Dream On

Season 6 Episode 3

Long Distance Runaround

Aired Unknown Aug 02, 1995 on HBO

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  • Eddie moves to LA to star in a sitcom leaving Martin very lonely!

    Another great episode of Dream On. Eddie decides to move to LA to pursue an acting career greatly upsetting Martin who suddenly realises he doesn\'t have any other friends. After trying to latch onto his workmates with not much success (one wants him to stalk his wife who is dating a cop), Judith sets him up with a man who turns out to be racist. Martin then decides to follow Eddie out to LA but doesnt get the reception he expected from Eddie. He flys back home and bumps into a man at the all you can eat buffet eddie and him frequented and gets very friendly with him until the new friend hits on Judith. Eddie then comes crawling back after his part is cut from the sitcom - after the few sharp words they are friends again.