Dream On

Season 3 Episode 25

Dance Ten, Sex Three

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1992 on HBO

Episode Recap

Following directly from the previous episode, all of Martin's hopes seem dashed when Kate appears unimpressed, but, touched by his clumsy attempt at romance, she finally accepts his offer of a date and has a great time. The end of the date proves awkward however, and they tacitly put off making love indefinitely by dancing instead. Eddie sees this as a sign that Kate and Martin will probably end up as friends rather than lovers, a state of affairs at which Martin expresses disbelief. After a romantic evening, they finally consummate their relationship, but it's obviously a big disappointment to both of them and they try all manner of additional extras from the book 'When Bad Sex Happens to Good People' to spice things up. When nothing seems to be working, Kate mulls over that problems in the bedroom often result from weaknesses in relationships, and that maybe they should remain friends after all. A tearful Kate is ready to leave the apartment and say goodbye to Martin for good, when the mood suddenly takes them and they finally have amazing sex.
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