On

Season 6 Episode 24

Cupid Is as Cupid Does

Aired Unknown Mar 06, 1996 on HBO

Episode Recap

Judith plans a dinner party for their couple friends, so she suggests that Martin not invite currently single Eddie. When Eddie finds out, he makes Martin feel guilty until he invites him, but the evening doesn't go well. Eddie has nothing in common with the couples and seemingly can't get an interesting conversation started with anyone there without interruption or miscommunication, so he storms out ('I'm going somewhere I'm a little less out of place… like a KKK rally.') Next day, Martin and Judith meet a recently separated friend, Rema, whom Martin invites to their apartment for dinner, planning to also invite Eddie and match them up so that they can spend more time together. Eddie and Rema get along much better than even Martin had counted on. They have a great time, and, despite Judith's attempt to put a damper on their passions, go home together. Eddie begins spending all his time with Rema and hardly sees Martin, much to his irritation. Eddie tells Martin that he and Rema are going to the Bahamas, but when Judith and Martin go to a restaurant, Martin sees Eddie and catches him out: it seems Eddie really wanted to be alone with Rema to propose marriage to her. Shocked at the haste of Eddie's proposal, Martin urges him to reconsider, but Eddie bluntly tells him to mind his own business. Talking it over with Jude, after Rema has accepted, she makes Martin realise that things are changing in their respective relationships. Martin apologises to Eddie for his insensitivity and Eddie agrees to have him as his best man.