Dream On

Season 4 Episode 3

Depth Be Not Proud

Aired Unknown Jun 16, 1993 on HBO



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    • Martin Tupper: (Martin tries to convinvce a potential beef-loving investor that the magazine will be to his taste.) We are planning a very....beefy story about Pulizter Prize-winning author John Updike.

  • Notes

    • Original UK airdate: December 15, 1996

    • This is the first appearance of Eddie's morning show 'Home Sweet Home' - a dead on parody of bland Regis and Kathie Lee and Martha Stewart type shows. By extension, it's also the first appearance, in what would be a reurring guest role, of Kerrie Klark as Eddie's co-host Kristy Springer. Kerrie Klark appeared earlier in the 8th episode, credited as Kerrie L. Klark.

  • Allusions

    • John Donne

      The title is taken from the opening line, "Death Be Not Proud," from Holy Sonnett 10 by John Donne.