Dream On

Season 4 Episode 3

Depth Be Not Proud

Aired Unknown Jun 16, 1993 on HBO

Episode Recap

Martin is disgusted by the quality of the books Gibby is forcing him to edit, by his need for sycophancy and his lack of appreciation. Meanwhile, Eddie is fired from his talk show and his wife Jeanette leaves him on the same day, citing his self-centered attitude and shallow personality. Eddie begins to reassess his life and Martin encourages him to make a change, proposing they collaborate on creating an up market magazine ('Eddie Charles' Pizzaz'). Martin is convinced that their magazine will be a success, so when Gibby gets wind of their plans, giving Martin an ultimatum – Whitestone or the magazine - Martin has no reservations about telling him where he can stick the job. Unfortunately Eddie manages to get another job on morning show 'Home Sweet Home' and won't actually be doing the magazine after all, angering Martin. Martin arrives at work the next Monday, claiming not to remember quitting, and Gibby acquiesces, but lets him know that the only reason he has a job is by his own good graces. Eddie admits that he, and his show, are shallow and Martin agrees to forgive him…again.